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  1. Teleporting Plutarchs to RB1 or hiding behind an island gives a serious punch - 18AD with pack tactics, with good initial 6's one shotted a ROF BC which was funny but with average rolls will crit a BB or DN, fast enough to get up close too. One downside was when one of mine caught a crit and exploded - took out 1 other Plutarch and 4 Thales in the blast.
  2. Platos are really good with ET at RB4, 2" move along the long axis of the board and snipe smalls or gang up on anything medium (especially if it has a heat lance), not easy to board if stuff gets through as well.
  3. Interesting thought - can indiscriminate weapons link with directed fire ones? The Tesla class linking sems ok but PA cannot link with other energy types, heat lances are able to link with other lances only to get the laser death effect etc.
  4. Hachiman Dreadnaught - good firepower and lots of rockets, kill off any FSA generators with the Kaiju or up close with the external disruption generator (if they lose kinetics they are sluggish and catch fire nicely, otherwise kill shields and they are fragile and also catch fire nicely), up close it is really dangerous. Against Prussians 11 elite AP with high angle and good AA keeps the blimps at bay and a Tesla generator will chew on their Luftlancers too. I have 3 of these little beauties, he he he. Of course using a shield (3) on an already hard to hurt beastie trumps the disruption array if you want to tank up close - I'd avoid CoA though as PA shots can ignore it and do a decent amount of hurt, of course ramming them is fun with hull breaker. I also run a high damage sniper/game of drones CoA fleet and taking out a Hachiman is difficult at best and I usually lose a lot of models even if it's been hurt.
  5. Have to second this - the service is excellent and the product is too.
  6. Agree on the Plutarchs over Thales - teleporting 5 models is a good way to end up either scattered or with collisions, the pack hunter also means the HDDs can punch holes in BB or DN and the follow up with the Aristotle with primary turrets is coming against reduced firepower. Always teleport at the end of the activations and if you get the next initiative you can get a double hit out of a cheap squadron with a lot of firepower, use small drone squadrons to burn up the opposition activations for this - also 3 Dive bombers with swarm tactics is pretty nasty to anything medium.
  7. Fresnels are great, keep them at RB4 though - vulnerable is a pain if you are facing the RoF as the precise plus reroll MARs are unpleasant to say the least. Zenos are good after teleport - try a a few on table dry runs as I kept getting the timing or distances wrong and ended up with collisions.......
  8. Ok so teleporting BW battlecruisers as mercenary allies is kind of mean but lots of fun!!! Poor Froggy flying death trap..........
  9. Also - the Hippasus with Plutarch/Thales to teleport accompanied by some Cleomedes presents a nasty long range wavelurking torp threat that will then get up close fast and deliver a lot of fast damage follwed by boarding. Given 3 or 5 model squadrons they take a lot of firepower to clear off and the bad guys have spent that and face undamaged mid range hurt, add in a DN or a drone onslaught........
  10. I tend to wait till the activations favour me and let the teleport portal die off at the end of the turn, am always wary of hitting my own mines, waaay moe fun to dump them in the midlle of the French anyway, they mill about like a bunch of startled squirrels when you do that..... The 4" away from a model mine depolyment can create a lot of blocking and if they decide to go full stop with my RB4 death snipers so be it.
  11. Swarm tactics are sooo much fun, especially when the 3rd wave of 5 intact drones of doom hits a poor benighted BB with shredded defences.....
  12. I tend to use an orb for either a diltation field to mask a lot of the fleet and hide the DN in (my regular opponent has a habit of bunching so a large template is very effective at blocking him if placed right) and can then drop a teleport on him if I get intiative and then he has to worry about a point blank threat or letting an pretty much undamage DN get to RB(too close for comfort). Planning a 1500 pointer with mercs - teleporting 2 BW Nemesis, 2 Manitcores and 4 Furies could be messy indeed and damn the heat lances......
  13. Agree on the battle flotilla - the dread is awesome up close with normal turrets, I run 3 of them in large battles (not much stands 3 consecutive PA shots if game of drones has killed off the opposition activations), Plutarchs with pack hunter in RB1 or 2 can deal out a lot of damage even to a BB or DN, BC will suffer badly and I have sunk one outright with a bit of luck on the initial 6s. Add in an orb blister in the order if you can - teleporting Zenos is nasty and CoA boarding is great fun, also getting Plutarchs to RB1 in the early stages coupled with sniping Fresnels is pretty devastating - the key thing is timing when to teleport, snipe till you get a shredded defences crit and go over and swipe the victim with Zenos who can also PA/broadside anything else handy or a downed shield unit will die fast against HDD at close ranges. It's the great thing about CoA, unit synergy is very strong but getting the correct order of butt kicking is difficult at first (put my first teleport portal too far away from the ships and ended up with a little bit of a parking lot, thankfully got initiative next move and didn't get too tangled but did miss the timing opportunity and my Zenos PA were out of arc for a turn but still solid broadsides). A good thing with the teleoprt foult up was low IR for the Plutarchs so not much collateral damage, Thales are also good for this.
  14. Given the fact drones expend on attacking I kind of assumed they were mini cruise missiles/torpedoes anyway. A larger version would need to be a model in its own right.
  15. Bear in mind the PA is not affected by the dilation field as it is an indiscriminate attack, bombs etc. are also not degraded, hiding a Prometheus or Euclid in a D-field is just plain fun!!
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