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  1. Thanks Beth. Hoping to fill my holidays with Spartan goodness. lol
  2. Hi, I haven't ordered from Spartan until now, but I currently have two orders in. They're both 'Processing' for a while now - just wondering what's involved in that? Are models cast to order, etc? I'm in Australia and was hoping they'd arrive in time for my holidays mid-May - is that too optimistic? Don't want to get my hopes up if it's not likely...
  3. Planetfall is a great-playing game that Spartan is proud of, but at the same time they are developing the upcoming Halo ground combat game set in a similar sci-fi environment and have already shown off some of the tanks. The scale looked to be the same(?) but will the rules be? It would actually help both systems I think, but there may be legal issues n'stuff?
  4. Great to see Leviathans finally coming. I'm really curious for the Sorylian one though too. Does seem a bit funny though, that the Dindrenzi, who have all hover tanks, get a ground walker leviathan, and the Directorate, who have all ground based tanks, get a hover Leviathan... I kinda wish it was the other way around since I'm going Directorate for their tanks, but love the stompy Leviathans.
  5. Yeah the drone turret looks like it goes on the medium tank hull.
  6. Basically they need to hire more staff, but it seems there is reluctance to do so. They also need to have a dedicated web staffer, dedicated games designers, fluff writers, etc. not just a small team that does a bit of everything - so that when demand is suddenly high they don't have to shut down all those other areas to pull in all staff to cast resin, pack boxes, etc. and leave the rest of the world in the dark.
  7. Thanks guys. Yes, the Proteus Prime campaign book was well written and enjoyable.
  8. Where do we go for more in-depth background on the Firestorm Galaxy? Being a noob, I was waiting for my Planetfall rulebook to come thinking there would be some in depth stuff with all I need to know of the 'story so far'. Yes, it was all we 'need' to know, but really only a short introduction for each race. I've scoured the Spartan Planetfall pages, and the Firestorm pages, which are really only similar short introductions, which have whet my appetite. So now my mind is starting to spin in circles wanting more. I'll pay money if I have to...
  9. I'd love to see some little character models for the infantry, or tank commanders to sit in turrets, etc.
  10. I just bought some the other day to mix up on a base for exotic alien shrubbery...
  11. The Atum

    Soak or Scrub?

    Thanks. I thought so, but I had seen some tutorial on just soaking other companies stuff somewhere and was hoping to get out of it.
  12. The Atum

    Soak or Scrub?

    When washing Spartan resins for painting, is it necessary to scrub them or will it suffice to let them soak? Just trying to get out of my chores, as usual...
  13. I got two starter sets in separate purchases, both through Combat Company, both were complete and unaffected.
  14. It's one piece. I'm thinking of painting it like a tabard.
  15. Thanks for the awesome pics dude. Looks like they could easily produce a clean version if they wanted.
  16. I agree, and as the OP I should say that my intention was not to hold Spartan to account on whether or not Planetfall is 'really' hard sci-fi, but just an interest in the term, and the background of the Firestorm universe. As a newcomer I'm happy to take whatever Spartan does with their game - and coming from a 40K/Epic background (the Leviathans are what drew me in, having been without my Titan Battle-groups for so long...) - As long as it doesn't have demons and magic that's hard enough sci-fi for me.
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