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  1. Hi do you still have your files for dystopian wars armoured clash? I have checked and the dropbox files no longer available. I would be grateful if you have them for at least the Indian Raj ones. My e-mail address is pews76@btinternet.com

    Kind Regards


  2. Hi I have had computer problems lost a lot of files including the old armoured clash nation stats and tac cards does anyone still have these could you please PM me John
  3. Hi with the demise of the fleet action forum can anyone with the correct stats please post them as the SG orbats never corrected them in the orbats. Tried to contact Josh Lecheminant directly on the FB page to no avail. If he is back as suggested by Warcradle do you still have the amended FA stats SG never got around to posting before the demise?
  4. On the Dystopian Wars forum the old posts have been locked which is still a great resource for players until the new rule set comes out. Can we please have the old forum back for UC as the old rules are all we have for the forseeable future.
  5. I have just received my softback version of the 2.5 rulebook and unlike 2.0 there is no QRS in the book. There is no pdf on the downloads page either frankly for a rulebook of this size this is ridiculous.
  6. As i have posted in another thread it may be the usual SG typos but the Pacifer L/R cannons do not have the same stats in the new list. West Australian if you are unhappy with the Arbiter wait to you see what is coming for some of the other types. To be fair it is impossible to judge these new stats until they can be compared to the other lists.
  7. Check out the stats for the Wraith Primary Pacifer Plasma Cannon the L/R have different stats. Also is it just me or do the Castigator and Avenger look not worth it in the new version. Castigator +15 points + 1 TV prev ranged weapon EF 24/18 LR48/12 now PB 6/6 SR 12/18 MR 24/14 LR 48/12 so halved the range to get 18. Avenger +5 points -1 on TV prev ranged weapon EF 16/8 LR 32/6 now PB 8/5 SR 16/7 MR 24/6 LR 32/5. Generally all weapons see big reductions at PB why? Target Lock has gone not listed in MAR list or on model stats. Noticed the Desolator no longer has the Drone Nexus the Punisher Drone has lost its 2 shields still has nexus designator for what? As Paladin has already stated looks a big nerf on Directorate cyber weapon. On the Arbiter the Cyberattack booster reduced to 8", Deadlock cadre +1 on TV -1 on DR range reduced to 10". Also these stats only show full strength squads e.g. prev version informer 3-5 in squadron size now must be 5.
  8. I only heard about this supposed revival to PF today and have just read the posts in this thread. Frankly given SG track record I am amazed that anyone could be excited because of a few posts by SG. Armoured Clash, Uncharterd Seas dead DL as good as they all had their box sets as well. I bought into PF when released and remember all the support we where told to expect, the posts from Derek that abruptly stopped. Onto the next game get another load of suckers to buy our models, the games well they do not matter. If anything comes from this good but I will purchase nothing until I see a decent ruleset that is supported online.
  9. The card looks excellent my only query would be the red colour for the bomber line. I have raised this on the fleet action forum. The rule book is quite clear that the defending model use the Active defence (BLUE) against bombers therefore I feel the bomber line should also be in BLUE just like torpedos are shown in BLUE because the Active defence is used also against them . The fighter line being BLUE is correct because the fighter adds his attack dice to the defending models Active defence.
  10. Yes CP is crew points. Varnos to answer your question I have to first point out an error in the orbats the bombers should not be in red but blue. Active defence shown in blue on the stat card of a model denotes its ability to defend against incoming attacks from BLUE weapons namely Torps, Rockets, Boarding assault and Bombing/Attack runs etc. Passive defence shown in RED on the stat card denotes its ability to defend against incoming attacks from RED weapons Gunnery, Bombards and so on. Fighters increase the Active defence of the target model by the AD number listed it's stats line from boarding or bombing attacks. These answers are taken directly from the rule book. Note that not unusual for Spartan the stats for the Havel have changed from the rule book going to printing and the Orbat.
  11. Hi Squirrel away from home just now but there are 6 scenarios in the rulebook.
  12. Hi Nicholas Please see the thread on thoughts about Fleet Action you will be able to read several posts from me given information on the stats etc.
