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  1. At the very least drop beast of war a line or smith if you aren't making your own promotional video blogs . Infinity done great with beasts of war promos
  2. IT also looks like it could have been in RSN as well . I think if we just started with renders or at least art for everything to begin with this kickstarter would have gone a lot faster as is unless we get the rest of the renders soon i dont think we ll get much if any stretch goals at this rate. ALso why cant there be a book + expansion pack pledge? Why is it focused around 2 new races. I d expect that there are more existing players that are likely to want to expand existing fleets than people who d want to start 2 new races.
  3. gunships are very meh there is no reason to use them over heavy cruisers . And cruisers lose AD very easily . I prefer hammer frigs to cruisers or use heavy cruisers instead. Escort carriers are tough but seriously under gunned too. Not tried battlecruisers or destroyers. Light frigs and escorts are also good. ~I think your cruisers are mostly there to g ive opponent something to shoot at to make them feel good about themselves.
  4. I wish they did lesser Pathogen earlier in the stretch goals because they are much better looking than the greater strain frankly which i think are very meh. Also what a super backer Vicente Cartas in the kickstarter said makes lot ofsense " Honest question. Given this change to the stretch goals, wouldn't it make more sense to just re-start the campaign? Get the new models ready so you can show them from day 1, reorganize the stretch goals and add-ons in the front page so it's easier for backers to know what they get and how to add extra stuff, and then re-launch? " Even better if you got something like Beasts of War involved to get more Awareness FROM THE START. And you may claim tactic of slowly revealing stuff during the kickstarter worked for you with Dystopian but all it tells potential supporters is that you dont have stuff ready to show. So the more you can show from the start of the campaign the better and we already almost half way through and we havent even seen any of the new class of meds and only 1 large we already seen before kickstarter. Some people might have look at it at the start and found it lacking and left it at that. You want to get maximum impact you can at launch.
  5. On a Large table deployment can decide a game if opponent was stupid enough to place his tier 1 on 1 side you can go heavy on the other side and wipe him out before his tier 1 got anywhere close to contribute. So yes forcing tier 1 first will just make players deploy them in the middle rather than try to deploy tactically .
  6. V 2.0 here. I always Hum the imperial march when i deploy The Legion Assault "carrier" cough battleship cough . 2 rail guns are better than 1 It feels glorious. Need i say more. P.S Also hammer frigs when other races use frigs to hunt your smalls an d meds and you use frigs to hunt their battleships. RAILGUNS!
  7. I got to say im underwhelmed so far. Even tho a lot of the kickstarter models so far have been awesome unfortunately the new rules largely feel like a kick in the teeth. I dont know how to reconcile those feelings. Im still waiting for those Blogs that @Spartan Neil has promised to post explaining the logic behind the new changes . Im very much waiting to hear them because stuff like % Fleet construction, nonsensical deployment, multi coloured dice and variety of things that are not stream lining but either over complicating or hurting the balance of the game with no sense or purpose behind them brought forward from planet fall and the like all look like they will have a negative impact the enjoyment of the game for me.
  8. Looks like deployment will be one of the things we will be houseruling to stay as v2 if we do actually play v3.. Forcing people to deploy tier 1s first is for all the above mentioned reasons kinda stupid frankly.
  9. That's the complete opposite of current deployment as people always try to deploy their tier 1 last
  10. BTw i read about a "Super Carrier" in the Pathogen fluff are we going to have more than 1 type of dreadnought or is that a leviathan?
  11. You can never have enough railguns. Ships without railguns make me very very sad . Hopefully there is more railguns yet to come in the kickstarter
  12. Mmm i really wanna see the rest of the ships tho before i commit if not the stats. P.S : I wish i had more moneys id pay to design a ringship dreadnought or heavy gunshup for Dindrenzi like a ring with engine naceless main hull inside the ring and like of 5 railguns in a circle around the hull pointing forward along the ring Cause 2 railguns is clearly not enough! And putting them in a circle was the only way i could think of how to mount more than 2.
  13. @Spartan Neil I got a question about the new "light" destroyers in the kickstarter, which look great by the way. Are they lights or mediums ? Cause they look extremely beefy. With destroyers i was wondering are they packing cruiser sized guns on small hull is that why they are "light" destroyers? So high dmg low survivability all or nothing kind of ship? What is the design philosophy behind this new class of ship?
  14. Ye featuring on something like BoW video would prob raise some awareness
  15. I think giving old models like bane a facelift is a great idea
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