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  1. I had the ideao of dryed stalks of grapes (don´t know if thats the right word) and flock them with some island moss (the same like the green ones in my thread just bigger). That should do it. If i find the time, i try it next week and show you the final trees .
  2. I would paint the Aquans in white and grey as the right one. Because it fits better to your base. Both colour shemes are solid should do. Keep on painting
  3. They are looking good, just a little too blue in blue for me. I would try a very soft drybrush with a very bright blue (ice blue) or bleached bone. That would really improve them. Keep on painting. Good work!
  4. Thanks for all the kind words. I´m really not that good. It´s just the color sheme which fits real nicely. I finished my first medium skimmer today. Lovely Miniature. I was a little too impatient for the second wash when the first wasn´t fully dryed. So it is a little dirty but i think come out good enough. With the next Medium Skimmer i will try to make a more detailed guide on how to paint this sheme. As it was requested by my german painting comrades at Tabletopwelt. If you are interested tell me and i will try my best to translate it into english. The infantry base lacks the brown and green vegetation because i wanted to let the "blood" dry. This will come tomorrow so the "black" stamp of the standing Aquarian will be hidden. Enjoy and as always : Happy Painting.
  5. First the promised pictures: I finished the Stingray sites and another infantry base. First primed white. Than a light wash with Army Painter Quickshade "Dark Tone" to bring out the dark lines. You can see the wash on the right infantry bases. After this paint is dry i use Citadel Casandora yellow shade. See the infantry base on the left or the medium skimmer tank. For the yellow highlights i use Vallejo Model Color Ocre Amarillo. For the blue parts Citadel Hawk Turquoise and Citadel Scorpion Green ( don´t know the actual name) for the..you guess right green parts. Always mixing with some black or white to bring out some highlights or shadows. Here are the WiPs i have worked on today.
  6. Thanks for all the replys. Sadly i did not find the time to paint today. Too much work here . I´m looking forward for tomorrow for new pictures. Thanks i did that and now i´m waiting for reply. Hopefully they get here soon. I tried but my possibilitys are limited due to my handy camera. Didn´t think of that but as you tell.. that´s not the worst idea Lets see if i can extend the protoss theme on the bigger guys. Thanks too all of you and see you tomorrow.
  7. Great color sheme. I would love to see your bigger tanks with that colors.
  8. Very nice sheme. For the third color i fear red could be to near to purple so it would not "pop" out. Personally i would think more of an orange.
  9. Like Steve said the green could use some highlights. For myself i wold brush some muddy brown to the tires. They are black like straight out of fabric, not just driving through mud and ice. If you don´t feel like highlighting try to use a brighter green and wash it. Keep on happy painting
  10. Nice one. The "eyes" of the Aquans could use a little brighter tip to let them shine. But they are looking great.
  11. I´m so happy my boxes (One proteus prime, a Terquai and Works Raptor) arrived at my local store that weekend. And i couldn´t stop painting the last two days. So i show you my Aquan forces until now. (Swordsmen on the picture just for size comparison for my friends) First i painted some Imzani. I wanted to invert the colour sheme. Just yellow as main colour and blue/turquoise as second. Next thing i´m working on are the stingray sites. First wash How you like it? Too yellow? By the way, i ordered the Terquai box and there are missing 10 heads. I read about this issue but i don´t know who to tell to get me the missing parts. If you got any solutions where to adress i would be very happy. Thanks.
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