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  1. Reining champions can pay on the day if they wish Alternatively PayPal to ianduff@freeuk.co.uk, if you could identify it as for the tourney and make it a friends and family payment that would be great
  2. Fellow Admirals – after a recent straw poll and some deliberation I have an announcement, it’s on! Midlands FSA GT 2017 A two day – five game Firestorm Armada Tournament Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd September Hosted by Imps Gaming – Lincoln UK Following the same format & missions that Reading 2017 will be using 1000pts, 5 missions over two days, V2 rules A friendly tournament at a great venue A chance to crowned Midlands FSA GT Champion And to fine tune your lists and tactics before the ‘Big One’ in November (Reading 2017) Tables for up to 24 players £10 entry fee A great city setting with plenty to do and plenty of places to stay See Tournament pack for full details (link below) http://docdro.id/F93aTqx Please let me know if you are interested, even better if you say 'yes' you are coming, if so let me know your payment preference. Cheers Ian D.
  3. Ticket bought, I'm on my way to Warfare....now should I take Aquans or not??
  4. ANNOUNCEMENT It is with some regret that I have to announce the cancellation of this event. Unfortunately there has not been enough interest and with the number confirmed the event is just not viable. From a personal viewpoint I believe I've given it my best shot but there just isn't the players or the interest in Planetfall out there any more, yes I'm a little sad as anyone who knows me, knows that I love this game, but it appears it is time to move on to other things. Cheers All.
  5. Just bumping this event ---- to remind everyone that it is now less than a month away. Get yourselves involved in a great day of Planetfall - fighting for the UK Open GT - a great gaming location, only £10 for a full days gaming, endorsement & prize support from Spartan Games and of course bragging rights for the victorious. Come on get involved
  6. Hi everyone, I have just set up a Planetfall tournament for the back of July. It is going to be christened as the inaugural UK Open GT and I'm hoping to get as many of you folks involved as I can. Hosted at a great venue, which is (fairly) central in the UK and is (fairly) easy to get to. I have set up an event over on the Firestorm:Planetfall - Mess Hall Facebook page if you are a member, and if you aren't, why not - there is a link to the Facebook page below, https://www.facebook.com/events/1216758705010297/ There is also a comprehensive Tournament Pack which is linked at the bottom of this message. It would be great to see a load of Planetfall players battling it out to be crowned champion. Drop me a message if you have any questions etc, but the tournament details are below; Battle For Ehre XVI - UK Open GT A one day Firestorm Planetfall - Grand Tournament Saturday 23rd July 2016 Three games of intense action over the course of the day Battle to be crowned Planetfall UK Open GT champion 2016 Hosted by one of the best and certainly most unique gaming venues in the country – Sanctuary Gaming Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts. Centrally located (10 mins from Jnc28 M1) Trophy and prize support £10 entry Tournament pack available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uh5wvf8h0c7i4dw/Battle%20for%20Ehre%2016.pdf?dl=0
  7. Is this the way your meta plays, or has this been clarified in a FAQ, on the forum, etc. Because if this rule has been clarified this way I cannot understand why the leviathans have been statted the way they have, as there are no circumstances (that I can think of) where you would choose the second stat over the first (in base to base or not). Even with the Nor'Ba'Ro at 12/12 it makes no difference, so why have two stats? OK I know with the assault bots you have a higher second stat and this gives you more dice when in base to base, less dice when not, so yes I see the need for two stats there, and maybe the argument goes, as its a leviathan it needs a leviathan CQB stat, fair enough, but then why haven't the firepower leviathans been statted the same as the Nor'Ba'Ro, as in 15/15 for the Wraith, 12/12 for the Odin, etc. After all the precedence has been set with the Nor'Ba'Ro, so why not do the same for the others?? Also if this is the case why put the Nor'Ba'Ro at 12/12 and the rest at lesser second stat - unless the Nor'Ba'Ro is equally adept at normal CQB as it is at base to base (leviathan) CQB? Also in the rulebook it clearly states that the first stat is a models CQB capabilty when it is NOT in base contact with the enemy (rulebook emphasis, not mine) As I said in my earlier post, I can see the logic in being able to choose which CQB stat to use if you have some (1 or more) models from a unit that are in base to base and others that are not, fair enough. However after re-reading the rulebook (for me) it is clear that if a leviathan is in base to base contact with a whole unit (be that one or more models) it must use its leviathan (second) CQB stat.
