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  1. My friends and I can finish a full game (1000pts) in around 2 hours, 90 minutes if we whip out the chess clock and concentrate. I feel v2.0 is a vast improvement in almost every way (I liked 1+1 and 6+6 being auto kills on the original table). The linking, movement and fire arcs are key to making the game so good. The MARs and varying range bands add to the flavour of our games. The universe is well populated now, a great variety of ships and races. Sadly our gaming group is small, yes very small at the moment. I don't want to see task force changes in 3.0, but I want a bigger community to play with.
  2. a bit of love in the downloads being updated would be great, like the planet fall style ships being included in the full race stat doc/pdffiles?, and all the latest ships too
  3. Borkai

    WAR LOG 3724

    Borkai V Michael R 900pts escalation ba'kash V Terran BL: 11v 4 no BCs
  4. Looking at the trends of the battlelog, it has certainly swung. The relthozans now have the highest average score, and since the fleet books sorylians have performed better too.
  5. I agree with alextroy, and when u shoot, overkill.... an easy option for Dindrenzi.
  6. I tried the shunt matrix carrier (with 2 banes), and put the admiral on it. The plan was to shunt behind the enemy then use the card to bring my other biggest threat next to the carrier (behind the enemy). It worked once in 3 games, against dindrenzi. The other 2 games vs aquans..... mine 10 behind good targets kinda discouraged me . The tactic is sound in most cases, it was certainly very fun.
  7. Borkai

    WAR LOG 3724

    The Sorylians are still strong (wow they were crazy good in v1.0), but people often try to play them in creative ways. I have nothing against double AP boost and second assault on a Flax.... But don't expect to win when u could just +1 shield and +2 move with weapons shielding (for a far better value ship). Sorylians have great cruisers that come in 4s! their frigates and corvettes are great and come in huge squadrons too! It is true that the Sorylians don't pack any wierd tactics for the most part, but they hit hard, hang around ages, big squardon sizes, options for boarding with highish AP, their BCs are some of the best out there....
  8. Borkai

    WAR LOG 3724

    3 games today ( 2 being posted) Borkai Vs Ollie Relthozans Vs Aquans 800pts border clash battle log: 9: 1 relth victory Borkai Vs Amiel Relthozans Vs Aquans 800pts resource battle (modified mission) battle log: 10: -4 relth victory 3rd battle was a training exercise between relthozans and dindrenzi, due to the nature of the classified weapons systems configurations no results are to be posted. No free scouting you filthy Kuraks!
  9. I agree with the people saying smalls are well balanced, they do pack a disproportionate punch, but once brought below maximum firepower they struggle to hurt other stuff. There are many ways to deal with small, no-one mentioned boarding, which can be handily done with cruisers who haven't enough AP to take on bigger threats. I love my smalls, but I know they can't carry a fleet.
  10. dr4 cr 5 with a single shield is beastly, I am happier than the old 3/5
  11. deep cut studios? PVC space mats 4'x 6'
  12. Borkai

    WAR LOG 3724

    Borkai Vs Carl Dindrenzi Vs Sorylian Ambush 1000pts 15 / -10 (Dind victory) BC: 0/0 Ambush is hard along tables Vs ranged dindrenzi railguns
  13. being a terran player from time to time, this option of the retro is OP. The old pilgrim was just plain amazing.... the new pilgrim brings a completely different purpose to the terran fleet. The terrans now have a much more defined playstyle and feel. giving access to the old pilgrim is not a good idea in my opinion. Give the dindrenzi back their old gunships too? How about the old Directorate frigates too? some fleets took a hit in various places compared to the older versions, do the terrans want to play 15 points more for their cruisers like they used to? there is balance in the new fleets, better than before, I wouldn't want to see old stats creeping back in because someone wants to win a game..
  14. Borkai

    WAR LOG 3724

    Borkai Vs Mike 1000points Terran Vs Dindrenzi senario: recover debris 18/ 7 BC:0/0 no battle cuisers yet, local game store waiting for delivery from spaartan (long wait on starter sets which are part of the order) max of 15 vp right? well I should have reused a few cards
  15. The pilgrim seems expensive at 30 points, but the missionary at 25 is quite strong.
  16. Borkai


    they hit harder per point than any other class, but are capped at a lower max damage. They fill an important role, but feel quite underpowered coasting across space in the face of heavy firepower.
  17. not used yet, replies of field tests required.......
  18. Yes I have been tempted with the boarding options available to us with our escorts, with the upgrade they measure favorably compared to other Relthozan escorts. base 3 pd is cool, but an extra 6 AD boarding for 60 pints is strong considering our boarding options and biohazard ammo.
  19. only broken in the weak sense (cyber weapons), you could remove cyber defenses altogether? (make it like gravity weapons>>) or bolster the current cyber AD values by one, and keep it linked to fleet tactics? or even make a new MAR specific for cyber defense, or link it to a current MAR (protected systems)? I wouldn't like to see another stat...
  20. I have used shunt (due to the lack of official errata on flanking). I think flank should be errata'd officially too, along with a bunch of other minor stuff like quick launch/PD etc. I did have a cruiser scatter off the field, but the maneuver was still successful.
  21. Borkai

    WAR LOG 3724

    Recent game players: Borkai Vs Dave points:1000pts fleets:Kurak (tarakian) Vs zenian (RSN) engagement: border clash result: 12: -3
  22. cloaking is declared during a squadron's command segment of its activiation (after initiative rolls), u can start the game cloaked of course. Page 56 for the refence. Basically they stay cloaked until their activation, then can remain cloaked or uncloak....
  23. Borkai

    WAR LOG 3724

    Factions: Relthozan/Sorylian points: 615 players: Borkai/Carl scenario: border clash score: +15/-1 2 squadrons with only only one model left, both at half hull points left and damage on the battleship (stripped of escorts), battle was closer than scores indicate.
  24. Borkai

    WAR LOG 3724

    players Borkai Vs Caecus 850 points mission: recover resources factions : Dindrenzi Vs Aquan battlelog: +17 vs -5 pretty one sided with some serious pain being delt out turn 1 and 2 from Dindrenzi railguns.
  25. been ages since i posted pics, can I use "image shack"? can someone direct me to the "how to" post phots info?
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