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  1. Please Spartan - stop spreading yourself so thin over so many games. Why would I back this new game when you don't support your existing games as much as I would like?
  2. Im really not a fan of this model either - Im in the process of building a massive RoF fleet but there's no way Id add this model to it. Now, make madam liberte into a unique (separate) fortification piece and put a big fat heat ray on tha floating platform and Im on board!
  3. While I think the idea is interesting its ultimately too 'wacky' to work for me - which has made it quite a disappointment I might consider buying one to convert by pulling the statue off (giving me a neat scenery piece) but I'll likely just convert a vauban (which would also be much cheaper). Dear Spartan - I love the look of the Prussian/US/CoA/Brit & Blazing Sun dread walkers but is it too late to reconsider the design of french (and russian) ones?
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