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  1. GenCon has only said that they are "monitoring the situation" with updates to come. So it's still on, for now at least. ZS
  2. Sure thing. This is a weird year for conventions anyway. Catch you next time, @murphy'slawofcombat
  3. At this point, the only places to stay will be outside of downtown. There may be downtown hotels available, but they will be at premium prices. Assuming that the whole thing doesn't get cancelled. Stupid virus. At this point though, I think that August is far enough away that the Con will still happen. That's my hope at least. ZS
  4. Yes. GenCon will be held Jul 30 - Aug 2, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  5. Details are still thin at this point. May 6 is the release date. If DW is any measure, it will be an open beta, with a web page to submit feedback. That's my guess, at least.
  6. Stuart has said in the past that he was not a fan of micro-dice, so I would guess that they are more of a miniature, and not a token like we have in 2nd edition.
  7. Hello all, The beta rules for Firestorm Armada will release on 6 May 2020. See the announcement, and some ship sketches in the Warcradle blog post https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/2020/warcradle-studios-diary-25 ZS
  8. This event is tentatively scheduled for Thursday night from 6-10. I say tentative because we're still waiting for final approval from GenCon on the event, but they've always been able to accommodate us in the past, so it should be on that time. More details to follow as I get them. Also, we will be using the Firestorm beta rules for this event.
  9. Hello all, Anyone here going to GenCon, and want to get in on a game? I'll be running an event again this year, interested in finding out who else is planning to go. Mike
  10. Might have to wait awhile longer. In the Facebook Dystopian page, Stuart answered a question about this and said "expect it later this year."
  11. Nice looking ships. Good luck to the Dindrenzi!
  12. Good looking ship. Has just the right amount of weathering on it.
  13. Is Warcradle using the same kind of resin for these classic ships?
  14. Guys, if you're wanting to discuss specific combos and/or meta, please start a new topic.
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