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  1. Very cool series of projects, Madmac, I admire the pioneering spirit. It seems to be paying off in the form of original-looking ships, which is possibly the best kind of pay-off.
  2. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the praise and comments. Why thank you, sir. I actually had that thought at one point myself, but these things will be serving as proxies for all sorts of models I don't have right now, including Apollos and Marshals. They were just about the smallest turrets I had lying around, and I had to justify them getting 12 Turret dice somehow. Thank you, sir, they turned out as Terran as I could have hoped. For the spacers,I glued together two segments from the acrylic spider-legs of the former Valhalla station, and it turned out to be almost exactly the width between the engines, so I just glued 'em in and green-stuffed the seam. And yeah, the bow cannons were drilled out, and then capped with some lasgun tips, which then also had to be drilled out. Seems a bit redundant, now that I think about it...
  3. Update time, people! As promised, it took me about a year to get actually around to these, but I did it, and it worked! I settled on the Athena-class for the name of the new ships, of which there are two. If anyone would like a step by step with pictures, I will do my best, although I'm fairly new to guiding others through this sort of thing, and I'll take the pics as I work through Ship #2. For now, though, here is the first of the two sister ships; comments and critiques would be much appreciated! Also, apologies for the picture quality, I'm limited to my mediocre phone-camera for now.
  4. Yeah, they actually took a good amount of flak in other threads for not having enough firepower to contribute in smaller games. 6 AD at optimum range isn't exactly overwhelming, and they need to be worth their 50 pts.
  5. The gunships could be allied in to any number of lists, and they can put down an ungodly amount of mines. They're delicate, but you can ambush them in or do a good ol' shunt entry, after which they can unload with a huge amount dice in multiple arcs. At RB2 it's 18 P/SB, 14 Fore, and being Veydreth, they'll bring 12 assault dice on top of that. Plus they look like space Krakens.
  6. Congratulations on the victory, Admiral, I'm glad to see Sorylians holding their own against the accursed Dindrenzi. Both fleets looked good, though. Out of interest, why did you elect for outflanking entries on all the reserves, as opposed to shunting some in? In any case, good write-up, thanks for posting.
  7. I agree with Dan here. 12 AD is nothing to scoff at, very few squadrons have access to that kind of a torpedo volley, let alone with torpedo spook. Plus, you have the option of targeting every ship in a given squadron individually, denying them a linked PD pool.
  8. See, this is why I drift around on these forums at 3am, sometimes. For things like that^. Lovely picture, Spartan Alex. One question, will these models be available for individual purchase on release or just as a boxed set?
  9. Good find, Admiral Sterling, thanks for posting these. In fact, seeing these new views may have sold me on the new carrier. Much cooler from this angle.
  10. The Terrans definitely have no native ship with cyberwarfare options, and are really only as durable as their shield rolls. But they are natural allies with Hawker Industries, who trade in some of the shield strength for stronger hulls and access to cyberwarfare. All we really know so far is that they collaborated and came up with this carrier.
  11. Point of interest on the Solar-class carrier: it's a joint Terran/Hawker design. (My first thought was Terquai, but I digress). Cyberwarfare wouldn't be out of the question, but Hawker's own carrier covers that nicely already (along with the DR/CR thing). My hope is that it will use those hi-tech systems to fill the command & control slot instead, coordinating the fleet just as it would normally coordinate bombardments and massed troop deployments.
  12. Like you said, Dan, I'm not sure anyone could say that either battleship is "better" than the other, seeing as they fill rather different roles in the fleet. Personally, I love the Tyrant as the fleet-anchoring tank that she is; the versatility of the weapon arcs at 20" (one 15-dice salvo or two decent 9 and 11-dice attacks) and an array of useful upgrades make it the center of most of my fleet builds. To me, the main trade-off is the exchange of re-rolling 1s under 10" for superior reach. Then again, my playstyle in general tends to be more stand-offish, so maybe it's just a better fit for me in general. My main question for you is this: what are your main targets for your Tyrant? Do you find yourself moving it against frigates more often than cruisers or T1s? Or does it just usually fail to roll well against heavier targets for you?
