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  1. @zelord Pleas connet our Planetfall WAR LOG in The WAR LOG Toppic. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/12589-planetfall-war-log-3725/
  2. You are right. Memory's can be fals. We started with 25p. It was a bad day for Terra. I only lost one unit of Nyx. But the end was only-5 to 21, because I didn't reach the Primary Objekt aver the sconditions round. You can son see the Video Battlereport.
  3. Players: FabisM / *Element* Points Value: 2200 Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi(Works Raptor) / Terran Allianz (Haker Industry) Starting Zero Hour: 25 Zero Hour Score: -5 / 21 Turn Count: 2
  4. Comodores, a year of war begins. The Alliance of Kurak defends itself against the onslaught of the Zenian League and losses are huge in each factions. All your forces are needed to stop this conflict. Send your troops down to the Planets, fight for the honor of your world and claim all the glory of victory! How to read it? The big numbers are the sum of battle log points of each faction games. Average is this total divided by the number of games so it give the average battle log of the faction in a game. How to contribute? - Like that : Player1 is olways the Zenian Player Players: Player1 / Player2 Points Value: 2200 Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi (RSN) / Terran Allianz (Haker Industry) Starting Zero Hour: 22 Zero Hour Score: -5 / 21 Turn Count: 2 - Play the game with the 1.0 rules. - All games count for the stats at the end of the year but only Kurak vs Zenian games will count for the WAR LOG. - Feel free to help me improve this Topic Now play and change the fate of the galaxy! Please, keep this thread clean an use the CHAT LOG 3725 to flood : http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/12590-planetfall-chat-log-3725/ Thank for the Idee to zelord Firestorm WAR LOG 3725 http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/12481-war-log-3725/
  5. I think we need the same for Planertfall.
  6. I like the tool, and I hope you will bring the new version soon.
  7. What is your normal army list?
  8. I will gife som links to german Planetfall Forums for all the german user. http://www.tabletopwelt.de/index.php?/forum/208-firestorm-armada-planetfall/ http://www.gw-fanworld.net/forumdisplay.php/477-Planetfall
  9. Fabiusm

    Ferox21s Dindrenzi

    Thank you! This was the motivation I need! Now the first core box is finished. Pics will follow.
  10. Fabiusm

    Flat Out

    In generell it's not allowed. Button a few units have a MAR for this.
  11. Fabiusm

    Ferox21s Terrans

    It's good,to see anather modells as Aquans or Directorate. I hope we will see soon more.
  12. No proboblem to kill the paper fighters with good AA in the first round. For example a few stingrais are enougth.
  13. The Sorillian heavy infantry is good, but they are not hard target. So it's easy for us to kill them.
  14. Follow this links http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/forum-132/announcement-46-rulebooks-to-be-made-available-to-download-for-free/
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