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  1. Lord Belouga

    Target painters(nrj) and particle accelerators

    Just a "do not bite off more than you can chew" question, Nazduruk, won't do it again . Ice cheers.
  2. Lord Belouga

    Target painters(nrj) and particle accelerators

    Thanks for your quick and wise answer Farcages.
  3. Particle accelerators are classified as energy weaponry ( chapter c5), the COA Hyperbius has a target painter (energy weapons) generator. Can particle accelerators benefit from the effects of this hyperbius Gen? (and hit on 4+) Ice regards.
  4. Lord Belouga

    Battle Patrol - Rules for smaller, faster scenarios

    Tested it last saturday and had great fun. Done in 2 hours with thrill, suspense and unexpected conclusion (the sudden death rule is a real test of nerves!) One question: Are escorts and attachment vessels allowed? Guess they are.. Thanks again for these fast rules Samlish.
  5. Lord Belouga

    Drinking game

    Did some searching for you! http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/aug/10/experience-bartender-in-antarctica And how about trying this one: http://www.cocktailhunter.com/recipe/antarctica-shot/ moderate drinking is of course strongly recommanded! cheers

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