  13. Good write-up, Captain, I have only one thing to add: the AD drop-off from RB2 to RB1 is not-at-all severe for our Heavies (the turrets actually gain one die). If combined with the Beam Primaries upgrade, this allows the squadron to deliver a still-hefty 18 AD broadside in RB1, re-rolling 1's. If you can still line up a Fore-Fixed target at RB2, so much the better.
  14. You, sir, are the man! I also halved my Valhalla Station a while back, I'm actually waiting on the Dreadnought Engine Drop-ons from the Terran Parts section of the store, I'm thinking two of those glued together will make a good back-half for the new ships. It's actually pretty comforting to know that they will have sister ships in some other section of Charter space, experimental as they are. I was gonna field them as Apollos, looks like they'll be about that size, but they clearly have a set of hangars on them, and I love the idea of a new class of Escort Carriers. If we get a consensus on here of what a balanced set of rules for those would be, I would happily do some basic playtesting on it and provide what feedback I can. I'll do some brainstorming myself on that, but I think a name for this new class is in order, so I'd suggest either the Athena-class or the Hospitaller-class, if it's to be a cruiser-type, because I do really enjoy the idea of a carrier that fits into our cruiser squadrons. Now, the part where I suggest something quite possibly insane: What do people think of a support carrier that can fit into Aegis squadrons? The main complaint I've seen about those things is that, while they are tough to kill, they just can't really do much on their own. I realize that an Ares can take Aegis accompaniments, but I imagine these new ships as even more of a rear-echelon support role, and for much cheaper. While the Ares can deliver sustained Wing assaults against enemy ships, with its Deck Crews and huge wing count, it can't be everywhere at once. Normally, it has to juggle fleet support duties with putting itself in position for launching Wing strikes, and it can only take two tokens. Same with the Tyrant; I don't always want my heavy hitter tied to the rest of the fleet, trying to cover them and itself with its limited wings. Plus, it'd be kinda nice to think of the wings on a Tyrant to be something other than mandatory. Neither of those two options will cost you less than ~200 points, either. So, I envision a new class that can augment the single-minded Aegis squadron, in the same way a heavy cruiser can replace a standard one. Similar basic statline as the shield cruiser, but with stripped down shield systems and weapons, replaced by hangar space for 3 or 4 Wings. With Interceptors or Support shuttles, you have a squadron that can greatly increase the survivability of your formations, with Shield Projector + PD cover or Repairs. With Bombers or Fighters, you have a survivable squadron with actual offensive options besides a single beam attack. In their own squadron of two ships, they would serve mostly as a cheaper alternative to the Ares. As for hard-points and such, a choice between Deck Crews and Quick Launch might be appropriate, to enhance whichever role you choose for them. Just an idea, but I'd love to see some options for our turtle-like shield cruisers, and I'd also love to hear people's thoughts on this.
  15. Hahaha, well, at least he got it out of the way early in the process. Perhaps you have a future admiral on your hands there!
  16. Dogman912


    I always use this stuff called Superclean, used to be a Castrol brand I think. It's actually an engine degreaser, but it works great for stripping, and it doesn't soften the models one bit. Totally harmless on resin and plastic. In fact, I read one story about a guy who soaked/forgot his GW models in the stuff for a full year, and they came out pristine. Usually soaking them for a full day does the trick though, just take a toothbrush to them after soaking and rinse, and you should be good to go. Just use rubber gloves, unless you want your hands stripped of all moisture. Like I said, it's usually for engines, so you can find it at automotive stores, big purple bottle, yellow cap. One other note of caution, don't soak pewter/metal models in the stuff for more than a day or two, because it will start corroding metal eventually. Aside from that, best stripping agent I've found so far. Hope this helps!
  17. Dogman912

    Medusa WIP

    It's coming together very nicely, man, I'm a fan of the drybrushing.
