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  1. Might have to wait awhile longer. In the Facebook Dystopian page, Stuart answered a question about this and said "expect it later this year."
  2. Nice looking ships. Good luck to the Dindrenzi!
  3. Good looking ship. Has just the right amount of weathering on it.
  4. Is Warcradle using the same kind of resin for these classic ships?
  5. Guys, if you're wanting to discuss specific combos and/or meta, please start a new topic.
  6. Come on over to the General forum and join in on the discussion. There are some interesting new ideas to talk about. Welcome aboard! ZS
  7. @LionofPerth: Please remain civil in this discussion. We're looking at speculation here, in what Warcradle may or may not do. Until we have more information from them, there are no right or wrong answers here.
  8. @Stoobert: +1 for the thread necromancy. Timely, too. I've been going over old posts in this thread, and noted that it get's a bit heated at times. Just a friendly reminder for everyone to be respectful. There was one post in particular that caught my eye, again from Stoobert. There were some underlying assumptions made in his first posting: I hope that it is clear to everyone that Firestorm is going to be updated. Whether Warcradle calls it 3.0, 2.785, or whatever, I don't know. Will the changes be minor corrections, or a ground-up re-write...time will tell there to. Either way, no one is coming for your ships...they'll still work on whatever edition you want to play. For both sides...whether you're looking forward to 3.0, or will always play 2nd edition, respect the other side for what they are looking for.
  9. How about an engine challenge? I know that's one area that I could improve on. I would appreciate seeing how others approach it. The painting support group is a fine idea too. I have way too much of a backlog.
  10. I'd say that if you have ideas, go ahead and share them. Information leads to inspiration, so even if your ideas don't make the cut, they will help shape the discussion.
  11. Just stopping by to say hello. Good to see so many familiar faces/avatars. Missed seeing Pathogens happy face.
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