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  1. I feel bad, I was slacking this weekend and didn't get any painting done. I'll post a WiP of my Carrier tonight. EDIT: I DID IT
  2. Ok, I may give them a go. Have you had any experience with/against Veydreth ships?
  3. Have you gotten any use out of the destroyers? I really like the look of the Ba'Kash (hard to tell how good the Veydreth will look from the pics so far) other than those destroyers, they just seem out of place. How are they in person?
  4. My Terran fleet is put together, and undergoing refit (painting). I will probably add more to it over time, but right now it is at a comfortable 1200pts of flexible Terran goodness. My dilemma is this. What do I do next? I think I have it narrowed down between Ba'Kash (who doesn't love space shotguns hidden under metal claw arms) and Veydreth (sneaky fast mine placement, boarding and hilarity), but I am having a hard time deciding which I want. Does anyone have first hand experience with or against either faction? I have gone through the fleet specific threads already, but there isn't a whole lot in there with the new rules in play. Thanks for your time.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Im still working on the battleship and carrier at the moment hope to have new pics this weekend.
  6. Wonderful. I am waiting till a couple more orders come in for my Terrans, then Ba'Kash or Veydreth...but those models might swing me towards the Zenian League....
  7. I would drop Shields Cruisers, change your Cruisers from shield to +1 HP, change Armsmen to Missionaries, add destroyers.
  8. That could work, I could balance it out with some red panels on those wing bits.
  9. I wanted to move away from the white or light grey for my Terrans, and evoke something slightly less "good guy", these are the people that reduced Dramos to rubble with nuclear fire. Things I am having trouble with, those black front inserts, no idea what to do with them right now. Maybe end up just dark grey as well. The carrier is also coming along nicely, though the model has less areas for nice colors. If anyone has an Ares, what the hell are the little nubs on the left and right side of the launch area, under the overhang.
  10. Well, I have been working on my ships, and while getting the nice base colors on was simple enough, getting them all shaded to my liking is taking longer. So, here is a WIP shot of my Tyrant, I still need to figure out how to color some sections of it without making it too colorful. Coming up, a Carrier, 6 Cruisers, 12 Frigates, 3 Escorts....
  11. That is always my downfall. My purchasing outstrips my painting by a wide margin, then I end up looking at a pile of stuff and not wanting to touch it. With that in mind, I think I am ordering the Battlecruisers, another Cruiser squadron, Destroyers, and a Ba'Kash patrol fleet....
  12. Not yet, just finished my second highlight pass on the Tyrant, still need to pick out details and such. Hopefully by the end of the week. Maybe earlier. Right now on my desk, I have the Tyrant, 6 cruisers, 3 escorts, carrier, 12 frigates...so many spaceships to get done. Trying to decide if I want to get another cruiser squadron, or some battlecruisers next.
  13. Awesome, will have to see if I have any laying around. Love the color scheme, nicely executed.
  14. Looks good. What did you use for the numbering? I've been looking for some to add to my own Terrans.
  15. I thought about it, and was planning something similar at 800pts. The Reformer is just a beast for the points.
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