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  1. Pleas write in the Chat and not in the log topic.
  2. I'd like to say sorry about all my mistakes with the Dindrenzi Armada is not my Game. I preverd Planetfall. But a Viktor is a viktory.
  3. 3000P is ideal for a Core Helix. At this level is it not intestine to tun a Heavy helix. Or run a Leviathan!
  4. No,it was easy. The Terran and the Dindrenzi Leviathan are very flexible.
  5. With every ORBAT change the Directorate win more Games and the Terran Allianc loos more. I think Terrans need a boost!
  6. The Drednought is only to compare the size.
  7. Pictures of the finished Leviathan are at the end of the film.
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