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  1. The same setting but another game and language.
  2. Player: FabiusM / Hahnc77 Points Value: 1300 Factions & allies: The Directorate VS Aquan Starting Zero hour: 20 (Mission 5) Zero Hour score: 5 / -3 Turn Count: 3
  3. Fabiusm

    Starter Set Terrain?

    A short video of "Die Gruene Horde".
  4. Some new models to raise my Terran Army.
  5. At first you have to complete your core helix. You need the light parts for taking objekts. The third box should be the heavy box. The hawkers look greate, but are very week and to expensive.
  6. I have already one helix from two opposite fraktions. But perhaps I will start a third Fraktion, if Spartan don't release soon more produkts.
  7. The first Battle of my Dindrenzi models.
  8. First Battle of my Terran Models, but I played the Dindrenzi.
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