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  1. The Black Friday Deals are back on, and this time you can get 40% OFF any Naval, Armoured and Aerial Battle Group - including alliance forces! Grab what you want fast as these deals end this Sunday.
  2. What a lovely post! Anyway, the sale is back on. All the deals available last weekend are available again and will be until this Sunday. Grab what you want before it's too late.
  3. Retailers are able to order individual models from us specially in for their customers, so might be worth talking to your FLGS if you'd prefer to order through them rather than the Spartan Games Online Store.
  4. You've got until the end of this coming Sunday to get your order in.
  5. Get 40% OFF Two Player Battle Boxes too! >>>>>
  6. Two Player Battle Boxes are 40% OFF too! >>>>>
  7. Two Player Battles Boxes are 40% OFF too! >>>>>
  8. Spartan Alex provides an update background on one of the least well known alliance races in Firestorm Armada – the Kedorians. With some of the largest vessels ever to appear in the Firestorm Galaxy at their disposal, this race appears to harbour a dark secret… Have you ever fielded a Kedorian fleet? How did they do?
  9. Ricky


    When looking for words to describe the Svarog the process simply boils down to one all-encompassing choice – BRUTAL! We wanted to create a walking robot that blasted its way towards its enemies, guns blazing and turrets/mortars hurling nightmarish ordnance before using its gigantic steam axe to decapitate anything foolish enough to stand before it. Let fire and damnation rain down on all enemies of the Russian Coalition… the Svarog has arrived! For now head to the blog and enjoy some images of the Svarog Battle Robot. Let us know what you think!
  10. No Firestorm Planetfall release in July. Expect the next release in August/September, although we will make official announcements via our e-mail newsletter in the usual way.
  11. No plans for foreseeable future.
  12. No immediate plans to sell Firestorm Planetfall models individually.
  13. Apologies for the mispack, but we will be able to sort it quickly for you. The correct thing to do is to e-mail dispatch@spartangames.co.uk with your issue and a postal address (which I see you have done). They aim to respond to all queries within 2 working days, so expect a response either today or tomorrow.
  14. I mentioned the RSN and Veydreth helixes as upcoming releases, but did not specify which release they will be. The remaining Leviathans, however, have been confirmed to be a part of the next release announcement, which is due within the next couple of weeks. That will be your opportunity to preview the models.
  15. The model was only available at Salute 2014. I'm not aware of it ever being available in the Spartan Games Online Store. There is a possibility it was made available on the day of the event last year, though.
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