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    Shiny, thanks lads.
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    Righty, a question about prepping my models and undercoating. I've had a slightly irksome issue with my new resin models in that paints will not stick to it, not even the undercoat paints. They just run off in places as though the model were waxed. And once the paint has dried, it has an annoying habit of rubbing off in flakes. Even a dry paint brush can strip it off. So, how do I stop this happening, do I need to wash the models first or something?
  3. The version 2 rule book says time and again, that when firing AT a target occupying the submerged height level, it will always be considered a partially blocked target UNLESS you have an MAR that states otherwise. However, the book seems to be less clear about your line of sight when firing FROM the submerged height level. It says that I can only use concussion charges, torpedoes and Particle Accelerators, but I'm struggling to find anything that clarifies what the firing vessels line of sight would be. I'm a covenant player and I'm trying to clear this up for my wave lurking ships. They book says under wave lurking "A wave lurking model uses Torpedoes and Particles Accelerators as if it were occupying the Submerged Height Level, and for these weapons only, is governed by the targeting rules, 'to hit' rolls and modifiers as if it were occupying the Submerged Height Level". But I just cannot find these targeting rules, 'to hit' rolls and modifiers for vessels occupying the submerged height level... Can I get clarification?
  4. Personally I'm not fond of the roboworm... effective no doubt, but aesthetically it has no appeal to me. The Metzger on the other hand very nearly saw me going Prussian. I'm just not sure about the arms, and I couldn't find a decent set of replacements at the time for conversion. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-D_10Lhwa2mk/T9N3l83SR1I/AAAAAAAARBQ/f1UrfQ-drbg/s1600/bab04.jpg Possibly the arms off this bad boy with some careful cutting... The Archimedes, again I'm not sure about it's appearance... the arms and legs look very stubby, like they'd spend all their time getting in each others way as it tried to walk and attack. So I figured bigger and fewer legs Thanks for the compliment about robo-zilla 90 degree forward firing arc. Shiny! Godzilla in appearance, or Zilla? I prefer Zilla's appearance, but with Godzilla's firepower and raw awesome. In robot format...
  5. Thanks for the hints guys. With Christmas on the way, I'm going to see what, if anything, comes through. Hoping to see Cleomedes and maybe Hippassus make a show. Fresnels are definitely on the shopping list, though the fact they come in a bundle of two but deploy in three is an odd one... Euclid is a very tempting, if pricy, alternative to the Pericles too. I'm thinking the Capek interceptors for shooting down incoming enemy airships too. Good idea?
  6. Needs a giant robot. Something like the Metzger, but more streamlined. Maybe three or four arms for mounting more guns. A hunter killer machine. Option two, a command robot, lower body is spider like with four chunky legs allowing it to walk freely in any direction, while the upper body rotates independently as a heavy artillery platform. Deployed as a combat coordinator for the colossus. Or... a way of bringing the Particle Cannon (sound cooler than accelerator) to land battles. Some kind of Godzilla robot? Designed by a Japanese defector, it uses a series of lenses or magnetic coils in the neck to focus the beam, so it can be mounted within the body rather than taking up an entire battleship sized hull.
  7. Righty, I am a huge fan of the Covenant. I rate factions by three criteria. Background, and I love the whole "screw you guys, I'm going to start my own nation, with science, and blackjack, and hookers! In fact, Forget the Blackjack!" thing they have going. Their fluff is awesome. Models, and I think the CoA has some of the most attractive models going. I wasn't sure about the flying office fans of doom at first, or the curves and lines of their ships, but they've grown on me and I've become fond of them. Table top, and here is where I keep falling down... So far I've played over half a dozen games with them (intro games not included), and the best I've managed in a real game is one dice roll short of a draw. I try to keep my distance, but I find that without shocking good fortune, I'm simply over whelmed by incoming fire or boarding actions before my own guns and drones can whittle the other guy down. If I deploy spread out I'm wrecked in detail, but if I clump together I struggle to get broadside on without sailing into my own ships. So, in my fleet I have: Aristotle. The closest thing I have to a tank, best ship I have, closest to reliable. Pericles. I got her to bring and relaunch as many drones as I can, but if I keep her back for protection, then it takes two turns or longer for her new drones to get somewhere useful, but if I send her forward she gets hammered and my drones start falling out of the sky... 3 Plato Light cruisers. I can't make up my mind. Last game they sank a Suvorov Cruiser in one turn. But by and large they've performed poorly against anything bigger than themselves, just not throwing enough dice... 8 Diogenes. Mixed results again, but they usually end up at the bottom of the sea as soon as they're in range band 2. 2 Ptolemy Bombers. Utter fails... the mines have accomplished little, as the other guy just sails close and then CCs them, or just goes round, meanwhile the office fans fail to reach stratospheric altitude and get shot out of the sky before they can drop bombs. 6 Galen escorts attached to the battleship and carrier. Used twice, had little opportunity to accomplish anything. So far, looking at the forums and asking round my gamer friends, the best answer I have is to buy different ships. Thing is, they are looking like a very tricky fleet to be used cleverly and precisely. But that's never been my gaming style. I've always preferred blunt objects, just get stuck in. Is there a way of using the CoA like that? P.S. Please do not mention Inventive Scientists, their track record is 2 saved hits against 5 fires started...
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