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  1. Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone, it's nice to be back How long have you been playing these games? Only Dystopian Wars to now, for 3 or 4 years Where do you play? Mainly at home Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? Far too many tbh, Russian, French, FSA, Prussian, got far too many incomplete/unpainted models in the to-do pile
  2. 10 mm terrain

    10mm is a difficult scale to find commercial terrain for but it's small enough to scratchbuild fairly easily and quickly. A lot will depend on the settings used. If Armoured Clash sticks to the underpopulated areas there won't be much need for many buildings. C19 colonial era buildings are pretty simple designs, though they do need a lot of corrugated roofs. Hmmm, maybe this thread should be in the scenery folder
  3. Learning the game

    We've actually found the Campaign Booklet from Operation Shadow Hunter really helpful for staging up the complexity nice and slowly.
  4. Did Sale End?

    Darn, missed that one completely
  5. One for "veteran" players...

    I use stronger reading glasses than I could use to read with. It does reduce your depth of field somewhat (which increases the risk of spillage incidents from bumping the side of the jar / bottle) but overall I'm very happy with the method.
  6. BLOG DISCUSSION: Madame Liberté

    To you maybe. Your opinion. Not fact. I think both the giant Samurai and it's friends look very silly, and somewhat out of place in DW, whereas Madame Liberté and the Windsor both look amazing.
  7. Are they 2.5x as big as the other massive models?
  8. Infantry bunkers

    It's a visual representation that feeds info to your brain about what is happening. Ranks of 2mm infantry might have been a better choice for interpretation.
  9. Dreadnought Robots- How to bring one down?

    I love the idea of them as supreme examples of crazy Victorian mad science. Wonderful centre-piece models and some of them even make sense from their national backgrounds. From a modelling and painting point-of-view they're great and I am jealous of those that have theirs already. However. They have obviously not been play-tested rigorously enough. Their balance is out of whack both between themselves and towards the rest of the game. Some of them will fit in happily with no significant changes the the DW meta, not much more than being a land capable dreadnought, but not all. It's right that their first appearances cause a little chaos. They are a new category after all. Things should settle down fairly quickly as people get used to how they play, how to use them, and what works when you're facing them. After that I would fully expect a quick balancing pass to restat them and bring them fully into the fold.
  10. And now I have a vision of a Windsor having its guns loaded up with canned pineapples. Definitely didn't get enough sleep last night
  11. Perfect! Could be an awesome diorama build Alternately a modified lend-lease John Henry might be enough. Hmmm, why is Britannia depending on the FSA here?
  12. An airship with some cranes and it'll be easy
  13. Infantry bunkers

    You have an interesting point there. The WWII concrete pillbox has become somewhat synonymous with the concept of a bunker despite not actually being a bunker as such. A bunker is by definition a storage place. In army terminology it is usually where the ammo is kept and usually hardened. In Hollywood terminology a bunker is a place where people are kept, not quite the same thing.
  14. Doublesided Tokens

    That's simply lovely
  15. BLOG DISCUSSION: Madame Liberté

    Nah, it's one of only 2 worth keeping (the Windsor is the other) the rest are a total waste

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