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  1. Mhm, well that is some good points for the Kepler then, I just brought it up as I was wondering what the reason for 2 Kepers vs a Pericles would be as Pericles looks like more sounder choice to me for my newbie eyes. Hmmmm, would just need to figure what i'd use with them instead, but that'll be for another list building exercise! xP And sad to hear about the SAS.. I thought with Swarm tactics it would mean our bombers are deadlier than others and might make up for it. :/ I pondered about using perhaps a swarm of fighters to try and knacker up enemy SAS in a suicidal blitz, then relaunching wings of bombers afterwards after i've hopefully mobbed down any opposing fighter SAS. SAS is one element of this game i'm guessing i'm gonna have to learn how to use and utilise as I go...
  2. Yep, that is the one glaring weakness I am aware of with my list, in that my limitations of liking mostly the Diophantus, Prometheus and Pericles as my main Large likes I really will be limited to just one of them in most games, unless I go like double Pericles but that doesn't seem good to me. x) Main plan was to probably run a CAP with the Dio and keep it loooooow and Wave Lurking until I feel safe committing it to the fight, or until I need to relaunch some Drones, and murderate anything that looks like it might be trying to b-line to it. XD And can try running Thales instead, they're an easy swap from Diogenes as it's 100pts for 100pts! I just figured i'd use the Diogenes since they bring abit more Umph in firepower and as Covenant seem to be a boarding weak faction as it is i'd bother with more ranged firepower over boarding. Keplers I considered, and they're alright but I really don't much like the Aristotle. x) and I figured if i'm taking 2x Keplers, then wouldn't I be better off with Pericles instead? Brings almost as much wings for cheaper and with energy turrets it has essentially same ranged firepower, just in turret form over broadsides. Though I figured Keplers as they are rarely should be in a position to make use of both it's broadsides, but why do you ask? That is one thing I don't have much idea of what to do with though.. my SAS. I haven't quite wrapped my head around what SAS to take and how much of it to take.
  3. Heyo guys! Newbie here to all things DWars after someone finally talked me into picking this game up. Won't say who but he may be an Australian that wishes he was German, if you ask me... Anyways! New to the game and found out of all the fleets the one whose Aesthetic appealed most to me was the Covenant, and after reading through rules, musing and looking through things, I came up with my first 1,250pt draft fleet to build towards and wondered what critique and possible suggestions you all might have and advice on how to play/use things..! Now, I will state now, by far when it comes to me as a wargamer, pleasing aesthetic for my collection and fleet I put on the board overrides anything else, even winning. I don't mind if I lose, as long as I have fun and try to put up a reasonable decent resistence/fight. With that said, I did draw up a list of models I like for fleet construction, incase anyone but me can be bothered to consider it before giving advice..! xD That list being: Likes: Prometheus, Diophantus, Pericles, Hippasus, Fresnel, Zeno, Cleomedes, Plato, Plutarch, Diogenes, Thales Dislikes: Pretty much everything else..! That said, I can maybe be persuade to include the Epicurus, Daedalus and Icarus, though anything else I just don't like as to how it fits into my fleet aesthetic, not a huge fan of the Worm sub or the flying saucers, I am much more a preference to ship of the line kinda guy. x) With that all said..! Onward to the first draft list..! Larges: Diophantus Assault Carrier, w/ DL(9) - 300pts (Commodore) Mediums: 3x Cleomedes Cruisers - 240pts 2x Fresnel Gunships - 200pts Hippasus, w/ Energy Turrets - 135pts Smalls: 3x Plutarch Destroyers - 135pts 3x Plutarch Destroyers - 135pts 4x Diogenes - 100pts Overall: 1,245pts Well.. that's it, feel free to rip into me for my limitations/restrictions but eh.. i'd still like to try and put up a fight with them in mind, just don't mind if it's a completely poor list/idea.
