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  1. Christmas seems somehow appropriate for the directorate.
  2. I'm just not a fan of floppy wings on mecha. Endless waltz still annoys me.
  3. Good guys can wear black.
  4. I find nothing objectionable about that design.
  5. Can't wait to see it finished.
  6. I could do without tachikoma. For one thing, it would be a pain to model Bato onto the back of one.
  7. Hmm.. I see you got 5 Onager railguns (the ones that should be on the Gorgos) guns and only one Ballista (the correct gun) for your Eris medium tanks. I received 2 Onager and 4 Ballista.
  8. I just got a couple of Gorgos guns across my full dindrenzi core helix. They have the same connection as the other weapons so I think my Eris squadron leaders will get upgraded guns.
  9. You can only take a helix as it is described in the ornate, so no mixing within a helix. As others have said you can an ally helix to your battle group or take a second battle group (based around a new core helix that can be an allied force). Ally points total have to be less than your main faction points total.
  10. Very (very, very) nice. Especially those directorate. What colours did you use?
  11. Thanks. Those do indeed look like the guns in question. (Interestingly they appear too have exactly the same shape connection as the weapons that the Eris is meant to crime with). And, yes, I did get two boxes for a complete core helix.
  12. Even if the website does list the core helixes in the Armada section instead of the planetfall section. The only complaint I have regarding my Dindrenzi is that I appear to have as couple of incorrect guns (2 out of 6). My best guess is that they are Gorgos guns but I can't be sure where they come from. What I am sure of is that they are longer and a different design to the others, which match the photos.
  13. I think hover vehicles skim over top of the trees rather than go through them.
  14. May have to get some Alcad in the new year.
  15. The target lock can only affect one main ordnance attack from the same squadron. Nothing says that it ignores defensive MARs so yeah, hard target, cloaking etc still apply. Two Locutas provide the same LR firepower as 3 Lamana or the effective range firepower of a single Sedna a but at 40" for a bargain price of 220 points (3 Lamanas cost 360 points with a range of 32"). And unlike other tank destroyers they are quick (even the Gorgos only has a cruising speed of 7"). Yes, they are fragile, only come in pairs and don't have any cqb worth mentioning. They also have little improvement in ER. All this adds up to: keep them at maximum range, preferably on the flank. 12 da can be expected to put a damage on most targets, especially if you get flank shots.
  16. Calling in artillery is done instead of designating. With two opportunities to designate I don't see why the first wouldn't be used to designate and the second to call. Don't see why you couldn't just designate twice, but you have to declare all of your firing solutions before you start rolling for any of them. As each designator has independent targeting you can also target more than one marker in the same turn.
  17. There has to be a distinction because they start at different numbers. So far no helix with artillery have been released so they may come with different coloured mini dice (just like tiny flier squadron types are differentiated in dystopian wars). Having two designators means that the sorylian heavy can designate (reduce the number on the die) and call in artillery in the same activation.
  18. It is always a concern with a new game. At least with planetfall we already have a group of DW players and it wasn't my idea to begin with so at least there is one other person to play against.
  19. Good to see some other ST forum vets around (not that I remember you specifically or expect you to remember me). I liked the game but it didn't interest my gaming group at the time. The only time I actually played it was at the Mongoose open day.
  20. I like it. The only thing that I'm less keen on is that the Orange looks a little flat compared to the metallics. Don't know if that looks better in person though.
  21. I think the survivor would (usually) be best employed hiding to avoid losing 9 tv and disrupting the rest of your core helix.
  22. Then you would have complications of deciding whether kinetic is used or if a hovering target gets hard to hit.
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