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  1. Unboxing pics. http://mannmomo.blogspot.de/2015/01/return-of-overseers-unboxing.html?m=1 perhaps can somebody read the states of the new ships.
  2. I always use the same dice as my opponent! But sometimes I have really good luck. We already filmed the 5th mission in German, and it was frustrating for Hahnc77. Soon, we will film the 5th mission in english. Perhaps I will have luck again.
  3. No, the AA want to shoot the interceptors. And I moved the nyx erly.
  4. My easy Conversions: Chaneching of the high level.
  5. A bad day for the Terrans. The other game doesn't count because only ally vs the other ally games are in the battle log.
  6. I have no experience with photoshop and graphism.
  7. Now I have a Exel Sheet for the statistic.
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