  8. Overwatch is considered as rushed and hits on 5+ (unmodified) - and it depends on where you stand on - is Nexus classed as main ordnance or not, this will improve it to 4+ at best
  9. I believe this issue is still very unclear, even with the statement from Derek in the post above. It is clear from Dereks statement that if there 'some' models (1 or more) from a single squadron in base to base and others which are not, the leviathan can choose which models it wants to engage with which CQB stat - either using leviathan CQB on those that are in base to base or using normal CQB on models which are not in base to base. What Dereks statement does not clarify is - if all models in a squadron have moved into base to base with the leviathan - what are the leviathans options? 1.) Can it only use its leviathan CQB, as there are no targets (models) that are not in base to base? 2.) Can it choose to use its normal CQB? If so does this only come into effect when there is more than one model in base to base or can it be used if only one model is in base to base? If the answer is no 2.) and it does come into effect when there is only one model in base to base (ie all the time) - then I can see little point in having two distinct CQB values, as basically you will always choose the higher value to attack with (granted some leviathan CQB attacks now have the pinpoint MAR which you may to choose, however these are generally attached the higher CQB values anyway?) In addition another clarification is required - when a leviathan chooses (or is forced) to use its leviathan CQB on those model(s)? that are in base to base with it - can this attack only affect one model? or multiple models that are in base to base?? I believe we need some further clarity given that Dereks statement was put out way before the assault helixes were released, which are, in my view, the primary squadrons this clarification is important for.
  10. Wow... 20 places sold already! I'm glad I got my ticket early, I thoroughly enjoyed the tournament last year, a great event and to see Firestorm Armada going from strength to strength is fantastic, it appears to be the first game system to sell out, let's hope the organisers put some more tables on. It's a long way off but already looking forward to it
  11. Hi everyone, This is a copied post from over on the Facebook page(s), but as there may be folk who are not on Facebook and I wanted to catch all I've put it in here as well. If you have responded to this request via Facebook could you please repeat on here so anyone that just looks at this forum can get an idea of the response, thanks. As I'm doing a fair bit of demoing at a number of shows this year and as one of the most frequent questions I am asked by folk is 'where can I play this game?', in the interests of pointing them in the right direction, I would like to take a snap straw poll; Could you please reply to this topic with 'who' and 'where', if you have a core group of players (4 or more) who play Planetfall regularly (at least every couple of weeks or so). I know we have the player map up on the forum, but this doesn't really indicate where folk are getting together to play. I am UK based but would love to hear from anywhere in the world, just to get a snap shot of who is playing. Many thanks
  12. I was one of the first in our meta to start playing with dual battlegroups and for me it is a fun way of mixing things up. However I do recognize that serious min maxing manipulation with dual can lead to issues. I don't think there is any need to introduce additional rules or restrictions on force building, and especially now that all the helixes are available, for me its fairly straight forward; For friendly games agreement up front is key (whether as a general rule in your meta or on a game by game basis) - on either single or dual battlegroups, this of course can be very dependent on game size etc. and if I decide to take a single with the knowledge my opponent will likely have dual and I get my ass handed to me...well, I'm learning at least, so all good For competitive games there should be a clear instruction/statement on whether it will be a single or dual battlegroup game...and all competitors should have either the one or two, not the option of one or two. The natural extension of this is, as we don't want to exclude anyone and we generally don't want competitive games to last too long (so hence limiting to around 3500 - 4000 pts) a choice on a single battlegroup is the obvious choice (for me) in competitive games. In summary, have fun with dual battlegroups in friendly games, stick to a single battlegroup in competitive games