  18. I have actually used our cruisers as torpedo boats to good effect in a match or two versus Dindrenzi cruisers + corvettes. Usually, I lose a cruiser in the first few turns as they try to maneuver between cover, usually to long-range railgun attacks which double-crit them even through all the shields they can put up in the open. So, in a fit of spite and cheap tactics, I took the same upgrades (+1 SH, Beams for range) and on turn 1, full stopped them behind some asteroids with sectored shields for 3 shield dice per cruiser. I kept them there for 3 turns straight, like a jerk, sacrificing their direct weapon attacks for their real strengths: 12 torpedo attacks at 36-48", and great shields to maximize their cover saves. I also had an ulterior motive; I needed a squadron or two in place to catch his shunting corvettes as soon as I possibly could. With supporting laser fire from Armsman frigates (which can use the same strengths and even move between cover patches if you need them to) you can put out useful plinking attacks and meet any shunters with almost full-strength ships. At that point, usually turn 3, you could fire up the engines and maneuver to deliver broadsides to both the shunters on one side and the cruisers + frigates on the other, which have hopefully been damaged during their advance to your optimum direct attack range. It's a bit dastardly, I know, but dammit, Admirals, your crews deserve to survive long enough to go teeth-to-teeth with the enemy, and we have a war to win here. Nothing matches the protection offered by excellent shields, decent point defence, and a wall of asteroids. Also, they can do all of this at 60-65 points per ship, so you can probably afford to take a few other useful things elsewhere, or more cruisers. Good luck, Admirals, hope this helps.
  19. On the contrary, I'd cite that as evidence that we didn't nuke them nearly enough. Either way, welcome back to the game.
  20. When situations like this pop up, I tend to default to what would make sense in real life. In this instance, I highly doubt the nuclear warhead/explosion would wink out of existence because its target gets destroyed when it hits, so I'd have to agree with Pok. Besides which, if nuclear weapons could not affect smalls, they would not be worth their points, like ever.
  21. Hey Admirals, I had an interesting idea the other day, thought I'd share and see what you fine people think of it. Here's the gist of it: I have a certain unpainted Valhalla Station, and while I enjoy it in its current form (none of the legs have even broken off yet), I can see the makings of two fine cruisers in it. Therefore, I am toying with the crazy idea of (brace yourselves!): 1. Cutting the station in half at the midsection, between the two sets of spinning hab-sections. This should create two main hull halves, each symmetrical and with a flat rear end, which will be a perfect section onto which to mount a set of engines. 2. These engines: http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=FA028, 2 of them for each cruiser. Glued together lengthwise, each set of engines will form the back halves of the cruisers, and the flat section at the front of each engine assemby should be about the right size and shape onto which to glue the front halves from Step 1. Note: Seeing as these are dreadnought engines, I'm thinking they'll be large enough to accommodate those front halves nicely. However, I haven't encountered a dreadnought in person yet, so I can't be quite sure of this. Either way, green stuff will be used for this step, and I could use some measurements on those engines, if anyone has the time. 3. After this, the cruisers should be about finished, and it'll be a matter of making sure the halves aren't angled from each other, filing away excess green stuff, drilling holes for the flight-stands, and figuring out what exactly these ships should be designated as. Right now, I have the designs pinned as Terran Auxiliary Cruisers, Carrack-class, combat-support ships with highly modular bays, adaptable for a number of roles. So despite the fact that they'll be somewhere between BC- and BB-sized, I'd probably be using them as either Shield Cruisers or just plain old cruisers to escort my carrier, once I have one. However, they'll also have those big ol' fighter bays right at the front ends, so in the future, perhaps someone with a better sense of game balance will help supply another role for them, like an escort-carrier class. Now, I probably won't have the parts or time for the project itself before the holidays, but I'd love some feedback on all of it, especially if someone wants to try it before me. Personally, I wanted to avoid a fleet with the trilateral Terran hulls, they make a lot of sense but it's simply not to my tastes. Plus, I think the new design will share a couple stylings with the Artemis-class (very front end + flat engine engine sections + middle plate sections), which I always regarded as the Terran black-sheep in terms of style. So, what do you guys think? Will this work? Or is this one of those ideas that's only crazy enough to get us all killed?
