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  1. Same Mission but another player and language.
  2. Player: FabiusM / Atzrael Points Value: 1300 Factions & allies: Dindrenzi VS Terrans Starting Zero hour: 20 Zero Hour score: -1 / 15 Turn Count: 3
  3. Player: FabiusM / Hahnc77 Points Value: 2000 Factions & allies: The Directorate VS Aquan Starting Zero hour: 30 (Mission 6) Zero Hour score: -3 / 4 Turn Count: 3
  4. If you have no 10th terrain it's a good deal. Nice looking bunker for a few money. Only three Drop Zone Comander Paper city is cheeper. But if you collect more hen one fraktion, you will soon have enough Bunker without the train box. If you want a closer look on the bul dings watch these.
  5. Our first Relthoza Battlereport.
  6. Our most games are nearly finished after the second turn.
  7. Sorry but no one of us plays Sorylians. But perhaps you could help us. From witch part of Germany you cam from?
  8. A Battlereport with some of my Models.
  9. Did nobody a Planetfall game las week?
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