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  1. Its because they will likely get the Planetfall MAR as an upgrade. This means even the minor factions can get the chance to refit their ships to invade planets which should be great. This upgrade likely makes them far less effective as combat ships though.
  2. I love the old Terquai cruiser hulls but the side panels did not look nice at all. Much prefer the newer ones. If anyone wants my old ones I am keen for a trade. I have the old 2 Assault Cruisers and 2 Torpedo Cruisers.
  3. Ahhh I see, thats pretty cool. Cheers guys
  4. Where does it say this? I just had a look at the pdf and it's not an option I can find.
  5. I can be attatched to some capital ships like our carrier. I advise not upgrading it though.
  6. Hey Guys, I found there are no online rules for Return of the Overseers. I have not done the Directorate but I have done a mini PDF for the Aquan forces in that Starter set. Let me know if there is anything missing or incorrect. I think it's a bit neater than a spread sheet or a scan. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fe477x63iyhi827/Return%20of%20the%20Overseers.pdf?dl=0 Cheers
  7. Ok I have made a PDF of the Aquan Over Seer Forces. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fe477x63iyhi827/Return%20of%20the%20Overseers.pdf?dl=0 I can't upload it directly but please let me know if I am missing anything.
  8. Thanks so much mate. I wonder if I can make a PDF using those stats for something a bit nicer... I will come back soon with a PDF for people to use.
  9. Cheers, but they don't seem to have the ships from the Return of the Overseers in it.
  10. Hey guys I took a small break from Firestorm but im getting right back into it. Im waaaaaay behind in my collection but I still have a fair few ships. I was hoping to create a complete army selection (for both Planet fall and Firestorm) for the Aquan forces. I currently have forces from the Aquan Planet fall book, The Aquan side of the return of the overseers booklet, the Aquan Firestorm book and soon the Aquan campaign forces for the new campaign book. I can get it all easy enough, but where do I find the Aquan fleet rules for the Return of the Over Seers forces? I can't find a PDF anywhere. Can anyone help out? Cheers
  11. Top looks cool. Legs are a bit meh. Unsure on this one.
  12. 4 drop zone markers yes. Without sounding rude, its easy to say these things, but in practice the dindrenzi are almost as fast as me (Aquans) have tougher armour and effective shooting. With their speed they can close range easily giving them their stupid kinetics rule. I still have that to deal with so sitting and waiting doesnt really work. Whenever I beat them, I tend to have 2 battered units left that managed to live on the objectives all game. They match the points I make on objectives in pure killing power alone. They arent overly enjoyable after a while. I simply think kinetics needs to be more situational, and their infantry should wait an activation like everything else.
  13. We play between 1000 and 3000+ on a heavy terrain city board. Overwatch does little when there are 4 markers to cover, and at the same time I have to try deal with his tanks. I play as Aquans so maybe its a bad match up. Especially when they are full of breacher teams. Usually takes a good 2-4 turns of shooting to kill just 4 of the buggers, especially after their assault. I dont even outnumber him unless I take terquai but they are fodder (bar the flyer) when faced by most units in dindrenzi forces. I can only win by scraping by with the objectives usually at a cost of most of my forces. I think they are OP, not GW version OP but OP enough to not be enjoyable. I love how they work in Armada, they are a tough match but a fun match. In Planetfall they are frustrating unlike the other races.
  14. My only problem with them is their Infantry and kinetics. Kinetics ruin shields which is supposed to be our advantage. Their drop pods dont allow for a reaction unless we are lucky enough to go into over watch in time, but even that can be ruined. They are still beatable, but usually the victories are incredibly costly. I personally find them frustrating to play. I think their infantry (who can be tough as tanks) dont need the assault vehicle rule on their pods. Make them wait one activation to give us a chance to flee or shoot before they destroy whatever unit they feel like in range. Kinetics needs something changed. Beam is hardly as useful, neither is barrage, when compared to kinetics or corrosive. They arent impossible to beat, but they arent fun to fight thats for sure. Which is a pity, because I love drop infantry. But in reality drop infantry shouldnt be very powerful at all. Well at least not that powerful. As for shields, I wouldnt mind having shields if kinetics didnt ruin them so easily. I would rather just having tougher Armour than shields, as proven so far more armour is superior to shields.
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