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  1. very nice work, but I think, that French Perfectly Planned Manoeuvres is written wrong.
  2. I think, the loss of calc. gen is big deal. Italy IS boarding nation. (Pillum 15 AP, Gladius 15 AP, Scutum 5 AP + terror tactics), Elite marines everywhere, that was my playing style at least. Our sky fortress is stronger now... I think, that Ballistae is one of the best sky fortresses in the game, and they make it even stronger. 2x4 wings (instead of 6 carrier point), and Area bombardment!
  3. Safr

    French painting blog

    Thanks, so I add some blue drybrush on the hull, it's better I think.
  4. Hi guys, I am not a good painter at all, but I want to show my scheme for the french fleet. Here is my first test ship for a scheme, Chevaliere. Colours that I used (everything is from Vallejo): Black Primer, dark sea blue for a hull, new wood for decking, liquid copper for a chimney, liquid silver for tubes and other metal parts, drybrushed white grey for cabins, Azure for Windows, Vermillion for rockets, black wash, brown wash for a deck. Result is here:
  5. Interesting builds, full skimming French, I like it, how these Alma frigates worked for French admiral? Because I think it's undergunned and overpriced for what it does. But obviously it can work, he won the tournament
  6. Safr

    RoF vs KoB

    Hi, my skimmer fleet and attack flotilla with Vauban will arive in week, so i want to try most of the models from boxes. My opponent will be Britannia on 1500 pts. 1x Vauban (Surface Skimming Dreadnought) - Nav. Massive - 300 Vauban | Add IG Cloud - Nav. Massive - 20 Commodore's Flagship 1x La Rochelle (Heavy Skimming Battleship) - Nav. Large - 220 La Rochelle | Add IG Cloud - Nav. Massive - 15 La Rochelle | Add IG GNE Enhancement (8") - Nav. Massive - 10 1x Couronne (Assault Carrier) - Nav. Massive - 165 Couronne | Replace IG Nullification with IG Cloud - Nav. Massive - 10 1x Tourbillon (Sky Fortress) - Aer. Massive - 170 ---------------------------------- 1x Cherbourg (Battle Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 125 1x Cherbourg (Battle Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 125 3x Marseille (Light Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 180 ---------------------------------- 4x Chevalier (Heavy Destroyer) - Nav. Small - 160 Heavy large flotilla, my opponent want to use "Devastating munittion" type force, so i expect 3 Hood, British Battle Carrier, Heavy Bombers and so... and maybe Windsor mobile fortification. What do you think, can this fleet work against it?
  7. I think no one. A model may only make a Counter Attack if it is Targeted itself and Area bombardment isnt attack against specific model.
  8. Ye, Khatanga ist beast... I played few games recent time against Russia, My winning list for 1 000 pts was: 1x Charlesmagne 1x Cherbourge 3x Toulon 4x Chevaliere 5x Reqiuns Its not optimal, only few activations, but i just tried some models, so it was for fun. I dont remember exactly, what opponent had. 1x Moskva with escorts and some other stuffs. Moskva with linked escorts heart me a lot. There was an epic battle between Dreadnoughts in the middle of the map, the game ends with vicotry for me, but both Dreads was boarded. Heat lances are good against Russia, problem is, their best firepower is in RB 2, but its RB where Russia start to throw trillions of dices...
  9. The problem with 5 000 point battle is that you must have 200+ inches long table... and it would take three days to finish the game i think.
  10. I think Chevalieres is our best smalls, (in my last game i teleported russian heavy battleship with full HP with 6 rockets... ) never succesfull boarding with Requins, and Lyons... never did anything in my games.
  11. Well, after major expansion, there will be kickstarter for minor nations expansion and then for Firestorm expansion, so maybe after that... lets wait for official answer from @Spartan Mike
  12. Classification of navy is simple. All ships must have atleast two letters. First letter is for type: C for cruiser, D for destroyer, B for Battleship, second letter is subtype, CA -Armored cruiser, CL - light cruiser... but some types doesnt have subtypes, for example Battleship, so they just repeat first letter, thats why BB is for Battleship and DD is for Destroyer. And there is somewhat special groups, for example BC Battlecruiser, it should be CB, but letters CB is for Large Cruisers, so they changed sequence of letters.
  13. Same thought, i absolutely need two of them. I like the model, even Mk II, for 180 pts price, its very good Battleship, cheapest french BB, and it is only one with free cloud gen. Its firepower is almost better then La Rochelle. Ofcourse La rochelle is better, but its 40 pts more expensive and without free cloud gen, so practically about 55 pts more expensive.
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