  13. Australia Brisbane - Wilfred Owen (Aquans and Relthoza) Goonellabah - Dr Dodo (Dindrenzi + RSN, Directorate, Pathogen [converted fish]) Perth - Cas (Sorylians) Perth - c0rruptd (Dindrenzi + RSN, Terrans + Hawker) Melbourne - Atropos_Priest (Dindrenzi, Relthoza) Sydney - Sillywabbit99 (Dindrenzi/RSN, Terran/Hawker, soon to have Relthoza/Ba'kash) Belgium Liège - Sei (Aquans) Liège - Magarch (Directorate, Terran Alliance) Canada Alberta: Calgary - ckpmax1108 (Dindrenzi..and future RSN) British Columbia: Chilliwack - Steve_990 (Directorate and Aquans with more to come) Ontario: Barrie - Menacingeye (Directorate + Works Raptor) Ontario: Toronto - Darkjedi203 (Sorylians and Terquai) Ontario: Toronto - Dosadi (Dindrenzi & Directorate & Zenian League) Quebec: Montreal - Paradogmatic (Aquans and Sorylians (soon)) Quebec: Montreal - Zaqir (Directorate) Czech Republic Hlinsko - Erebi (Directorate, Relthoza, Dindrenzi) Plzen - Hayden (Directorate, Aquans) Prague - Allegro (Relthoza) Prague - BeoWulf (Aquans) Prague - Kurgan (Directorate) Prague – Phocion (Dindrenzi) France Lille - vonHymack (Sorylians, Aquans, Terquai, Relthoza, Terrans, Dindrenzi, Directorate) Lille - Masp (Directorate) Lille - Olivier (Dindrenzi) Lille - Princeps (Terrans) Lille - Xyzall (Dindrenzi) Lille - Fulgore (Relthoza) Lyon - Hannibal (Dindrenzi, Terrans) Orléans - Seb (Directorate and Works Raptor) Germany Burghausen, Bavaria - hahnc77 (Aquans and Directorate); Rest of Gaming Group (Dindrenzi, Directorate, Sorylians and Relthoza) Teising, Bavaria - FabiusM (Dindrenzi, Terran) Hungary ZKRobi (Directorate and Works Raptor) CserZ (Aquans + Terquai and Relthoza + Ba'Kash) Ireland Clare/Limerick - Mage (Directorate, Aquans) New Zealand Wellington Region (Kapiti) - Swastakowey (club) (Aquans + Terquai, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terrans + Hawker, Relthoza, Dindrenzi) Wellington Region (Whitby) - Runicmadhamster (club) (Dindrenzi + RSN, Directorate + Works Raptor, Terrans + Hawker, Relthoza, Aquans + Terquai) Netherlands Groningen - Sacreddutchman (Sorylians, Dindrenzi, probably Directorate and Terrans as well) Deventer - Nicius (Sorylians) Zutphen - Matti (Relthoza) Spain Albacete - Captain_Dan (Sorylians, Directorate) Málaga - Málagamer (Aquans, Directorate) Manu_S - Valencia (Directorate) Sweden Tyresö, Stockholm - Ahmadan (Aquans, Terrans) Tyresö, Stockholm - Ulfast (Sorylians) UK Birmingham - Althorin (Aquans, Directorate) Birmingham - Pa11ad1n (Dindrenzi) Deal, Kent - Radox_1981 (relthoza) Derby - Commander Drakere (Terrans and maybe Hawker) Derby - Strigoi (Relthoza, Directorate) Edinburgh - Nyx Tempest (Terrans) Edinburgh - Polyphemus (Sorylians and Veydreth) Edinburgh / Rosyth - Kraggi (Directorate, Works Raptor, Aquans, Terquai, Hopefully Relthoza at somepoint). Kirkby Thore, Cumbria - Sailion (Directorate, Works Raptor, Terrans Veterans, Aquans and Terquai. Will probably add more over time.) Leeds - Aunshi (Aquans and Terquai) Lincolnshire(North) (plus Mansfield/Sheffield) - Captain_Tycho (Terran, Relthoza, Sorylian) London - Cannor (Aquans/Terquai, Directorate/Works Raptor) Mansfield - Steelsmith (Terrans/Hawker, Relthoza/???) Middlesbrough - DeadSteve (Aquans and Terquai) Oxford - MadSpy (Directorate/Works Raptor) Sheffield - chrisbburn (Terrans) Sheffield - Drachenfutter (Complete Zenian League) Sheffield/Norwich - likeAsir (Aquans) Sheffield - Zeph (Dindrenzi & RSN) Southampton - Slimeball (Relthoza, oroshan if they are released) Southampton - FragEmll (Sorylian) York - Minsk (Aquans, Directorate and something else who knows) USA Arizona: Mesa - east (Relthoza, Sorylian, Kedorian, maybe Veydreth) Phoenix - GT3000 (Directorate, Dindrenzi, Terrans/Hawker) Tempe - ButteryBuscuits (Dindrenzi/RSN) California: Bay Area - Meatwagon (Starter set factions, then Dindrenzi) Los Angeles-Sardaukar (Dindrenzi) Pasadena - Eumerin (TBD) Sacramento/Elk Grove - SageofLodoss (Starter