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  1. That comes across very bias if I'm honest mate. The gamers in my store are feeding the same things back to me so maybe you can explain where we are missing the tactics because it seems to be what to activate in what order and with one mission, counting down TV for killing units? Oh and we play 3k minimum as we all bought double core helix and allied helix so really want to see PF do well.
  2. They are totally different games. Game play PF I see as a more throw dice with your mates have a laugh and take off lots of models as they die DZC is extremely tactical and has around 20 missions to play through (hint hint Spartan) Models PF models are no doubt bigger with good details for what they are DZC model are insanely detailed (turn a resistance vehicle upside down and look) but smaller I play both. My preference at the minute is DZC as its more developed but that's just my opinion. Have a go at both and see. Tom
  3. Still a lot to come out for the game and a few tweets needed I think. I'd wait and see during this year for more reviews etc as the game grows.
  4. Thanks for some answers Delboy. Will be interesting to see what's coming.
  5. It's the model that get me into planet fall. Does anyone know when it's due as I think we need them to balance games out for us. Thanks chaps. Tom.
  6. I can find no where in the rules where it hints at the size of game people will play? I've heard 2k is way to small, 4k is about right but push to 5k? I want to build my army to a size I know people play and then move onto another project not simply buy everything. So I'm asking... What size games do you all play? Thanks chaps Tom
  7. Hello fellow Admirals. I have had my first game with my FSA. Loved them so much have just bought a legions army to go with them! I'm confused on one thing. What do I use turtle submarines for? Do they setup and act with the Boston? Does anyone have any tips for using the subs? I must admit the Boston blew appart a Prussian Battle cruiser in one volly (27hits I think) of rather lucky rolling. So I can see the sheer firepower of it and wonder if the turtles are worth it at 10points each. As you've guessed I've got the fleet from the operation shadow hunter box game. Thanks all Tom
  8. Nice one will do and let us know how they perform!
  9. I don't know about everyone else but I kinda shot at those crystals and damn missile pods things. Killing them takes quite a bit of aquan trickery out of the fish tank.
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