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  1. I still need to get my 2.0 rulebook but thanks for the heads up on the changes. edit* We've actually been using the 2.0 range bands so I guess we're playing a 1.75ish game which I imagine is good news since the range band changes you mention sound like the worst part. I have been staying away from SRS tokens because I'm still learning the game. I will probably just continue to avoid them until I get a proper rule book. edit** Scouts MAR definitely lends itself to the "plan ahead" faction.
  2. I'm a new player who has only played a test game or two with the 1.5 rules but for what it's worth I'm having a pretty awesome test game playing Sorylian vs Directorate. I think my opponent in the current game I'm playing made some mistakes during set up that he won't make again. He split his force up really good, allowed me to mask a lot of fire with terrain, and he didn't see the scout mar coming. I am a really big fan of the scout mar. I don't think I would ever run a Sorylian list without trying to take advantage of that gem. If the Sorylians are not broken but only perceived to be broken then that is a major plus in my opinion. It is very frustrating to play a broken faction in a miniature war game but if the faction is just a challenge to play or simply the butt of a lot of jokes then I consider it an advantage. Your opponent underestimating you can play in your favor. Also, if it's not a challenge then I feel it probably isn't a whole lot of fun. And if you win with the faction that people look down on I feel like it's a double win. I won't play anything GW anymore but the topic is reminiscent of a 1000 point 40k game I played with an Imperial Guard infantry company (before whatever edition it was when GW made transports basically mandatory in an effort to sell tons of plastic crack) vs a well rounded Ultramarine force. I completing wiped out the Space Marines, terminators, bikes, assault marines, dread in a drop pod, devastators and all. My losses were an immobilized Leman Russ (I only had 1) and a single guardsman who was slayed by the storm bolter on the drop pod that landed next to him. Flash light jokes aside, try writing the fluff for that. It's easy to explain a loss to a powerful faction but if you lose to a faction that you consider weak... If there is a considerable amount of FSA players who think the Sorylians are a gimp faction and they are not, I can't help but want to play Sorylian.
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