set for now) Georgia: Griffin (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - MaxToreador (Aquans & Terquai, Dindrenzi, Terrans) Meansville (Fayetteville/McDonough/Atlanta) - Cyb3rw0lf (Directorate & Works Raptor, Sorylians) Illinois: Barrington (NW Chicago suburb) - Afterimagedan (Sorylians, Directorate) Indiana: Fort Wayne - Solvok (Aquans, Terran, Dindrenzi, Directorate. With Allies for all four.) Kansas: Topeka - Grumbleback (Aquans, Directorate) Maryland: Annapolis - Samurai_Eduh (Undecided, bought starter) Bowie - Madmac (Terran) Massachusetts: North Andover - Dirz (Aquan, Directorate) Michigan: Lansing - SMDVogrin (Directorate) Lansing - Dreadbeard (Terrans, Hawker) Grand Rapids - Knightperson (Relthoza, Aquans) Missouri: Saint Louis - Mephiston1216 (Terran Alliance) New Mexico: Alamogordo - CuriousGames (Undecided, probably Zenian League) Alamogordo - Das Hobbs (Terrans and Hawker at first, more may be added as budget and time allow.) Alamogordo - privateer4hire (Full Core of Aquans and Full Core of Directorate) New York: Albany area - Chimerologist (Sorylians, Relthoza) Bronx NYC - SinSynn (Dindrenzi, Terrans) Endicott - Northerndragons (Aquans, Directorate) Niagara Falls - DoomMetal30 (Dindrenzi) Ohio: Cincinnati - cjk1975 (Terrans/Hawker/Tarakian*/Ryushi* (*if released)) Columbus - Nuck Fewton (Relthoza) Columbus - Big_0 (Terran and Hawker) Columbus - Kabob (Aquans, Dindrenzi) Columbus - The GuardTower (multiple races and players) Pennsylvania: Lebanon - DarthPooPoo (Aquans, Dindrenzi) Pittsburgh - Clap! (Terrans, Directorate) Williamsport- 12sidedMerc (Terrans, Sorylians) Rhode Island: Providence - theguy (Aquans) Texas: Austin - Commodore Jones (Dindrenzi) Austin - Endrasalem (Terran) Austin - BDub (Dindrenzi, RSN, Directorate, Works Raptor, Kedorians, Marauders) Dallas - Neiltj1 (Aquans, Directorate (in time all the toys)) Fort Worth - Phaedros (Aquans, Directorate, Dindrenzi and RSN when released) Keller (Fort Worth) - trideau (Terrans; I have Aquans/Directorate and original starters) Utah: Utah County - Gothith (Aquans, Directorate, Terran after full release) Vermont: Burlington - hardygun (Terrans) Hinesburg - Durockowitz (Aquans, Relthoza) Milton - SonOfDramos (Dindrenzi, Terrans) Monkton - csmardon (Directorate) Shoreham - carlosthedwarf (Sorylians) Virginia: Luray/Leesburg - Duskland (Sorylians, Relthoza) Richmond - fracas (aquans, directorate, terrans, retholza) Washington: Seattle - Valander (Aquans) Seattle - Banimal (Dindrenzi)
  14. I will be coming up for this Unfortunately for gr1mdan & Zeph et al, my sister lives fairly close by so I will be taking the missus up and making a long weekend out of it, so can't offer a lift I'm afraid guys. However if you can get, it would be awesome to get a few of us up there!!
  15. Hi Welcome to the game and welcome to the Terrans OK advice time....if you want to play how you've outlined the battering ram part is fine...except the heavy helix, which are usually much more effective hanging back (so long as you have good firing lanes), although having the heavy helix and the leviathan helix will give you more tactical options and enable you to adjust your play style, so maybe stick with them. However if you want maximum battering ram mode I would swap the heavy helix out for a another leviathan, as two leviathans on the table tend to put the fear on most opponents (more expensive to buy though) - this will also depend a lot on what sort of points level games you are intending playing. Also thats presuming when you say a full core it is 2x Vidar 2x Heimdal squadrons (if not then do that first). For me I would definitely swap out the recon helixes for two ground attack helixes, there is simply nothing in the Terran arsenal that is as effective as the ground attack helix at the moment, they are beasts, and they are perfect for the role you described for the recon helixes. The assault helixes are a bit of an enigma at the moment as we dont know their stats, so I cant really comment on them. If I was you I would hang on a bit until we know what they are capable of...and besides, if you go for the other helixes, you will have plenty of model building/painting to keep you occupied until they are released. Hope this helps
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