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  1. Just read in another thread new Ottoman Models are on the testing table. Exciting!
  2. Prussian medium carrier. Fair armament and another carrier deck
  3. Play what you want. With the new medium carriers we can field, the heavy points are now freed up. 2 battleships are not out of the question now.
  4. I just bought 2 carriers and armed them differently
  5. Adler the first time I ran it had the French grumbling about it. It a flying battlecruiser. Nothing bad about it.
  6. Unless they have the sub hunter Mar. Which speerschleuter bombs do
  7. Usually I use Simple Green and water, as it's a degreaser.
  8. Creon

    Assembling PE Elbe

    Also use rubber bands to hold the deck tight while gluing.
  9. Maybe a behind the wings yellow stripe. "European Theatre" markings.
  10. Set of rules: Online copy is available, or order a softcover. Any of the new Battle Fleet Starter Boxes will give you the Cards, flyer trays, everything you need after that.
  11. No, we don't want to encourage use of Bostons. That's just right out! I'm pretty sure he'd be skirting IP if he produced thouse.
  12. A lot of new/old models dropped into singles on the website. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Creon

    HEC in 2.0

    Immune to Torpedoes and Rockets. Makes the English and the Japanese angry, I'd say.
  14. My french fleet sails into Mediterranean waters.
  15. Creon

    My Fleets

    Pictures of my fleets
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