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  1. I've heard some people use simple green, but I don't know how it interacts with resin. On that note, how do you clean fresh from the factory models? Soap and water? Just water? Toothbrush?
  2. Well fair enough, it's not the easiest concept to wrap your head around. I just look at it as a bare minimum of 280 pts for a useful squadron. Part of the individual cost of the ship is based on it being part of a large group, which doesn't really make economic sense to me. Most of the time Horde armies, or ones that rely on superior numbers to be effective, have lower per unit costs. That's where I was coming from whenever someone said that the ship's benefit was it's ability to be paired up into a group of four. So, essentially, the Soryllian cruiser should never be taken in a smaller group then four, to be cost-effective?
  3. See that makes sense, in terms of explaining why the movement hardpoint is such a cheap (relatively) upgrade. If it's a rounding thing, that makes sense. I still have trouble buying the argument that you can group it in four as justification of a higher price. Yes, four cruisers is better then three, but they're already priced higher. I'm just playing Devil's advocate here, trying to figure out that ten point difference in acquisition costs.
  4. Right, so one ship is overcosted compared to the other... Which was my first point?
  5. The onus is on you to prove what you are saying, not on me... Well that's wrong. Here's a study: http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19980223621.pdf 17gs for periods of minutes with UNTRAINED humans.
  6. But the Hermes only costs 5 pts to increase its move by 2, not 15.
  7. Something that should be integrated for sure.
  8. That's a good point with the higher crit value, but at the same time, the cruisers have that shield. Now, 50% of the time it does nothing, but 16% of the time it can potentially reduce the hits twice. It just strikes me as being more survivable, since 50% of the time the stats shift to 5/7, rather then 4/6. I do agree a four ship squadron is pretty dangerous, but it also has to survive to make it into range, and those four ships cost a fair amount too, relative to the price of similar ships for the terrans. 10 points by itself isn't a lot, but on four ships that's 40 points, which is a lot of upgrades you could be spending it on throughout your fleet.
  9. Ok, I would really like some help on this front, I'm trying to determine what makes our cruisers cost ten points more then the Terran Alliance ones. On a general stat line, the ships are close to identical. The Hermes is slower by 3 inches, and has 1 less assault points. The Hermes has a shield, compared to none for the Falcata, but the Flacata has a slightly better CR rating of 7. For firepower, the Falcata has Port/Starboard Scatter weapons, which are of negligible utility, with one point more damage in RB1 and RB2 then the Hermes. The Hermes Fore weapons are one better then ours in RB1, equal at RB2, and a whopping 3 better then the Falcata at RB3. The Hermes outclasses the Falcata again at all ranges with the torps it carries. By default the Hermes has Sector shielding, allowing it to increase a shield rating to 2 in one arc for a turn. So, by my quick math, the Hermes sacrifices 3 inches of speed for improved firepower and durability, all while costing ten points less then the Falcata. For a measly five points, the Hermes gets a speed boost to 9, nearly equal to the Falcata. All the Primary weapons can be upgraded to Beam weapons for 5 extra points. So at 60 points, you have a ship with more durability, superior firepower and range, with similar movement stats. Am I missing something here, some utility that the Falcata has that warrants the 20% increase in points that it costs? I was just comparing these two ships side by side, and I can't see what the Falcata is offering that the Hermes can't deliver for cheaper.
  10. Citation needed. We still don't understand gravity, it is such a weak force yet appears to affect a lot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitation#Anomalies_and_discrepancies
  11. Aww nuts, would have been cool to have kept that in 2.0 for the dread.
  12. From the store This seems to imply that when it fires everything in that weapons path gets nailed by it at RB1, was this capability lost? Because it sounds awesome.
  13. Thd dread actually looks like it has retractable plating. My reasoning behind some fore armour is it gives a little more strategy then hope the enemy rolls poorly on your long slow approach.
  14. Wyvern makes excellent points concerning our fleet make up. Another idea would be to reinforce the prows, allowing us to cruise towards targets and take a little less damage along the way. It would make the lizards more survivable on theapproach and force our opponents into a different approach then shooting us as e close the range.
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