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  1. Great question. The 0.02a revision clarified this in that each model in the unit must have the same speed value (see pg.12). While the Thrust could change, the Drive Leak result won't affect the models speed. It'll just reduce the model's (and by extension, the unit's) Thrust and Limit abilities. Any feedback on this should also be sent in via the form on www.firestormarmada.com. ZS
  2. The 0.02 update clarified that the Sorylian Tactical Acumen may reroll both dice if they are the same value. They didn't change the standard rule for re-rolling initiative, it appears to me that this is meant to be a bit of a rarity for round initiative to change after the roll. Reserves also changed a bit in 0.02.
  3. In case you missed the Q&A section that Stuart and Chris held on Sunday, it was announced that the update schedule for the beta would aim for new revisions to come out on Wednesday. The 0.02 update is now available at http://www.firestormarmada.com. Some highlights (but not a comprehensive list) of changes: Units that contain more than one model always have the same speed Some weapons may be able to fire into multiple arcs in the same activation (ie, PT & ST) "Come to New Heading" clarified to be a 60 degree change in heading. SRS changes. Movement changes. Other stuff...check out the update. ZS
  4. A five round game would give a theoretical maximum speed, if you increased every turn. But that's going pretty fast by then. Other than that, no, there is no maximum.
  5. I'd brought this up in the past, and it hasn't changed. We'll have to keep an eye on future revisions, but I think the intent is to re-roll the highest die.
  6. As of the 0.01 draft, all weapons in a Link attack must have the exact same qualities.
  7. Some ships have been previewed for the upcoming beta: The Stat bar has the following values: Thrust (T) Turn Limit (L) Mass (M) Shields (S) Point Defense (P) Armor (A) No confirmed definition for Cast (x), or any of the Unit Special Rules or other keywords yet. ZS
  8. @Ryjak, you'll still be able to download it off the website, and feedback will be going to a portal (not to FB). There's no reason you can't see the beta rules. ZS
  9. @Bessemer is correct. See page 23 in the 2nd edition rules for the dice Re-Roll rules, and page 65 for the Beam coherence effect. ZS
  10. I expect it will be handled much the same way as D-Wars. There will be a sign-up page on the website, and then you get the download links for the rules, templates, etc. There will be discussions primarily on Facebook, and here as well, but 'official' feedback will need to be submitted through the web portal in order to be considered. I will post links here when they become available. ZS
  11. https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/2020/warcradle-studios-diary-32?fbclid=IwAR1R-PjvCQauPjaHBPqtWTgIoK1bYPtlfv5FZZ4XLfEOZlpdDq7Ep41XejM The Firestorm Beta begins on 9.9.20.
  12. It's likely that the molds used for them have finally expired. Warcradle has stated that once the molds cannot produce quality parts, they will be retired. Once something disappears from the store, it's gone for good (as far as the Classics line is concerned). ZS
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