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  1. That helps. So where exactly do you place your markers? On the set up line and on the objectives?
  2. I prefer the Interceptors visually as well. Does the Votari Focal Point of the Vorati work well? Adding a Recon Unit is a good idea. So Core + Assault + Interceptor + Recon. What would be the weakness of that composition?
  3. I really want to play artillery heavy with the command barge and veydreth recon. Wasn't there an artillery guide somewhere on this forum?
  4. Hello my fellow fishes. I have only played one game with a borrowed Directorate Army. Aquans interest me, I play them and communist lizards in FA. If I go with what I like visualy I'd go with an Assault Helix and one or two Aerial Helixes for 3000 to 3500 pts in addition to the core. Does that make any sense game wise? Which Aerial Helix is better? I guess one problem could be the low number of units able to take objectifs. Opponents will be mostly Dindrenzi or Directorate. Edit: If flyers don't make sense, I can rephrase the question. If I start with core and aussault, where should I go next.
  5. What kind of net did you use for the scales? Any new pics from this gorgeos army?
  6. Are Logistics Points a good Investment for Sorylians? How many and when to use them best?
  7. I'll try it out and tell you how it went
  8. Is the precision strike upgrade for BB, Cruisers or Destroyers worth it? And which system should you target? And against Dindrenzi at 800 Pts, should you make your BB faster or tougher with hardpoints? I'm pretty much set in 6 bomber wings, so two are left.
  9. Hello, I want to magnetize the parts of the aquan and sorylian cruisers I ordered, so I can switch to heavy if I want to. What size of magnets work best? And do you generally magnetize the pegs to the ship or just glue them?
  10. I just realised that in my post I mistook your Swordbreaker for a Dreadnought. Again. You're to blame. All the details on the ship make it look bigger than it is, I think.
  11. Bonjour mon amiral. excellent work. I'm glad you turned up, Karun. I already saw your amazing fleet in another thread and then searched and found your fleet on the french spartan forum. Bad artists copy, good artists steal. I intend to copy your fleet as good (or bad) as I can. So I'm glad I can thank you directly and apologize in advance for the utter mess I'm going to create. I figured out from the french forum how you did the glow effects and lines. (hooray to language skills) The dirt effects and battle damage, however, I dont get. What color did you use to cover the red basis on the dreadnoughts engine part at the back? Grey? Dark Metallic? If you do the same breakdown of the painting as you did for your russian DW army. I'll name my sorylian battleship after you. I cant think of a sillier (and a bit creepy) way to say thank you, but "the mighty Karun" doesnt even sound that bad.
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