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  1. Very nice. I'm not a fan of the Prussians--have lost too many games to them--but yours look outstanding. Keep up the good work!
  2. OK, thanks Mike for the information and the prompt response!
  3. @Spartan Mike I know you guys are probably REALLY busy getting the Kickstarter rewards in order, but...any updates on the status of the hangar set?
  4. I appreciate the kind words! Small update--finished my Yale-class heavy destroyers. I meant to get the A-3 Strike Bombers done as well, but Real Life prevented that from happening. So, here are the destroyers: Once again, Spartan did a bang-up job designing these models. I really like all the little details, like the various components of the main gun and the shells being fed in on one side while the expended shell casings are coming out on the other. Aiming to have those A-3s done by the end of May, plus a couple other FSA squadrons. Thanks for looking!
  5. Very nice! I agree with @FSAHoops, this is a very different take on the Covenant, but it really works. Nice job on the object source lighting, that's a technique I'm still trying to master.
  6. @Spartan Mike really appreciate your efforts on this!
  7. @Big_0 yep, those first two pics were the other ones I had seen previously. Glad you took that picture with the Imperium inside, gives a real sense of the scale. Thanks for also including the painted pic, bang-up job on the paint job. I wasn't at Adepticon, but I saw other pics of that Planetfall board, looked truly epic. Does the top of the hangar have to be glued down, or can it be removed during gameplay if you place units inside? @Spartan Mike maybe that's another point to bring up to Spartan Neil...the hangar set has many uses--it's not just a zeppelin hangar for Dystopian Wars. Could be a vehicle hangar for Planetfall, a vehicle hangar or even a small factory for Halo: Ground Command, or even a small tool shed for Dystopian Legions! I play Ground Command, and I could definitely see using this as a building in that game. Would be great terrain pieces...maybe have a few of them mixed in with some other UNSC buildings, construct them with the doors open and have some Warthogs parked inside...
  8. Could you post some pics in the hobby section? Hard to find pictures of assembled hangars (painted or unpainted)...I scoured the internet and only found a few.
  9. This is the best idea I've heard all week. Possibly all month. Maybe even all year.
  10. @Ruckdog and @Spartan Linde yes good stuff. Looking forward to more episodes!
  11. @Spartan Mike your efforts on this are much appreciated. Maybe this will help: Spartan Neil! The people want airship hangars!!!
  12. Thanks guys. Unfortunately that nice shiny paint job on the Lexingtons didn't keep my opponent from annihilating them this evening. Ah well. At least they looked good as they were sinking...
  13. I've toyed around with various paint schemes for my FSA for almost 6 years. They are my original Dystopian Wars fleet. I always knew I wanted to do a "wood and metal" scheme for them, as it fits the steampunk aesthetic (in my mind, at least). I've tried different combinations of colors for both the wood and metal over the years, and they were close, but not *quite* right. I've even posted a few pics here and there in the Spartan forums of various FSA ships and aircraft, but again, they just weren't exactly what I was aiming for. I'm happy to say that now, I've finally figured it out. And more importantly, I wrote down the names of all the paints I used. So here is the the start (or re-start) of my FSA. Liberty-class heavy battleship: Princeton-class gunships: Augusta-class frigates: Revere-class corvettes: Independence-class battleship with kinetic generator: I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out. Watch this space for updates, as one of my goals for 2017 is to get my FSA completely painted up. Comments and constructive criticism area always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  14. Great to see Dystopian Wars at Adepticon! Some really nice-looking fleets. Where are those all-white islands from? That's some interesting-looking terrain.
  15. Still. Really nice work. They look great.
  16. Excellent job. Those onion domes look fantastic. Was that freehand?
  17. Yeah. After a little digging around, I found another older thread where someone stated that the Hangar Set was actually never released for sale. Too bad...I'm hoping @Spartan Mike has some good news for us though. I was pretty surprised when I saw the older pictures...it's big enough to fit an Imperium!
  18. Much appreciated @Spartan Mike...I found an older thread with some pics of the Prussian Imperium inside the hangar. Holy cow, that's a cool-looking terrain piece, and it truly is MASSIVE.
  19. I just saw the news about the sale this weekend in the Spartan online store. The Spartan Scenics Hangar Set (the massive zeppelin hangar made of MDF) is being offered for free for orders over a certain amount. That got me wondering...what happened to this terrain piece? I did a little research and apparently it was released through Spartan Scenics in July 2013, but it's no longer in the Spartan online store. Does anyone know if this will eventually be available for purchase again? I missed out on it when it was first released, and I'm kicking myself now.
  20. @Pugwash great-looking models and battlefield. I have some of those same islands, although mine are not detailed quite as nicely--but now I have a goal to aim for!
  21. Yeah that generator is on pretty much all of my ships. It's the one shared generator across all my fleets. On the plus side, it doesn't cost anything to field!
  22. Welcome to the fold, @Soulless. I've been playing Dystopian Wars for almost six years and haven't regretted a moment. (I've regretted a few dice rolls, but that's a different story). The rules are good, the miniatures are awesome, and the gameplay is great. Good luck against those Russians. A word of advice--try to pound them at long range. You do NOT want to get into a close fight with them.
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