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  1. I've done mine in a bone tan. Looks cool. Only have a base coat on them so no pics, yet.
  2. OK I just found my Din Heroes stuff and found that there is a Walker that is not listed. It is larger then the Talos ,but on the same size base. Just wondering what it is and why it is not listed.
  3. dead ship does not fire back! Pick one and KILL IT.
  4. Just remember Biohazard is the best way to kill the firepower of any fleet. You don't need to board for The Directorate to win. I had one game vs. Aquan and just shot him up. Patrol fleet boxes was a fun game as we closed and the turrets on The Directorates where a big help.
  5. They have some rules ,But I just don't care for the figs.
  6. I'll be there in the mines hall so I'll look you up.
  7. Almost 7" long by 5" wide. I have mine about half painted. I can't wait to play the game and field it.
  8. In a patrol fleet you can have 1-2 Tier 1 ships the Heavy Carrier that up both slots in the fleet. Not that useful at patrol fleet level.
  9. I just checked and The Directorate's base is 150mm X100mm. The other 3 that I have are 100m X 100mm.
  10. It has it's place in almost any fleet. I have one and will use whenever I can. It makes a nice compliment to the other Battleships.
  11. The second Heavy is well worth having. I have 4 factions with 2 core helix's each. This is mainly for the 2 HQ heavies.
  12. Solvok

    Aquan Showcase

    Just started painting my Aquan Leviathan. Love the look of your group.
  13. I'm have not had a chance to play yet. I have to wait till next month to play. My opponent will be back then.
  14. OK so lets call them all Inf. Support Helix. Recon is done before the game starts. A Recon Helix would be used days or weeks before the battle starts.
  15. I think the full core helix first then the heavy. The Leviathan is nice but more firepower is needed to keep it alive.
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