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  1. I was going to ask if anyone had done this yet. I've got plans running through my head but was hoping to learn from the mistakes of others before I went and bought the bits.
  2. Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? I've played Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Planetfall, though finding the opportunity to play them seems increasingly rare and I've just picked up Wild West Exodus. How long have you been playing these games? Started DS and FS:PF 3 or 4 years ago. Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? I have Dindrenzi for Planetfall. Russian, American and Blazing Sun for DW. I've not decided what to collect for WWX yet. What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? Feels like a trick question. There are too many that look fantastic...
  3. 1. It doesn't have rear echelon so it can continue to fire every round. Why is it going to be ignored? 2. The drones disembark with a normal move on their own action so aren't just "left in the open". They are drones so have a combined can of 12 while within a drone nexus (provided by both the temple and the archangel) and have a combined Dr of 24 (and fearless while within 16" of the temple). What exactly is cqbing them out of the way? 3. The archangel has to make it into base contact with a juicy target to really shine. Failure to do so makes it less effective than the temple. My games don't tend to last long enough for that to be likely.
  4. Ares, not Eris. The Eris have done ok. Can't claim spectacular results with them, but certainly not useless. Honestly not convinced they needed the ER AD increased to 7.
  5. My Gorgos squadron has yet to let me down. I've also yet to actually move them so their speed issue... isn't an issue at all. The low DR hasn't been a problem either as the circle soaks up incoming damage quite nicely. The Ares on the other hand... pretty useless. All I can do is hope for a target of opportunity being delivered to it.
  6. Scale doesn't seem to be an exact science in the rulebook diagrams. The renders of the new drop guns quite clearly have the same base size as the drop pods in the renders shown in the online store. I would be a little surprised if the battle robots had smaller bases than that.
  7. Judging by the diagram on page 97 of the rulebook I would say around about 50x50
  8. I'll be there as I live nearby (less than 5 minutes on the train). Don't think I'll be there Saturday evening though.
  9. I believe those details will be specified by the missions utilising reserves at such a time as they become available.
  10. 57 for din if you include two circe. Which you kinda have to. Same thing takes the heavy helix up to 16.
  11. While I do agree that they should continue along the path of deviation their was a thread in the rules section assuming that they would be destroyed and no one argued against it. Subsequently the FAQ reads: As the answer does not refute this "clear" interpretation I am forced to assume that the FAQ supports that interpretation (even though the rules as I read them don't). I did ask delboy to clarify this when the FAQ was released but didn't get a responce.
  12. My apologies. The way you wrote your previous post could easily be mistaken for claiming the credit on booth. I still don't think they are comparable in strategies. The fleet works on outgunning the enemy while the ground work by outmanouvering the enemy. The fleet wants to be at a longer range than most other fleets (what range do other fleets become effective at?.. baring in mind that you have just discounted their primary long range weapons). Ground forces are for the most part mid range or close assault.
  13. Which isn't far different to how I use Kratos now. They hide (if they can find something big enough to hide behind) and only move in when the infantry have dropped in to basically mop up. Of course that whole strategy falls apart if your drops don't come in near your targets or hit impassable terrain and just die without doing anything.
  14. Max, That just isn't true. The gunship that you claim to have designed has 4 dice at maximum range and another 5 from torps. The battleships have 7 or 8 from railguns and 6 or 7 from torps. The dread does indeed have 9 dice linked at maximum range but only 21 at 24". (And another 10 from torps) Yes, other races do have some long range firepower from torps, but don't have enough of them to counter Din long range firepower. The simple fact is that Din are the most effective long range fleet. If they continue to be the most effective fleet up to about 20" away then... Yeah I can see why some people might feel that they are a bit good. That really doesn't mirror with the ground forces at all though. The whole argument for the Kratos being worth while is that it sacrifices firepower for manouverability. Not something that Din naval forces are known for. So claiming that is suffers the same problems that were (unreservedly) levelled at the Din fleet is just wrong to the point of irrelevance.
  15. I believe that was Neil... if it is the same podcast that I'm thinking of. I don't recall a reason given for changing playstyles so it May be a different one. There was talk about getting Derek on so that may have happened without me hearing about it.
  16. I suspect not. It is possible that, in the fullness of time, an upgrade option may exist but that is random seculation. To speculate further... I wouldn't rate the chances too high.
  17. Yes, high DR does scale better against large hits than shields do. Unless I'm very much mistaken FSA din have a lot of 48" weaponry (torpedoes as well as railguns) so aren't outranged by anyone are not particularly fast or particularly manoverable. And follow the doctrine "destroy the enemy before they get into range to fire their first shot" or something like that. Doesn't sound much like their ground forces to me. Edit: " destroying the enemy before they can fire their first shot - the enduring mantra of the Dindrenzi Navy" The gunship happens to be one of my favourite models from the din FSA range.