  4. I honestly don't get the Champion.. it has a lot of options but I don't know why I would take anything but the cyber option. Beam option is the same AD as the Abraxis.. so for 5pts more you could get a ship with the same beams on a Turret platform, and with less vulnerabilities to boarding and able to board itself with high AP etc. It does have ARTs capability, with lightly better AD, but not sure if that's worth it.. as usually ARTs is more for a boarding orientated list and you really lose out on boarding over taking an Abraxis instead..? I don't know, not sold on it... For the Gravity, Turmoils are just a better option, bringing a better secondary weapon really and overall coming out cheaper..? Can even bring a Cyber gunrack that doesn't have the downside of ARTs being subjected to shields and PD and again, don't lack so glaringly in being able to be boarded. If you want to spam Gravity in a patrol or battle fleet I suppose you would take them..? But don't see any reason other than that, i'd probably have the preference of a longer, high AD attack with the potential to re-roll 1s. Definitely not sold on this option. Now the Cyber option.. the cyber option for this thing is awesome. Brings the same gun as the Tormentors for less AND it can get ARTs for free with same torpedo AD, so it can throw out Cyber in 3 directions..! It has less PD but still reasonable amount, only real downside is the CP on them and lack of Stealth systems, but it does have the classical RFF compared to Tormentors and has a shield value, so that's 50/50 which you'd prefer to me. Tormentors are better at getting there intact, but Champion with Cyber is better defended once it gets into it's optimum firing range. Guess just shunt them and call it a goodun and you don't need the Stealth Systems so much! Only downside to all that for me.. like with the Velites vs the Secutor.. why would I take Tormentors now anymore? Only really with an Overseer as accompaniment really now.. so it's a ship with 2 options I don't honestly see why i'd take, and 1 option that makes another ship redundant to me. Not exactly sure how I feel about that... On positive side though, Impacts are lovely little beauties hit harder than Liquidators and are faster, but cost more overall and have a much narrower arc of fire than the Liquidators, whilst also not having too stark a firepower difference. I can get behind them. Escort carrier also, lovely idea, I like the idea of how they have less guns than the other carriers, but they never need to drop cloak so they stay on the board longer as a full squadron compared to other escort carriers, and they can replenish their wings potentially should they lose any. Bit concerned they'll be abit TOO tough to kill, but the fact they do have less guns does mean they need to hang around longer with their full strength and wings to probably get as much out of them as other carriers. Just hopefully they won't be so tough that they'll NEVER die and thus be always a good choice as they'd never give up their BL without considerable effort.
  5. The Relthoza T3 is a nifty new thing, and it brings something Relthoza actually lack, a long range engager, so that is appreciable. Virluence.. it's a gunship that really doesn't feel like it is deserving of the designation as it really lacks the firepower gunships usually get, and there are just better options for it and as others have pointed out, getting a Bane is probably just better choice. The Light cruiser I REALLY don't like.. because it is dirt cheap, but it's pretty naff for a T2 slot even if it is dirt cheap. The only 2 reasons I can see to take it are A: I have 105pts left, and a T2 slot, and I don't have any T3 slots left to take or B: I want the cheapest possible T2 filler so that I can max out on T1s and T3s.. and those are both incredibly sucky gamey reason to give for taking a ship honestly.
  6. Classic choice, but never a bad one! Look forward to seeing more.
  7. But it's not more single minded than the Secutor, torps don't exactly make the secutor suddenly more diverse because those torps have such low AD they're mostly just a clean up weapon. It lacks mines, but mines to dindrenzi are usually their best go to for dealing with T3s, and this thing brings a better than Secutor grade Gunrack with Scatter for dealing with said T3s. It turns worse, which is definitely a downside to it over the Secutor, but it's faster so it can close in to a kill zone quicker and as others have said, any decent Dindrenzi player plans their path very early on and will account for it. The PD is also another weakness, but it's one easily countered by either shunt bombing them, so you can't even touch them before they get off a first volley or get SRS cover for them, wouldn't take much to deter and make torp fire at them redundant. The double degradation thing isn't even a weakness either.. because since it's Rail is EXACTLY the same gun as the Secutor it doesn't matter if it double degrades, it will ALWAYS fire BETTER than a Secutor, in both the gunrack and the FF, double degradation or not. If the firepower between Railgun and the Scatter gun was more even, and thus the Railgun was worse than Secutors, the double degradation may matter, but since it's exactly the same it does not. Again.. this feels and looks so much like the Secutor is the wooden peg that's getting tossed aside for the new, shiney, stainless steel peg. The Velites either needs something done to make it DIFFERENT to secutor in terms of an identifiable role, not just "I shoot as good as you, then better once I ge to RB2." but more like the suggested Cataphract gun, swapping to a focused RB1 firepower that has no RB4 shots and would be weaker than Secutor in RB2 and 3. Or just give it a great big stonking scatter gun only in the front and call it fragmentation ammunition or that it's a rapid firing railgun that saturations it's fore arc in fire etc. Just something to make is very distinctly different, because right now it steps on the Secutors toes a LOT, and it something a few of the TF ships do. They step on other existing ships toes too obviously and blatantly and aren't distinct enough.
  8. Sometimes, matey, you don't need to test something to see what it does, you can just see that the square peg won't fit into the round hole. Or in this case, that the wooden peg will get tossed aside for the steel peg. How the dreadnought firepower the Velites would throw for it's cost even escaped testing by group at this stage gives me wonder and makes me wonder what it is you're all doing...
