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  1. Hi guys ! A long time since I painted, and even longer for DW Here is a Vortuka land driller, a very fun and fast to paint model
  2. Hi guys and thanks ! Zeph I'm not sure to understand what location you're talking about. Do you speak about the recesses on the sides of the noze for example ? Or in the grooves at the base of the wings and the reactors ? I'll try to do a step by step next time. Mostly it's not that complicated. - double B&W undercoat : black everywhere then white from the top, and I use that effect like a chicken robber as we say in France ^^ - a wash of sepia mostly on the top and drakenhof nightshade mostly below, both wet-blended on the model - then I highlight using celestra grey to correct dirty areas (and eventually incuby darkness to corect dark messed areas) and white
  3. Hi ! It says that if "an opposing squadron completes any movement action within the fire arc..." you can make a firing action. Complete seems to mean that you can fire only if the ennemy achieves it's mvt in your fire arc. So if it wander right in front of you in your fire arc, but end its movement out of your fire arc, you cannot fire at it... That seems very incoherent to me ? I would say, if at any moment during its move it has passed in your fire arc in LoS and in range, you can fire at it. What do you think ?
  4. Hi ! I don't understand : what about the '50% of attacking models' rule ? In the example of the book if you have 3 out of 5 models in the flank arc, then you have the bonus. What did I miss ? Anyway I have another question : what if the line separating front and flank arc is across a model needed to have more than 50% ? For example I have 2 out of 5 that are wholly in the flank and 2 wholly in the front arc. The 5th is between the to arcs. Where shall I consider it, front or flank ? Does it need to be totally in the flank arc to count in ? Or the bigger part of it's base in it ? Or the fireing arc in it ? Thanks
  5. Thanks ! And here it comes finished
  6. Thanks guys Here is my unfinished interceptor gunship. The red lights are the last step
  7. Thank you so much guys More to come one day
  8. Karun


    Hi They are here on my screen. Anyone else can or can't see them ?
  9. Hi guys Done my Yue destroyers. I wanted to make the dragon pop a bit more than on the Jian where they didn't satisfied me totally.
  10. Karun


    I did that Here are some buildings, kind of watchtowers, outpost,... And part of the inspiration ^^
  11. Brilliant ! That's exactly how it should be used I think.
  12. Hi guys Here is my Recon helix finished ! (click on the thumbnails)
  13. Karun

    Terrans Underway

    Nice and original You could try masking tape to obtain straight lines. Tamiya is great.
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