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  1. I have to say that planetfall is really starting to die for me, due to the delays in releases mis packed boxes and now this huge cost for leviathans. Whilst I appreciate i don't need to buy one to play the game a single helix costing more than the entry cost into many games I am afraid is yet another nail in the planetfall coffin.
  2. 3 pieces, once you work them out they do fit nicely. I'm not too worried at the i game cost as is just nice to have new toys to play with. And I have found with spartan games i end up with loads of pretty bits i never use so am not too worried.
  3. Yes it's perfectly able to assemble without the blades, they sorry of interlock together as long as the bits are the right way up. You kinda need to glue the sides and the tops, no easy way to pin them together, I was surprised they were in metal I thought they might be do e as brass etch or as acrylic
  4. I do know that in the end I will get all of the missing components my point is it will have cost them £9 in postage! And I am starting to feel like I am constantly complaining when I should be posting how great the game is
  5. The drop zone markers and dice and objective.
  6. So I got a hawker industries box set today and after a look at the box contents I found to my displeasure that surprise surprise it was missing components ! Now it could just be me, but this is now the third planetfall box set missing bits! I really don't want to be 'that' person but it's getting beyond a joke. I really do appreciate that spartan is a small company and they will provide me the missing bits but in postage alone these mistakes are starting to cost them a substantial amount. This concerns me that they really need to look at how they package stuff, in the previous 4 years of purchasing spartan products I have only had 2 missing bits so 3 in 2 months is a bit silly. Anyway rant over, the bits I got were well cast and are nice pieces and I'm looking forward to using them in games when I can put them together.
  7. I do agree with you about no sell by date, my point is much more one of starting to even doubt about any longevity of this game if spartan cannot even deliver what was pre ordered correctly as seen in the numerous post about missing components, I want to see it succeed but a minutes worth of communication would be nice even if its saying they are swamped and will get back to us in the next month.
  8. Spartan Ricky last answered anything on the 10th delboy on the 6 th, it's now the 24 th with new product dropping in about 2 weeks, and people have a lot of questions. I want to invest more money in planetfall but am wary too, the orbats were promised to be released on the release day of planetfall, we were told they were done and would be uploaded on that day. They were not,now we have multiple boxes being released on the 10th with no rules or even the option to buy said army lists or a sign when they will be released.I simply cannot afford to buy models just because they are pretty so I have to decide when to cut my losses and treat planetfall like a kickstarter board game, i don't. Want this to be the case as I have enjoyed playing planetfall, but lack of rules support and honest communication over delays has made me nervous.
  9. Just a quick post to ask if spartan could find five minutes to let us know whats going on? The forum. Is becoming flooded by questions and it would be nice to know some sort of timetable of responses even if its within the next month. Thank you and this isn't a rant just a concerned gamer who is feeling a bit in the dark. I do appreciate they are busy but even A stock answer would help reduce the amount of negativity becoming apparent on the forums .
  10. This is getting a bit silly I Have already had to contact them about the missing heads which I recieved, if I need to get the Drop markers as well it is going to cost spartan a fortune in postage alone!
  11. Let's just hope all these issues are just teething issues, and I know from experience spartan will replace all the missing pieces if may just take a week or two for it to get to you.
  12. Just let spartan know and they will send you replacements mine arrived today. I can finally finish my units painting, yay!
  13. I think the biggest trouble is until the orbats and other stuff is released, we cant really tell you how the game plays. You mention 40kimagine playing box with just the marines vs marine box and no army lists. It can't give you the full picture, we all want to be really enthusiastic but how can we not knowing the full picture. So far I've loved it, but that's not to say it is the best game Eva! I know until I have the full picture I have to be cautious in recommending it to others.
  14. It's giving them time my post was about, if they don't show us stuff months in advance people dont complain about delays, so they have more time to get things right and ready rather than rushing releases to please a small but vocal minority of the community. I really understand the limitations of a small company but they can do things to help themselves and showing renders months in advance does not in my opinion help them, even the biggest companies try to avoid pre showing too much in advance. But as I said this is just my opinion and I am happy for people to Disagree.
  15. Ultimately it's up to you,so the best thing is to buy it you want or not. I have often found if someone needs to influence me to buy a game I won't enjoy it. Planetfall is scratching a gaming itch i currently have, but that's not to say it will hold my attention forever no game can do that. The nature of wargamers is like a magpie constantly finding new shiney things
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