  9. Torpedos are a nice clean up weapon.. but they're just that, mostly a secondary clean up weapon due to that low AD. You can have other ships bring that else where in the fleet really. Same goes for mines, other ships in fleet bring mines and primarily the use of mines is to kill T3s, which the Scatter gunrack does pretty much so loss of mines really isn't that big a deal when you bring a kick ass scatter gunrack as well. PD weakness is easily countered by either not deploying conventionally, as you'd probably want to Shunt velites so they can instantly make use of their monstrous FF AD and without taking any hits for their first shot, or just bring some interceptors to escort them if you really want to put them on the field first. Also yea, it has double degradation, but it has the SAME railgun as the Secutor, so even if it's FF has double degradation, don't see that as a downside to it vs a Secutor as it'll always have better AD in the FF because it's railgun is the same. So double degradation or no it'll be hitting you harder no matter. Also.. really..? The aft primaries? The garbage disposal debris gun is a plus point in secutors favour? Really? XD Secutors are not a better option for FF firepower, they're not a better option for gunrack firepower once the brawling starts. They're a better option if you want lacklusters torpedos.. for some reason, and more mines, for some reason.. when you have a decent scatter gunrack now for wiping out T3s. They handle torps abit better, but Torp weakness is an easy one to offset with interceptors honestly, or just shunt bomb them in again. The Cataphract railgun is actually an idea me and a few friends threw out to give it that close range brawler design without stepping on Secutors shoes because Secutor would still be the go to for more long distance fighting and the Velites for close range brawling, though i'd swap the value saround to make it 9/7/4/0 so it has to close into RB1 to get use out of it and in RB 2 and 3 it would be worse than Secutors overall.
  10. Not when the reviews are mixed if it invalidates the Teuton OR the Artemis...? It's just mixed about WHICH it invalidates. Mixed reviews are good if they can't decide if it's **** or good, that's not the case, no one thinks it's ****, but it's clearly so good people can't decide if it means they should stop taking Teutons or Artemis.
  11. They have better AD gunracks, that also have scatter, meaning they can blow away T3s also a lot better than Secutors can whilst still also being able to blow away at other t2s and T1s should you choose? And it's 25% more AD.. what can 20AD do that 16 can't? More reliably hurt a target? More reliably crit a dreadnought? More reliably crit anything and have better chance at double crits..? More reliably double critting something is apparently a mute point?
  12. Sure, i'm just still wondering why concensus it to fix Teuton and not the Harpoon though if there is a lot of issues with it. Some say it steps on Teutons, some say the Artemis.. either way, it's clearly is stepping on something and putting something at risk. Should we change both Teutons and Artemis now apparently...? I mean, is the answer to the Velites debate for Dindrenzi to apparently "fix" the Secutor...? I think the ball was dropped on making the Harpoon really different and bringing something alternate to usual Terran design philosophy, long range torps is characteristic for Terran yea but doing something like a S/P Torper akin to one of the Marshal's armaments that's more close range geard would have been distinctly different to me and not felt like it treads on Artemis or Teuton so much, as Teuton would a unit that brings Direct fire weaponry.
  13. The Teutons have been subpar to most people for a LONG time.. why would you change them NOW i'm finding curious, sir. This is a period to TEST these new proposed ships and I find it suspiciously odd that if one ship prooves so good as to make another redundant, the response is change the ship this one ship is making redundant? Is it heresy to suggest changing the Harpoon? You could probably change the Harpoon for one thing so it doesn't step so much on the Teuton's toes... Do something like make Turrets it's primary secondary weapon because, I find it odd for one the Turrets are buy in option when the model has LOTS of them all over it. Would be more interesting to do something like remove AR Torps, make Turrets a standard, secondary weapon, make the S/P Torps instead and then it looks less like a Teuton in weapon loadout but still torpy. Could even go one step further and make it a close range torp brawler that works in line of how the Marshal's S/P SPook torps do, topping out in close RB1/2 areas instead of at long range? Because you have a load of long range torps with Teuton and the Armsman and the Artemis long range indirect nuke fire. Make it something different but still Torpy..?
  14. Why would you tweak Teutons when it's the Harpoon giving THIS concensus.. why wouldn't you tweak the Harpoon? I mean granted the Teuton could probably do with some love, but that seems like a backward reaction. Also the point of this is to test the TF ships.. why would you reaction be lets edit older ships and not the TF ships..?
  15. Because those torps are just THAT forgettable I wouldn't exactly count lack of them as a reason not to take Velites over a Secutor... The mines are more of a loss imo than those Torps and it's still worth it really. Velites brings more of the DIRECT AD and that's usually what you want more of and it brings it for cheaper. Prime shunt bomb of terror unit for cheap as chips...
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