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  1. The tournament scenarii are up! 1. Border Clash 2. Must assault 2 abandonned stations placed in the middle, one left, one right. Need 6 successes to control a station. Then must defend against opponent. each station gets you 5 points at the end of the game. 3. Must control 3 stations. Need to be within 6". One station in your control zone, one in the middle, one in your opponent's control zone. 1 point each turn to control the middle station, 2 points to control the opponent's station, -2 points if you do not control yours. I made slight changes, took out the frigates to add more corvettes. Tell me if, in the light shed by the scenarii, the list seems fit to the task. Aquan Prime - 795 pts T1 235 Battleship (170) + SRSx6 (30) (Assault Craft or Bomber - depends on the scenario) +2 shield (30) / + 3wings (f) / Precision Strike (5) T2 240 cruisers x4 (200) diff. t. (40) T3 320 Corvettes x6 (90) Pack Hunter (30) Corvettes x6 (90) Pack Hunter (30) Corvettes x4 (60) Pack Hunter (20) Cards: System Sniper / ... / ... > will add them tonight.
  2. Thank you all. I'm glad you like it.
  3. Thank you. I plan on practicing a lot. I love this game so much. I've been playing 40k for like 20 years and wanted a fun, affordable and easy to set up game. I couldn't have found anything better. About the destroyers, I struggle to make them fit into a 800pts list. At 100pts, I would add them for sure. Thank you for the help. I'll keep asking for more. ^_-
  4. Hoi, The game went ok last night. I obviously made a few mistakes as I'm still learning the game but the list is potent and drove my opponent crazy with how difficult my ships were to hit. First mistake, I held a corvettes squadron in reserve. It would only arrive in play much later (at turn four which was a real waste). Corvettes are being proxied by the Barracuda frigates. I went straight for my opponent's Admiral ship, which was a carrier. I was able to pull off 3 PD Network Disabled markers on turn 2 thanks to precision strike and the Systems Sniper card (Battleship + Cruisers). Two markers on his Admiral Carrier and the last one on one of his accompaniment cruiser. Unfortunately, with only one Corvettes squadron, I couldn't get rid of his Admiral squadron. He still had the PD of one cruiser and 6 bombers. I think I need a third squadron doing precision strike and two Corvettes squadrons to succeed. Then, it became a mess. In the end, it was 7 against 5 on the battle log. My Frigates squadron was torn to pieces early in the game, they almost hit nothing.
  5. Sei

    Hasta la Vista Hasta

    Very interesting log. You've got quite the technique; it is a very neat and thoughtful conversion.
  6. Aquan Prime - 795 pts T1 Battleship (170) + SRSx6 (30) (bombers) +2 shield (30) / + 3wings (f) / Precision Strike (5) T2 cruisers x4 (200) diff. t. (40) T3 Corvettes x6 (90) Pack Hunter (30) Corvettes x6 (90) Pack Hunter (30) Frigates x4 (80) Thank you all for your help. I'll take pictures of the game to post a bat rep tomorrow.
  7. Thank you all for the nice words. I'm glad you like it. It's airbrush, sponge and brush. I use GW Incubi Darkness (nice dark sea green) spray can as a primer then build up light with Vallejo emerald green. A second lighting with a little white added to the green, then I airbrush a transparent red from vallejo, similar to GW's gore red, I'll update with the right name tomorrow. I always mix the paint with matt medium to help a smooth blending. The white spots are made using a sponge with white paint. Then the gems with Mephiston red using a brush. Red and green, as a complementary color scheme is nice to use as you can use the red to darken the green. I use the exact scheme color for my Eldar army. Emerald is the only color I never get tired of. I'll be honored to inspire other people.
  8. Will try this tomorrow. Thank you.
  9. I like the Oannes. It is a pain in the ass for your opponent when you add Difficult Target. I'm willing to try and find a synergy with the Sulis. Other than that, Oannes + Shiva is very nasty.
  10. Hey hey, My interest in FSA started a few months ago. I started Aquan Prime after discovering the wonderful fleet of Zelord. Here’s a first picture, I’ll try to take good photographs of all my painted models this weekend.
  11. I don't understand this part of your explanation. With the card, you can make a targeted strike without the -1 penalty to hit and also add +1 on the table. Which means, on the defensive systems table, I only need a 2+ to achieve PD network disrupted. And with the battleship, I would have like 14 dice to try and get 10 or so sucesses to beat the CR. It seems achievable but... Do you mean, it's not a good idea to try and disable PD network? Thank you for your reply, interesting insight about Terrans.
  12. Right. And hope I have fun Friday when I crush my opponent to dust! ^_- I'm the tactically impaired painter, so it is less likely to happen. aha ha.
  13. Modified list: Version 1, with Zelord remarks in mind and another one with the new Oannes instead of the battleship. T1 Battleship (170) + SRSx6 (30) (bombers) +2 shield (30) / + 3wings (f) / Precision Strike (5) / energy t. 2 (10) / Corrosive T. (10) > 795 pts Or Heavy Carrier (140) + SRS x8 (40) (5 bombers + 3 interceptors) Energy t. 2 (5) / Difficult Target (25) acc: Sulis Heavy Cruiser (50) > 800pts T2 cruisers x4 (200) En. Tr. 1 (20) / diff. t. (40) T3 Corvettes x6 (90) Pack Hunter (30) Frigates x4 (80) Frigates x4 (80)
  14. Humm... I thought that Precision strike + the System Sniper card was very powerful. Of course, you need to be in position to fire with all the ships that have precision strike to maximise on the card. Maybe difficult to pull off. And Pack Hunter looks nice indeed but I was short on points. If I'm going to play Pack Hunter, I may as well have 2 squads of 6 corvettes, what do you think?
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