  18. Yes, they have high DR. Still, on average, worse defences than most (equivalent sized) things with shields though. Except at long range where hover makes all the difference. CQB is a measure of short range effectiveness. If you are getting within 12" of the enemy you had better be prepared to fight in CQB. (And get outflanked because very few times will you be engaging enemy squadrons one on one.) Oh, and the 12" firepower isn't amazing. It is worse than most. 12" to 24" it is the same as a Sedna (without any MARs). And hover tanks only ignore models, NOT terrain. The base size also means that manoeuvring around buildings isn't all that easy. Easier than for lumbering elements, true, but an 8" move only goes so far when you have to go around buildings and it isn't far enough to avoid turrets. MaxToreador, I have to assume you haven't been fighting an opponent with recon or aerial helixes. They are available and they can outflank you. Yeah, I haven't played FSA, but it does appear that Din are a long range force in that game in a way they just aren't in planetfall. Long range elements that don't lose effectiveness up close to elements that aren't effective at long or short range ... not the same thing. In fact the only similarity between the naval force and the ground force is the reliance on armour instead of shields. Which is not something I have any reservations about. Maybe in bigger games the Kratos will be a powerful flanking element but while the single core helix is making up most of the army they will have to be deployed rather centrally. So it may well prove to be more effective when the full orbats are ready but at the moment it is extremely meh.
  19. Dindrenzi are meant to be a hit and run army. You can't hit and run at 12 inches. You can hit and die. Which is mostly what Nyx do. Why the blazes would a hit and run force want to put their core command element that close to the enemy? Look at the damage output of other heavies. Only the sorylians and Aquans have worse short range firepower and they both carry infantry for short range defence. Only the Relthoza land Aquans heavies have worse cqb (with the Aquans being equal until facials are taken one to account). So, no. The Kratos isn't good at short range. It isn't good at long range. And the idea that hardened shell is worthless is, frankly, bizarre. Even with the (imho, odd) ruling in the FAQ it is still equivalent to an automatic success on a shield roll from a flank attack or 2 from the rear.
  20. Kinetic only takes effect up to 12" and even then only takes effect when enemy shields are already being effective (on a roll of a 6 so already scoring 2 successes). So pinpoint doesn't do anything to light targets... very few light targets have shields so the same is true of kinetic. Pinpoint only takes effect on a d6 roll of a 6... the same is true of kinetic (only that 6 already counts as two successes on the shield roll so they are already being effective in order for kinetic to do anything at all). Kinetic isn't really worth much against any target with less than 3 shields (where it reduces average hits from 2.4 to 2... wow). It certainly isn't better than pinpoint 2. Much like the the sedna the Kratos doesn't want to get that close to the enemy (where if can easily be outclassed and doesn't benefit from hover... not to mention that its short range firepower isn't exactly off the scale) and long range firepower is worth more per dice than short range firepower. The din racial rule is wasted on the Kratos. So... the sedna has more survivability, better gun and transport capacity. And a racial rule that actually does something vaguely useful for it. All for 0 points. The din actually are in need of transport, dropping pods is not the most ideal method of deployment.
  21. I actually find that a pair of Kratos don't do a hell of a lot of 'dancing' (individually they may be able to pull off the occasional nifty move but a pair of them take up too much space). Their movement is only twice the length of their base and they are too big to hide behind anything but the largest buildings. Yeah, they are more manouverable than most heavies but they will still have a hard time getting out of arc... especially against turrets. Yes, Dindrenzi have some very good units that you shouldn't let get into your rear arc. So does every other race. The manouverability difference between one recon unit and another isn't so great that this is something that only Din can do... and you are unlikely to get a chance to pull something like that off with a heavy. It would have to be virtually next to your opponent's heavy before moving in order to get behind it. And this discussion is about the heavy... not about how deadly Letos are. If you wish to discuss overall strategy that is another matter for another discussion. Suffice to say that Din have their fare share of disadvantages and advantages. I'm not saying that the lack of lumbering isn't an advantage. Clearly it is. In the same way that fixed weapon arcs are a disadvantage. Or having to get within 12" before getting any benefit at all from your weapon MAR is a disadvantage. The closest thing to compare the Kratos to is the Sedna which simply outclasses it. (For the same point cost)
  22. Neither of our heavy tanks really fill me with the sense of awe that the size of weapons they carry suggests they should. I'd quite happily drop the secondary weapons if it meant we could have railguns stats that matched the models. Combined with a lacklustre MAR and a cqb that isn't high enough to take advantage of the punishing cqb rule... yeah, "a bit meh" would about describe my feelings towards them.
  23. Don't have any vet models myself so haven't used it, but the stats/point costs look fairly in line with the standard orbats even if hex structures are significantly different. They aren't designed to be balanced against standard orbats though. Thus why they have the opponents permission clause.
  24. Last game I played I used 2 gun squads and 2 breacher squads. I had terrible luck with my designator so ended up dropping most of them mid field with 2d6 scatter (I did use the tac card that allows me to reroll deviation). While they did inflict heavy damage but they also died rather quickly. They cost about the same as a heavy tank to deploy but don't give away as much tv. Remember that din aren't cheap and all of our infantry (at the moment) drop so we are likely to have less activations than our opponent. You can therefore expect dropped units to be reacted to before you can support them. If you are bringing them in close to the enemy it will quite often be a suicide strike... which leaves us with a take and hold deficiency. If you are attacking a held objective I would have to recommend dropping in 2 squads. The first one to soak up overwatch and soften the enemy up and the second (probably a breaching team) to storm the building.
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