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  1. Warcradle has stated several times that they will not be releasing 3D models, for free, rent, buy, or any other method. While a nice idea, it's just not something that they are going to do. ZS
  2. It is a sad note. So...who else is in for 2021? We ought to even have a working beta version by then! ZS
  3. Actually, we're on the good side of that cycle. v1 Good v1.5 Bad v2 Good Spartan v3 Bad WC v3 Good...? Seriously though, they have never said that they were going to do a hex map. That's conjecture from someone with a pretty big axe to grind, so I wouldn't take those statements as nearing reality. For the hex bases, yeah, I can see that is an expense. Let's see how it's implemented before freaking out too much.
  4. *shrug* I've no idea how fleet building will ultimately go. From a marketing perspective, they are going to want to structure the fleet boxes so that a player can open up the box and play right away. I do agree in principle with what you're saying...more freedom is better. If it were up to me (and in the rules I've developed) a squadron contains any number and type of ships, subject to a total points cap. It would be even less rigid than requiring X number of Tier 1's , Y number of Tier 2's, etc. There will always be some kind of constraint, just so that there is a framework for a workable game. Will that framework be large enough to allow for many changes? I hope so, and I think that it will be. Time will tell. Stuart is giving out lots of information over on the Black Ocean FB page...maybe we can get him to talk up fleet building?
  5. I think you can do that @Commodore Jones, as long as all players agree to it. You could all play with nothing but battleships if you like. Any kind of organized play is going to have to have some commonly understood limits though. Until I see more details, a helix is as good as any other method, at this point at least. ZS
  6. The beta will go live once the UK gets out of lockdown for the COVID thing. It was going to be 5/6/20, but now we're just on a wait-and-see.
  7. No i definitely remember Stuart mentioning that 3rd will use a helix system. I cant be bothered to find the quote right now. Very interesting what direction they will take this. For those of us who didn't get into Planetfall, how did the helix system work?
  8. A good reminder to support your FLGS when you can, recognizing that we all need to be financially careful these days. We have some local shops (Utah) that are still open, but I fear they need to open up soon, or they will go under.
  9. GenCon has only said that they are "monitoring the situation" with updates to come. So it's still on, for now at least. ZS
  10. Sure thing. This is a weird year for conventions anyway. Catch you next time, @murphy'slawofcombat
  11. At this point, the only places to stay will be outside of downtown. There may be downtown hotels available, but they will be at premium prices. Assuming that the whole thing doesn't get cancelled. Stupid virus. At this point though, I think that August is far enough away that the Con will still happen. That's my hope at least. ZS
  12. Yes. GenCon will be held Jul 30 - Aug 2, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  13. Details are still thin at this point. May 6 is the release date. If DW is any measure, it will be an open beta, with a web page to submit feedback. That's my guess, at least.
  14. Stuart has said in the past that he was not a fan of micro-dice, so I would guess that they are more of a miniature, and not a token like we have in 2nd edition.
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