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  1. I do not attempt to have pages and pages of pure fluff, BUT, as you said, it helps players to figure out how the Firestorm universe works, and make the game more immersive. And sometimes a goode artwork is giving more informations than words. However, you can have slight touch of backgrounds (ambiance writings and artworks) that accompagny a campaign, which could have repercussions on the universe (frontiers moving, modifications with alliances, etc ...). And a campaign could introduce new models or buildings. All in all, you will be able to build something huge with time, and have some kind of emulation with players/customers. my 2 cents
  2. We have such things?! I've missed something, please give me details (no ironie inside! I'm really interested)
  3. Unfortunately, not sure you will like the result But it should be possible for SG while you proposed translated version of the DW rulebook during the Kickstarter (or am I wrong? if yes my understanding is worst than I thought, so imagine how my translation could be!)
  4. And if background is available in french, it will be perfect! (french guys you know ... not english spoken friendly )
  5. I think one of the main thing missing in order to support the games, and participate to the expansion of FA & PF universe is fluff. Art pictures, nations history, conflict evolutions could be addressed regularly (and perhaps make a printed compilation per year) including special scenarios and / or introducing alternative gameplay (infantery combat system using the PF model on a small 10'x10' ground table; the aerial combat boardgame could have been proposed with this optic, using PF aerial models ; updating of the taskforce system dedicated to apocalyptic battles playable in less than 3 hours; etc ...). So we don't only need shiny new models, but also backgrounds and Art (the blog drawing representing the terran cruiser when taskforce was launch was interesting, the same for the spacial station -don't remember the name-, and kickstarter launching picture ... we need more of those kind!). Hope @Spartan Neil will be able to propose something like that. Comme on guy, we are counting on you ... you're our last hope !
  6. Well the kickstarter system could be considered as a good system to allow projects funding which will have never been possible with the standard way. But it could become an issue for persistant universe (I mean games which need support) due to the fact that you bypass retailers. And most of the time, retailers make discover games by selling them. So without retailers its much more complicated to have significant increase of players (and customers for the game). It's really a complicated equation, and you should be carefull to avoid to vampirize all potential customers during the kickstarter campaign ... I think we (players) much more need events to make Spartan Games games visible (and have a chance to find new players), than having a new 2 players starting box which will, by the end, only be available during the kickstarter campaign. in Paris, France, only 4 players of Planetfall, much more players of Firestorm Armada, perhaps less than 40 ...
  7. Great news. From my point of view, as FA newbies (only 3 or 4 games in 2 years), the main issues were : - movement - And firing calculations For the movement issue, which is quite the same in DW, I have developped a paper articulated movement template. With some carboard and "plastic pressure button" for dressmaking (like this : pressure button), I was able to do this : We still have the tactical movments but it's realy quick! Could Spartan Games develop something close to this? For firing issue, well, I prefer the PF system (or Taskforce system).
  8. All sounds great! With this New starter should we conclude some new fluff development? I hope so with few pages dedicated To it in the rulebook. Or better a dedicated book that make thé compilation of Firestorm universe datas! Good luck spartan and try To make monthly communication !!
  9. All sounds great! With this New starter should we conclude some new fluff development? I hope so with few pages dedicated To it in the rulebook. Or better a dedicated book that make thé compilation of Firestorm universe datas! Good luck spartan and try To make monthly communication !!
  10. Just a word to explain the concept : Hiigara has launched an event over the France with some of the french "forumers". The idea behind was to do FA/PF games during a week end ... and linked to a good raclette meat!!! 4 cities respond : Lille, Paris, Rennes and Tours. Hiigara have done the compilation of some of the game reports ... Enjoy!
  11. You're welcome! I steel have my Directorate infantery to do too ...
  12. It's update time! Few days ago, I've finished my infantery. It took me about 5 monthes to finish it ... it was tough but I'm satisfied! Focus on sweeper teams! Next step is Assault helix!
  13. Time to make some updates! I'm painting all my infantery since ... a very long time. But it's on the way, and I hope to finish it before the end of the month 7icarius-3-20160430-150342.jpg[/img][/url] I've also finished the Terquai Recon flying vehicle. It's really close to the Aquan shceme and I've added a mettalic colour to underline the human side. I'm only desapointed on the orange cockpit, but no idea how to upgrade it ... I've also make a cockpit on the rear of the vehicle ... don't know why ...
  14. Tanks guys for your comments
  15. Hello folks! Like Karun and Vonhymack, I decided to expose my work to the spartan community! So don't be astonished if you have already seen it on the french forum. So enough speeaking lets see the pictures Half core helix + heavy helix : Here are some details on the "updated" stinger battery Leviathan helix (with an extra Imzani) + recon helix without infantery I've added a Directorate drone on the base, done with greenstuff And some other views of the leviathan Leviathan in da action !! Well that's all folks. Next steps : infantery, and terquai recon helix.
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