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  1. Id have to disagree that it would take longer. Think about it Current usage 8" move, turn limit 2 1. Set template, first move 2" forward, first turn 2. Reset template second move forward 3" second turn 3. Reset template, move 1" forward Repeat this process for other ships in squadron Using snake template 1. Set template for entire move 2. Move to final position Repeat for other ships in the squadron making whatever minor adjustment to the turn position necessary This couldn't possibly take longer than the current method of measuring each move and turn.
  2. Pretty much what I'm getting from all these responses is that movement and turning is just as vital and important to the game mechanics as I thought... and this reinforces my desire for this sort of snake template to speed up such movements. I think FA has better rules overall than BFG did, but movement was at least quick and there is a lot to be said for quick movement.
  3. Yeah I have that, it's still awkward for tight turns or successive turns, I just feel a multi-point adjustable ruler is the way to go given how critical turning and manoeuvring is in this game. Really the turning slows down the movement phase unnecessarily. I suppose eyeballing it is easier but some of my potential players are waaaay too competitive to let that fly and frankly I don't have the luxury of turning down potential opponents given how hard it is to convince them to try the game.
  4. I love FSA but honestly the turning mechanics really bug me. I've been trying to get a couple of people into the game and it's the one thing that people consistently point out as being finnicky- between terrain and other ships it can be a pain trying to fit the tool where it needs to go. So I went looking to find an alternative tool and got the acrylic litko tool which is a definite improvement over the large cardboard one but still a bit awkward. Then I spotted this nifty tool for the new fantasy flight game Star Wars Armada- it's a dynamic turn tool. If these are 1" segments it might be perfect for FSA, except for the plastic tabs which obviously slot into their bases but it would be s great tool for FSA as it would let you plot out every inch of movement at once. I'm wondering if there is something similar already out there that I haven't found and if not I implore Spartan to make one.
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