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  1. Yeah I noticed that afterwards. It still works out at 1000pts though.
  2. Alternative list without Dreadnought: Regent Battle Carrier 155 Guardian Gen Vengeance Sub 150 3x Dominion Cruisers 255 3x Tribal Cruiser 210 5x Valiant Subs 125 5x Swift Corvettes 100
  3. Yeah I know the Dread isn't a good idea but it's too much fun not to play with once in a while. I'm also intigued by the thought of a squadron of Dominions under a guardian gen screen. Not at 1000pts of course, but the idea is cool. Rugged construction and shields target painting things for lots of torpy death. Fun times.
  4. Majesty Dreadnought 405 Dominion Vengeance 150 2x Tribals 225 Dominion 4x Attackers 120 5x Swifts 100 A Dread is really big for 1000pts but I want to make good use of the guardian gen for the Dominions and Attackers. I might swap the Vengeance for the Regent.
  5. Must the Target Painter be activated before movement?
  6. Thanks for that. Hmm...Interesting.
  7. I might be a bit dimm, but I cannot find hide nor hair of any picures or refence to any new british stuff. Or in other words: what are you on about?
  8. Thanks guys. I recently got my fleet back, with Dreadnought! I hope to find an opponent today. If anyone is in the Middlesbrough area any time soon let me know. I'd love to get a few more games under my belt. Cheers, Freak
  9. With Swifts at 20pts and the brutal Orion at 40, where does the Attacker find a niche. I happen to think that Orions are easier to use and Swifts are a great little corvette so why take Attackers? I don't have any Orions of my own yet so before I spash out for some I would like to know of any reason to keep using Attackers for a little longer. Cheers, Freak
  10. I think the heavy turret is a bit rubbish to be honest. It has less long range firepower than the regular Battleship and if you have to get closer to most enemies they can usually out-shoot you. Piercing has let me down a bit, and losing it when you link with the normal turrets discourage me from doing it sometimes which can lead to fluffed attacks against other Large/Massives. If they had a different ammo type maybe they would be a bit better suited to their role. The addition af a non-torp broadside is the only major plus I can see and again other nations do that better.
  11. Great! Thanks guys. I already have the Heavy Battleship. I quite like it but i find it's nothing special really. What do you guys think of it?
  12. What is it like? How do you use it? Is it worth getting? Cheers, Freak
  13. Hi all I'm new to DW and i took the Brits because they look cool and are pretty tough. I am having a bit of a hard time though trying to kill big enemy ships due to our turrets being a bit meh and fluffing a torp atack can leave you looking pretty stupid in the face of, for example, a EotBS battleship. Any suggestions?
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