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  1. Thansk! That was what i thought, but it was best to ask to get everthing cleard out. Will go the Sparatan store way next time i need things.
  2. Ordered two of these and some other Dystpoian related things through Wayland and got an email stating that the item is no longer available and has been discontinued. Is this true? Is the PBY-2 going to meet same end as the dodo birds? Or is it only going to be available through Spartan directly?
  3. Out of curiosity, what was the reasoning during play testing for it not having small target?
  4. Apologies, i don't know why i read it as wasted. But as Lord Nat stated, i don't get the 4 activations when its max 2 before shooting, or 1 if using bombards
  5. How is that giving away 4 activations? Lees comes in 3, they are still going to move, they can still shoot, they are still obscured and harder to hit. Spotting is just a bonus. Same goes for the B-72 or even better turn 1 recon plane move. That's two activation's and none of them is given away, and you dont have to shoot the cloud gen ships to death, just degrade their shooting to manageable levels before the Lee or other things boards them. Have a Savannah target paint one of them, if successful it counters the cloud gen Or just ignore them until last with shooting and board them in waves, if you want to play it safe smalls first then mediums. That's what i usually do whit my Eotbs
  6. Or you could do it the other way and use spotting especially if fielding Lees, B-72, Recon planes since they are al expert spotters. 3 spotts on 2+ on a ship with cloud gen and (P) will hit it on 4+ or 2 spotts for things with bombard. Since spotting only requires LoS you can start doing this first turn and start shooting at RB4 if you want to.
  7. And for a weapon to be one use only it has to have the limited use ammunition (p73) with a (1) As for the Sokotsu vs the Kaijū. I always field the Kaijū, i rather trim of a small to fit the Kaijū in than have the Sokotsu. I find the Kaijū better in every way, it has more utility thanks to the node projektor, better firepower at al range bands (i rather have 8AD (P) at RB4 then 10AD rockets) especially when you reach RB3 were you have two AD7 rockets (Or as i always try and fit in a Kitsune both for added firepower and to block of the centerpoint to get partialy blocked vs mediums which forces your opponent to deal with it adn with CR6 the Kitsune takes some firepower to get rid of) that can be fired as either on 11AD rocket or as two AD7 at the same target so only one of the salvos can be were only one of the salvos can be defended with AA if you shoot at the same target. With a Kitsune it would be either a AD13 or on AD9 and on AD7. At RB3 a Kaijū can easily sink a Medium in one go were as the Sokotsu isnt as reliable in doing. I find the Kaijū better then the Sokotsu as both a fire support platform and a close in fighter. And then there is the icing on the cake in that to me its a lot prettier to.
  8. Beautiful color composition! Is the decking color beigeish or white? In the first pic it looks beige but in the fourth it looks white? The beige as in the first pic looks best and gives the model some warmth, the white as in the fourth pic looks a little bland and boring.
  9. Gladly nobody uses allies in my area and nobody wants to use allies either. If you dont want it to get shot at, just have it stay behind a large or other medium during turn one and two. Just pop out and shoot then go back to hide behind some other ship, use the hit and run to your advantage. And dont forget to have an escort with that large to block of its center point from mediums and smalls (non flying) if they dont first sink the escort. And with your Arashis, use "key hole" shooting with them by blocking vision to them to only the ship/squadron you fired at (non flying things)or after shooting move a small squadron of corvetes up in front of them to block LoS as a screen. I usualy try and put them so their end is touching my table edge and activate them late first turn.
  10. Faction balance might not have been the right word, but taking something from another faction that doesn't exist in on faction to enhance al units/overcome a weakness in another faction isn't rely balanced. Fun times for the Prussians when they will board the **** out of you because well.... they targeted you AA on a specific ship to make it not work. As if millions of penguins just cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. And saying that al the factions can do it by just paying the appropriate points so its ok isnt really a valid response. If they were meant to have such things, then the faction would have it in its inventory from the start. There is a reason why bringing allies is an option that both players have to agree on before taking them. Because it makes thing unbalanced, its for flavor, fun or bring a special narrative to your game. I dont think the ship and its equipment is unbalanced or powercreep, its fine in its appropriate faction, were the faction has its own weaknesses.
  11. Good thing allies are only optional so you can just say no if someone brings this. I i wanted weird allied things to brake faction balance i would just go play that other GW game.
  12. After first having a sad face about the Hasta i started to try and figure it out to find its role and why its there and i think i cracked the puzzle of what its meant to do. Considering its high speed, good maneuverability, combined with it being i flyer and having the universal rules of the Italians (Close quarter gunnery) i think the Hasta is going to be really annoying. You fly it Obscured until you reach your target and drop down at RB1 and then staying in RB1 with fairly limited retaliation of AA fire, especially with the synergy of the Italians new nod launcher you could for example severely cripple or even sink a battle cruiser with some luck in one go. It has both the movement and enough maneuverability to do this. It will give especially the french sad faces when you ignore both the cloud gen and their AA. With the fleshing out of the Italians i might finally buy into them since i like the design and their more finesse game style. But why int the world and al that is holy is there only is there only 3 Fortunas in the box when squadron size is 2 - 4? Im thinking that squadron size in the PDF is wrong?
  13. There is no blister pack of the Ballistae, its just the single model. If you want tiny fliers as well you have to buy them seperatly. If you read the Maximum squadron tab it says: 1 model supplied. The maximum squadron size for this model is 1. Its like that with al individual models you buy direct from spartan.
  14. the other 2 i got later are the ones i got when i asked for replacements since they dont fit properly and have the issue as described above. The replacements i got are the exact same as the ones i got in the box. That is the reason why im asking here since its strange that i would get wrong replacement to.
  15. Well they are not reversible, It can be seen in the wingtips where one side is more curved then the other, the side with the curve is also marginally thicker. If you look at them head on the difference is easy to see. Its also noticeably in the tail section were there are alignment issues of about 5mm, this is because on side of the entire section has a slight cuvre were the other side is flat. If its meant for them to be reversible so you cant put them on the wrong side, then something has gone wrong in the design processes Al four pieces are exactly the same so it cant be the resin getting bent when it cold down. The pair of wings are about 3 months separate from each other to.
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