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  1. I've been nervous to order direct due to duty myself. Has that been a problem? I also would like to order some things but Meeplemart has limited options, and in some cases miniature market is cheaper even with exchange.
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    Pictures needed

    Hello Dystopian Wars community. Some of you may have seen my thread in the Dystopian Legions forum - http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/13071-vassal-module-for-dystopian-legions-20/ - , that I am building and releasing a Dystopian Legions vassal module. One of the elements I would like to include is some ship to ship and/or landship combat. I have had some success in scaling in small ships, however the resolution required to work with the larger ships is proving too much for the low res renders I've found online. What I am looking for is some high resolution, clean images of the top view of battleships and carriers, land or sea. The scale is such that a 4.5" battleship model amounts to about 4400 pixels on the long edge of the image, which is feasible for a 4 megapixel image to be safely used. These images will likely be used as reference images, but if they were really good, may be edited directly into the module. Before you ask, yes, it is feasible to tailor the module for DW, however at this point I don't know the game well enough to make any promises at this point, suffice to say that it's on my radar and would require permission from Spartan before it could go anywhere. If you are able to help with some pictures, please pm me.
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    FSA treadbike section W

    Picture from pfiek.wordpress.com
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