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  1. I disagree (at least since v2.5). It's carrier and drone 16" 'bubble' is frightening: Being able to launch drones from Statospheric, you can park the Euclid in the center of the map. It's almost untouchable and gives hunter +1 to all as well as swarm tactics. My oppononent @Farcages was on the receiving end and probably still has nightmares.
  2. G'day everyone! First of all, welcome back Jupy and probably other people as well, including myself. After actively participating in several tournaments dating back from 1 to 3 years ago in the Netherlands I didn't make time to play, but now with the kickstarter and 2.5 rules, @Farcages and @NaH2PO4aq got me back to some battle royales with the new rule sets. I've played CoA against both previously mentioned users (using KoB and RC) and after 2 x 1000pts playtests with the new rules, I'm getting a grasp of the changes. So here's my biased opinion on some changes Particle accelerator change: I agree it's lost some style/fluff factor, but it's not neccesary a nerf, In fact it might be a buff. Where previously mostly our drones where reliably capable of hitting large/massives, now our large PA's are finally useful against larges, hitting a 11AD indiscriminate PA on 3+'s will hit, and maybe crit one. Downside of course is with large slow turning vessels, trying to hit those smalls will be harder. Ideally, with covenant being a fleet of specialists, I would love to see an option to choose between both types of Particle Accelerator (just list primary/energy turrets). Shields 3 on some units, nice buff Boarding weakness is slightly smaller due to new boarding rules, yay there Torpedoes ignoring shields and our extremely laughable CC values introduces a new weakness, but considering the shield and boarding buff that's still balanced Finally my only true objection - Drone changes: To be honest, these changes/nerfs are probably overdone: Swarm tactics are now gone Redoubtable carrier points are now gone Hunter default mars are now gone All factions, not only COA, can now return scrapped SAS so that's an indirect nerf to drones as well. Now, drones feel weaker than other nation's SAS. In order to get even (get Hunter Aerial, Hunter Surface, Hunter Submerged) I need to not only bring specific (rather high-cost) units in my 1000p fleet list. I also have to make sure I'm within a 8" range of all those vessels. Having an increased launch range counteracts the fact you'll need to stay close for Hunter MARS. In conclusion, looking forward to get some more experience in with the new rules and to just play some more games. Time for revenge next week @Farcages =] PS. @Spartan Mike, I've heard some really good things about you, thanks a lot for all your input and most of all, the impressive amount of strong, open communication with us as a community!
  3. My advice is to ignore the Yurei and keep some distance. Use those 20 dice to cripple the rest of his fleet. If and when he offensively boards with his Yurei you can easily counter-board it after. At first the ship seems overpowered but with practice it's not all that bad. It just requires a tailor-fit tactic.
  4. The problem with using an Aristotle + Kepler specialist squadron is that you still require 1 core naval large. Which is quite difficult for a 800point game. You could consider: 1 Aristotle (E-Turret) 2 Fresnels 2 Zenos 4 Diogenes 5 Thales This puts you at 785 points. You can keep the Aristotle + Fresnels + Diogenes in the back for the first 1-2 turns for superior long range sniping (this should force your opponent to come to you). This part of the fleet is however very susceptible to boarding, but with proper support/flanking from your 2 zeno's, any hostile corvettes should find it extremely difficult to ever come close.
  5. Could really use more information. Are there any limitations for the tournament (such as limited carrier-squadrons), what units do you have available?
  6. Thanks James for the effort to redirect this topic back to constructive feedback To answer your question, yes I would definitely use it. With the current rules it's to squishy in naval battles to perform it's role. Although I must admit I'm already using the arronax in my naval battles, but then safely within a large barge to make sure it survives long enough. Not depending on these cheese tactics would surely help me and my opponents enjoy our games even more!
  7. Fun 2v2 2k points battle; FSA & CoA vs Indian Raj & Prussian Empire CV vs CD
  8. Well last tournament the organiser showed me (maybe old rules), so I had to play with the smaller template and felt guilty for previously always using the teleport template. But yeah, good to hear!
  9. So to redirect everyone's attention. Here's another question! Is it true that the printed rulebook is wrong is stating that the particle accelator uses the teleport template (from memory: 3 inch), and it should be the 2 inch template from area bombartment?
  10. Yep upcoming tournament saturday will be fun! Sooo... NaH2PO4aq and Falconer, try to leave the calculations, apps and spreadsheets at home ok
  11. Would love to play a game with my Covenant against that list, pretty sure I would do well. So, let's go and convince our French player if he's up for a game soon!
  12. Care to explain the rules regarding picking up the Sturginium? It states it can be done via aggresive boarding but no conditions are given for successfull /failed boarding actions. In addition, is this meant for small units or for medium/large models that can't get to surface level?
  13. They're the tokens supplied by the (2.0) flotilla boxes I've bought over the last year, which are 16x16mm. Managed to buy a wooden stave (€4 euros) of 15x15mm (2,5 meters long) so yeah, still got plenty more sawing and glueing to do! But it does save a lot in the costs compared to using regular dice.
  14. It's what is so good about the Covenant! The ability to play any type of game. I would never settle for a 1-trick-pony Faction. Anyway; awesome game, here is my go: First roll: 3- Gunnery Assault Second roll: 5- Command & Control List: 1000 points, Naval, No Allies Massive/Large: 365 (37%) Medium: 360 (36%) Small: 275 (28%) 1x Aristotle (Battleship) - Nav. Large - 185 - IG Target Painter (Primary Weaponry, 12") - Nav. Large - 10 - With two escorts 1x Pericles (Fleet Carrier) - Nav. Massive - 170 - E.Turrets (S) 1x Hippasus (Battle Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 120 3x Cleomedes (Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 240 5x Thales (Corvette) - Nav. Small - 100 3x Plutarch (Heavy Destroyer) - Nav. Small - 135 2x Galen (Escort) - Nav. Small - 40 My most played opponent is Prussian. Honestly, this list would struggle because it can't cover it's major weakness vs Prussians (boarding). Going gunnery means I can't kill enough units early enough to prevent boarding. Still a good all-round list though vs other factions
  15. In a faction full of specialists and so many good medium choices, my cleomedes don't see much use (even though they're in a good state). I've got all (new) boxes available, which means the only model I'm missing is the Daedalus which isn't included in those boxes. Besides it's awesome looks I'm not really missing out, as several others before me have pointed out.
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