  22. Thanks for all the great ideas, guys, maybe now I can ensure that my BB will never again suffer such a terrible blow from those little scumbags, especially as most of that blow was against the rules, it seems . As for the ships, I love the idea of a rear-guard carrier, and that's probably what I'll go for, as it seems like one of our more versatile ships. My Armsmen should provide good support until I can get my hands on all that SRS, though. Regarding the Missionaries, I straight-up adore them, and another squadron will be in the works soon, as well. The only reason I didn't have them near my battleship in that instance was because they were busy demolishing his cruisers and frigates at the other end of the melee . And you, sir, are very right. I think that's something I needed a bit of experience to really see the benefit of; I really liked the idea of bombers (9 extra AD for 15 points), thinking that they could at least take down an incoming corvette or two. Although they did manage to take down a frigate, I learned that they are quite useless when the battleship itself is a burning wreck, so Support Shuttles it is. I didn't know they could restore CP like that, either, I'll have to review those rules for next time. Speaking of which, I'm playing the next game tomorrow, and those Sgians will surely make an appearance, so I will let you guys know how I do with these new strategies!
  23. Afternoon, Admirals, Before I start, fairly new fleet commander here, I have a BFV Terran set + Missionaries, and I usually play vs. Dindrenzi and Sorylian opponents, although we've only been able to play <650 pt. games so far. The latest of these, a 3-sided 650 pt. FFA (which was exactly as chaotic as you can imagine) saw my Tyrant crippled by an intact squadron of those vile Sgian Corvettes. They made a beautiful shunt entry about a foot off from it, easily pounced to RB1 in its rear-arc, and just, eviscerated half the crew with a targeted strike to the life-support systems (critted with a Hull Breach effect, and then Decompression from the strike itself, so -4HP -4CP in all). It was finished off by multiple hazard markers that end-phase. So my questions are: 1. What can I do to protect my squadrons' behinds from these pesky corvettes or similar fast smalls, especially if they shunt in like the Sgians did? I have realized that my Tyrant was simply too far forward in that instance, too far from support and too close for it to shoot well, but say it had been further back and they leapt in behind it anyway? How can I deter or counter them with the ships I have, before they have a chance to unload? 2. Did we calculate the HP loss correctly? My Dindrenzi brother insisted that it was 4 HP lost and 4 CP lost because of the rolls, and the CP seems correct (-1D3 Crew from the Hull Breach, he rolled a 6, and -1 from Decompression), but looking at the Targeted Strike table, it says "Decompression Critical Effect", so would that only take the effect and not the HP lost? 3. What Terran ship can I get in the future that is most suited to taking these little guys on? I'm not against the idea of ships from allied races, but I was really hoping to have a uniform Terran fleet for the short-term, and I think I'd like an Ares-class for my next fleet addition. Will swarms of SRS be a viable option against these 2 squadrons of corvettes that my brother has? Or possibly, will the carrier itself be exposed to a second shunt-entry attack? What do you guys think? And, thank you in advance for any advice you can offer, I value all combat intel.
  24. Dogman912


    You're right Andrew, and maybe my next game will be fought over control of a planet-sized pile of cookies. Either way, though, these would be a vast improvement, and we might be underestimating the snack-holding value of those craters.
  25. Dogman912


    Astronomical perspectives aside, these are excellently done, man. I love the guide lights painted on the ground around the hab-dome on the largest planetoid, just a really cool detail. (Also, that battlecruiser has amazing highlighting, and I want one now.) I'm using a plate as my largest planetoid right now, and I'm thinking something like this will be my next project after the fleet itself. Thanks for sharing!
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