  13. In the game the Carrier MAR will denote how many wings of SAW can be 'placed on deck' in the end phase before moving on to a new turn. Carrier models choose which type of SAW they wish to field in the upcoming turn and literally place them on the deck of the carrier model. This is why the wing has only 1 SAW token. The Havel being Carrier (1) only deploys the 1 token. As stated above the decision can be either bomber or fighter. The new 2 player box sets include the 5 token trays plus 10 SAW tokens but these are not used in fleet action I presume they have been included in case you wish to battle using the main 2.0 rules. I have to apologise for an error in a previous post the max size for a terrain piece is 8x8 inches but a minefield is actually only 4x4 inches.
  14. Your welcome mate. I am not a firestorm player but after Merlin's post I looked at the downloads page for task force. Open the carnage table it is slightly different for FA only 6 disorder boxes so 3 in the first line then 2 then 1 but you will be able to get an idea of how the damage table looks. As I stated there is only 1 stats card available outside the starter set at this time which is the Havel light carrier to see the differences from the Prussian Dwars list here are the stats Medium naval model squadron size 1-2 90 points MARs carrier (1) Minelayer ( total the number of squadrons in a fleet whoever has more can place a minefield terrain piece as an additional terrain piece. Terrain pieces no bigger than 8x 8 inches! That's a minefield. Move 10 inches DR 5 HP 5 CP 4 ActD 4 PasD 1 VP 4 for when model destroyed of course Weapons Standard Broadsides Arc P+S MAR massed fire PB 7 EF 7 dice Player has to declare at end phase when any used SAW tokens are replenished whether token is bomber or fighter. Bombers Arc 360 MAR Hunter PB 7 EF 7 Fighters Arc 360 MAR Hunter PB 6 EF 6 Special rules A single model squadron can have 0-3 Wachtar escorts attached. As for the MARs buy the book guys. Lots of negativity on this forum if not for hard core DWars fans okay but why the threads about who is still playing the game if all is rosy in the DWars garden. This is not intended to be a replacement but a variation on a theme leading eventually perhaps to others playing the main game. I am very excited about this as I have large land forces and a Prussian fleet, never gets used now very little interest in anybody new wading through DWars book to play a game never mind a club night no chance on that. Anybody in a similar position that wants to get their models back on the table book is £10 what is that compared to the model cost you invested in. I think this has great potential for fun gaming remember that.
  15. Hi Andy, It can be used so but like Armoured Clash I think this is that it is aimed at large games able to be played in the time at a club evening. As to fears of it replacing DWars get real guys one small box set and say 3 months for stats!!!! How longer before the Armoured ones come out after Naval before I can get the great Russian force painted by Andy on the table and then my Flying models after that. Sleeping Squirrel asked about boarding the game has a damage chart which I cannot reproduce here but I will give an example of a boarding action. In the game the player activates his squadron moves then declares all his attacks by the squadron for ranged then boarding action. Boarding only occurs at point blank 0-8 inches. All models in a squadron that intend to iniative a boarding assault must target the same model. The attacker then adds all the crew points of his models together to form an attack dice pool. The defender then rolls his active defence dice using the usual exploding dice roll needing 4-6 for success. Each success reduces the attack dice pool by 1. Next is the melee step the players now roll simultaneously using the exploding dice rule with the attacker using the surviving attack dice pool and the defender using their crew point rating. So 4 Prussian stolz destroyers attack a covenant cleomedes cruiser. The crew of each destroyer is 3 so the attack dice pool generated is 12. The cruiser has an active defence of 4, so rolls 4 dice getting 3 successes so the attack dice pool is reduced to 9 dice. In the subsequent melee step the attacker rolls 9 dice while the cruiser with 4 crew points rolls 4 dice. Then they compare the number of successes each of them rolled against the boarding assault table. The difference between the scores determines what effect there is when rolling on the damage table. Note no loss to crew points only disorder or damage to the model. In boarding both players each roll a d3 and compare the result on the damage chart this can be amended depending on the the differences in success rolls from the melee step, applying the result to the attacker or defender depending who rolled the most successes. That is the basics of boarding in the game however there is one more point that if the defender has fighter sent to defend the model then they add their active defence to the models when dicing to reduce the initial attack dice pool. A carrier can launch one intercepting fighter in the opponents activation against an attack that is within effective range of the centre point of the carrier model that is 8+ to 24 inches. In the game SAW are reduced to just token per carrier point.
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