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  1. How do you determine the weapon arc when disabled by an SRS attack? Would you just use the weapon arc closest to the 'Parent' ship?
  2. For the record, I do too Just wanted clarification. Thanks
  3. Is your 'minimum move' (Half your movement) based on your 'base movement' or your 'total effective movement'? ie. If I have a base movement of 4", and I increase that with a +2" upgrade to 6", is my "minimum movement" 2" or 3"?
  4. There's a lot of other Bookmarks I'd like to add in hindsight, and will probably get around to it one day.
  5. Oddly enough, after WEEKS of this being a problem, its suddenly working (and I didn't change anything). Maybe Spartan fixed a bug?
  6. Why would you want to NERF Grav control? It's mostly useless already. Moving a model off the board happens so rarely, and it seems like that's the only legitimate reason for wanting them nerfed? I think 'insta-kill' by moving them off the board is a little silly. I'd rather see the 'control' ability BUFFED to be made MORE useful. and have the 'off board insta-kill removed or reworked'.
  7. Will Marauders be getting defence groups as they also have a Battle Station?
  8. I didn't know where else to put this, but does anyone else here have problems with quoting and copying & pasting using Internet Explorer? I can't 'Paste' ANYTHING in this forum. Is this just me? Does anyone know why? (ITS SO FRUSTRATING!) As for quoting... I know the button is there. But whenever I press the damn thing, NOTHING happens.... >_< I've tested these both in Chrome, and it appears to work fine. So its obviously a browser issue, but I can't quite figure out 'what' the problem is. My settings seem fine. Active X filtering isn't enabled. The usual plugins (Java, Flash, etc) are all updated. *shrugs*
  9. 5) We apparently incorrectly interpreted the combined fire section on page 63 of the BRB to apply to all Point Defense. Am I correct in understanding that point defense actually uses linked firing? Is this also the case against SRS tokens? The same section also makes mention that "escort type ships" may make use of combined fire to assist other members of their squadron with point defense. What makes a ship an "escort type ship" Is that the escort class of ships? So all ships classed as an escort in their appropriate racial ship listing PDF? Or is there some other property (For instance, the Relthoza "escort" - stinger and wolf class - does not list combined fire as a trait of the ship and only it's category listing as "escort" gives any suggestion that it could be allowed to use combined fire for point defense) I noticed the guys missed point 5 (or perhaps you added it after). - Yes PD uses linked firing. - No, against SRS tokens PD works differently. (pg. 88) When a SRS token moves within 4" of an enemy token, it may use its PD to fire against it. Every PD attack against a SRS token is made separately, and cannot be combined or linked with other ships. (Note: You can also only make one PD attack against an SRS per activation. So if you've shot against one SRS that activation, and your opponent sends another, it will fly right past. (I believe the only exception to this is Escorts combining their PD with their parent ship - see below). - Yes. Escorts are a ship class in themselves. You've interpreted that correctly. They do not need a specific MAR, the special combined PD rule is applied to 'ALL' Escort class ships of all races. (The Combined Fire MAR is generally meant for normal attacks.) Note: Do not confuse 'Escorts' with 'Accompaniments'. Some ships can have Frigates or Cruisers as 'Accompaniments', these do NOT benefit from combined PD.
  10. Not exactly a cheat sheet, but I posted this in another thread. Here is a Bookmarked (Rules Only) version of the PDF. https://www.hightail.com/download/UlRRT2pITWNiV3lLRmNUQw Just provides a little help looking for certain content in the PDF.
  11. I reckon Fighters & Interceptors should be able to shoot them down. Maybe Frigates & Escorts too.
  12. Should definitely have 'Starter packs' for all the main races.
  13. You can always play house rules and do whatever you like. It may be a balance issue, as well as a business decision by Spartan. They don't want to make a bunch of nice Battleship models, then have no one buy them due to pricing or preference, so they make them a requirement to some extent.
  14. STL Syndicate can do 255. BC + Gunship + 1 Frigate STL Traders can do 220. Carrier (+5 wings) + 2 Cruisers + 2 Frigates Although I would recommend if you're going to do this to field full squadrons where possible, otherwise it makes minimal Cruiser and Frigate units almost useless.
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