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  1. Keep up the good work buddy! Your thread is pretty much the only reason that I visit the forum these days. Sorry to say my PF mojo has totally gone.
  2. Very nice indeed, glad to see you are still cracking on! I particularly like those tank destroyers !
  3. Looking good! Very impressed you still have the motivation do paint anything, I am most envious. Great job on the Dellingr in particular!
  4. I totally agree. To my mind, stores and clubs are vital to the continuation and expansion of a game, post the initial Kickstarter rush.
  5. Good luck with the infantry and thanks for continuing to post - its always great to see pictures of other players miniatures! The community has been a little quiet of late, it is good to see that there is still some enthusiasm out there! Keep up the good work!
  6. Howdy Slimeball, you are able to roll individually for each weapon if you so desire, since they are detailed as separate weapon systems - if i recall correctly it says that weapons with a common MAR may choose to combine fine (and therefore do not have to). The only thing to remember is that you cannot target a different squadron with each weapon system unless you have the independent targeting MAR. I hope that helps.
  7. Hi Vedar, that is one of the main plasma cannons that are slung underneath the Directorate Wraith Leviathan. Hope that helps! Looks like a packing error. I would recommend emailing despatch@spartangames.co.uk, they are really good with this sort of thing and I am sure they will send you across the missing part.
  8. Those are looking great, I particularly like the blue - it photographs very well! Nice work!
  9. cm284

    cm284's Planetfall

    Thanks guys, I will endeavor post more over the next week or so!
  10. cm284

    cm284's Planetfall

    Hi All, A limited selection of my Planetfall models can be found on my new blog; https://somewhatbegrudgingly.com/firestorm-armada-planetfall/ Over time I plan to showcase a lot of my terrain etc, but real life is rather getting in the way at the moment! I also have a narrative introduction to a campaign that a friend and I will be running when he moves down my neck of the woods at some point over the coming month. Let me know what you think - hobby related feedback is always appreciated. cm284
  11. Ok, cool. PM me if you fancy a game - perhaps at firestorm in Cardiff at some point - no guarantees that I will be able to make it but you never know :) !
  12. Hi Gizmo, Depends on where you are in South Wales - I am based near Bristol (so not too far from Newport or Cardiff), and could use an opponent too! cm284
  13. Aaah sorry Chris, speed reading at work ! What you have said above sounds spot on, that is how I have always played it!
  14. Hi Core and Chrisburn, its in the Orbats within the helix composition table. Cited Terrans in the Core heliox below as an example. "Hirdmen Light Infantry Cadres. Each Cadre may purchase a Sinir APC for the appropriate points. If the Transport is purchased the Infantry Cadre MUST be deployed embarked upon it." Hope this helps!
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