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  1. Greetings, I'm Darryl. I was not aware that Warcradle had done anything with Dystopian Wars after obtaining the IP, but I'm glad to see it's coming back (despite some misgivings I have, but that's another topic). I have Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars stuff, most of the models being back in California instead of here. But by happenstance, my Empire of the Blazing Sun naval fleet was here with me on the other side of the continent, which got me wondering what was going on with Dystopian Wars. I landed here as a result. I only remember that I have Sorylians and Terrans for Firestorm, though I think I nabbed some other odds and ends for it. For Dystopian Wars, I am equally unsure how much I have. I do know I have FSA, CoA, and (obviously) EotBS. But I also remember having Ottoman and Kingdom of Britannia models (but these too are back in California, so not entirely sure). Anyway, looking forward to whatever comes next for Dystopian Wars. I took a look at the beta rules and was pleasantly surprised by how clearly explained and streamlined they were compared to the prior editions of the rules.
  2. I've done things like this before. I pretty much had to resign myself to cleaning up the panels after I'd gotten all the lines done.
  3. Wait, the Phantom is supposed to come with SRS tokens? Uh, guess I'd better contact Spartan about mine then. Also, I like how your ships look with the white and was planning on doing something similar for my own.
  4. Folkart makes glow in the dark paint, actually. I'm tempted to hit my ghost ship with the green one just to give it a tint.
  5. So which of the remaining two is the sonic generator?
  6. Just a quick question. Is the Node Projector for the Kaiju Battleship an option or is it already included? The unit reference shows the Node Projector in blue and that usually means it's an option. However, I do not see anything that says what the additional point cost would be for adding a node projector and the model doesn't have the node projector molded on. Also, my Kaiju came with three generator drop-ins despite there only being two options (Sonic and Shield). What's the story behind that?
  7. Darzoni


    It looks good. I think the broadsides could use some definition/darkness in the recesses, but everything else looks well done.
  8. Darzoni

    Basing the Baseless

    I suppose I could use some Elmer's glue to glue them to a flat board or something for painting. One of the more subtle points is that the bases would be no wider and no longer than the model, but because of how the fore and aft look in a ship, there'd be corners that could show the 45 degree boundary for broadsides. It would also make calculating fixed channel arcs much easier too since I'd have a squared edge to work from. Seems somewhat important since I have Ottoman and Blazing Sun naval models. I wasn't planning to get any more fancy than clear acrylic with some 45 degree marks in the corner.
  9. So I've found that I really want something to handle things by as I sat here painting some Ottoman models up, because the paint's rubbing off. How do people feel about throwing the baseless models (like Armoured and Naval Models that don't have them already)? I mean, it'd help me figure out fixed channel and broadside arcs as well, so I imagine it wouldn't be frowned upon. I was thinking of just making the bases' footprint based on the beam and width of the models and sending out for cut bases with the correct angles etched into them.
  10. So I'm a new player with a question about the structure of a game turn... What the heck is an Activation Segment and why/how is it different from an Activation Phase? (Also had some questions about how the Activation Phase works, but apparently the actual way to carry out the Activation Phase are in the section on Squadrons instead of the description of the Activation Phase. Meaning: Each squadron activates and completes an Activation Phase before another squadron gets an Activation Phase. This is not made clear in the section on how a game turn is worked out.)
  11. I wouldn't mind some submersibles. Just using place-holder names here, but... Polaris Hunter-Killer Submarine: Primarily armed with torpedoes, maybe some rockets that can fire while submerged. I just snatched the name from the old real-life nuclear submarine. Not meant to be a big model, but maybe operate in squadrons. Possibly throw on a Kinetic Generator for some speed tricks. Charybdis Heavy Submarine: This would be the big sub. Maybe give it a particle accelerator for the big gun. Smaller guns could be small advanced drone torpedoes that penetrate the hull and /then/ explode, giving them dice in RB 1 and maybe the Piercing or Devastating Munition type. Could also give it rockets that fire while submerged for a more serious AA component. I could see this being fitted with a Kinetic Generator as well.
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