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  1. Double Moskva at 1500 points will be rough. You can try to use their crappy arcs of fire to your advantage. If you use fast ships to get behind them they will have a heck of a time turning around to shoot you. A combination of fast ships and slower hitters will wreck havoc on his battle line.
  2. The chevalier is a great small! Consistent and decent firepower at good range bands. I like to keep them in reserve and bring them onto the flank The requin is a good cheap squadron. I find that mine work better in terror tactics then anything else. My opponent is so scared of them that they usually get targeted early, but it usually pulls firepower away from my main fleet. In reality I have had inconcistent results with them.
  3. I think the idea is that you can expand the bubble of shield protection from a squadron. The command distance bonus is actually 3 inches. By having them sit 9 inches apart from each other a squadron of 3 can nearly cover a total line 30 inches wide (9 inches from either side of the central one plus the 6 inch shield bubble on either side).
  4. @Whyarecarrots Ha! Thanks for the shoutout. I have to say that I like your overall placement of colors a bit more. I even imitated it on my latest Apollo. I'm liking your Hawker allies. It fits nicely with your scheme but sets itself apart plenty.
  5. That is a great looking fleet. Striking colors.
  6. So far it's just been story elements and narrative, but it seems to be leading up to some nice campaign elements. I agree with azrael. The narrative is great and provides some much needed narrative and background which the community has been clamoring for quite a lot. I hope they keep it up.
  7. That's the big difference. Friendly games compared to tournament play. There is no reason why you and your opponent shouldn't be able to smooth out movement and ships knocking into each other. If you noticed an opponent trying to gain an advantage through that on a weeknight match then it probably isn't a "friendly" game anyways... There are people in my area that I politely refuse to play for this and other reasons. At an organized event strict enforcement of rules is important and you should have no problem firmly telling someone no if they try to fudge movement or fixed arc in that setting.
  8. I don't know how I missed this fleet over the last year. Really great work. Karun, you've outdone yourself yet again!
  9. Quickdraw

    RSN fleet

    The fleet looks really good. I especially like the battleship.
  10. These look really great. Your style suites the RSN ships well.
  11. Quickdraw

    RSN fleet

    Now we're cooking! That looks awesome. Great work.
  12. From my experience playing against both: The Ba'Kash has a super solid core. But they suffer from "sameness" when fielded as a full fleet. Works Raptor has some cool toys, but I personally think they work better as toys for other fleets. I would say you can't go wrong fielding a Ba'Kash core and then Works Raptor specialists. The Ba'Kash can do the brawling while Works Raptor cause havoc. On the other hand a Works Raptor core with Ba'Kash has more places where it might falter. You'll have less mass of brawling-ness and with the sneaky Works Raptor toys it will be easier and more appealing for your opponent to just target your Ba'Kash elements. This could potentially make it much easier to hamstring half of your fleet.
  13. Those Dindrenzi commanders look tough as nails. Interested to see where this goes.
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