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  1. Thanks. It just seems odd since, for the core races, their escorts are listed specifically in addition to AoK escorts, hence the confusion.
  2. Hi, just a quick question really: I've ordered a Regent carrier boxset, and as you're aware it comes with 3x Stalwart escorts...yet on the fleet list the accompaniments you can select are 0-2 Resolute cruisers at 60pts each, or 0-3 AoK escorts at varying cost - no mention of the Stalwarts. Am I missing something? Do the Stalwarts just fall under the second category? Or is this a misprint? Thanks.
  3. Yeah I saw that but thanks man. A shame as the Wraith look like perfect escort ships... On a related topic, is it only escort-class models that combine PD fire, whereas a capital accompaniment (ie Teuton) links PD, correct?
  4. Happy 2017, fellow Terran commanders! Been considering my next expansions, and it strikes me that the perfect support for an Ares would be a couple of Wraith-class gunships. Tougher than a Teuton or Aegis, they also have 5 PD and some serious AD punch...but am I right in thinking we can't take them as escorts? (Alliance of Kurak = OK, mercs = not)
  5. I like the extensions to the front cannons
  6. Yes, that's what I said - the SRS must RTB but can launch and attack again on the carrier's next activation. The only bit I didn't state was "must be removed from the board".
  7. Hi, I've got a query about SRS tokens and I want to make sure I've understood the rules correctly. A carrier launches a token (bombers, for sake of argument) which is deployed touching the model's base. The carrier moves, then before the primary movement phase ends the SRS moves, making an attack run. Whether or not the attack succeeds the SRS must RTB, but can then launch and attack again during the carrier's next activation (ie the following turn). This means that you can effectively clobber an opponent with attack runs every single turn until the SRS or carrier are destroyed, correct? Unless I've misunderstood the v2.0 rules, SRS are ridiculously powerful...
  8. Not a bad idea, I love the Wraith gunship models...
  9. The updated Terran fleet list states you can take 0-2 Wayfarers as escorts for a Tyrant.
  10. Thanks guys. The difficulty might be getting hold of a pair of Wayfarers, as Spartan don't do the models individually yet and I have a feeling Santa might say no if I ask for the reinforcement box as well lol
  11. So far my fleet consists of an Apollo, a squadron of Cruisers and one of heavies, a pair of Marshals, 8 Armsmen and 4 Pilgrims...i have a couple of Aegis on their way along with an Ares group. Apparently Santa is going to bring me another big'un, so do I go for a Titan group or a Tyrant next? Both seem to have pros and cons, but the thoughts of fellow Terran commanders would be welcome please.
  12. See I said I was missing something obvious! Thanks for helping me out guys. One other question: how much of a model needs to be within the shield to gain the effect? All of it? Or just the flight peg?
  13. So the increased command distance actually increases the shield radius from 6" to 9", right?
  14. Afternoon, fellow Terrans. I've got a bit of a n00b question, tried searching on here already and can't find the answer... The Aegis shield cruiser can have an additional 2" command distance as an upgrade, but how does that help? The shield has a range of 6", and the cruiser doesn't carry SRS...I'm missing something obvious here but I don't know what! Thanks.
  15. Our BCs are glass cannons unless you use them very carefully! This new Battle Carrier looks the business though, let's hope Spartan actually go ahead with it!
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