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  1. Fine, The changes benefits Directorate and Works Raptors, the natural allies of Directorate. The Directorate is the best positioned by the warlog (followed by aquans), both has new ships in Roto and i dont thinks these factions needs another boost. I think the major boost is needed for more weak factions, like Solirians and Relthoza, and a little ajustement for the best factions (Directorate and Aquans), like increased point cost or raise characteristics, for a more balanceated game. Thanks for read, Ser.
  2. In my last play, we have a question about SRS and TACS. A- Can a SRS gain 3'' mov if a TAC Drives to Maximum is playes on the parent squadron? B- Can a SRS loses the PD for "Virus Strike"? C- Can I play a TAC of a faction, Dindrezi for example, in a natural allies ship? (RSN Cerberus for example). Thanks for answer.
  3. A question about marauders: When marauders list join download section? When are new models release? When a patrol fleet group for the marauders factions? Thanks for reply.
  4. I think the only marauders fleet is ok. It's the only BC squadron in Marauder army and limit to one spur is quite poor.
  5. Balor it's a great idea. Hope Spartan ear you... :-),
  6. Seriadin


    The MAR unmaned says you hasnt penaltys for 0CP, ok. If you loose a CP for any reason (critical, hazerd marker, etc), you take one HP rather then loose the CP?. Thanks for answer.
  7. I dont understand the answer. Vs assault robots torpedos: A- Use PD and Cyber Defense. B- Use PD and Shield. C- Use PD, Shield and Cyber Defense. what is your answer?
  8. The Spur its one of the best looking ships, :-). It's a pitty you cant do 2 Spur squadrons like another BC, with only one I prefer field a Phantom (best on all the roles than spur but 40 pts more). I want field the spur more often, i like the option field 2 Spur squadron or maybe a Spur and a Wraith for has a reason to field Spur before a Phantom. At all, the spur is a nice model (the Phantom too and still waiting to see the wraith and the shadow).
  9. Well the SRS can be damaging with: PD in Defense. Mines exploted for another ship. Nuclear weapon blast. Attack of other SRS (or intercepted) But... What aabout ship exploding with 2 Critical?. Can a ship with Point Defense Barrage attack SRS? Another form to hurt the SRS? Thanks for reply.
  10. But the core faction isn´t syndicate is STL, comprising syndicate and Traders League (I understand so). Syndicate not equal than STL. In the example of PDF says Syndicate Trader League (comprising Syndicate and Trader League) not Syndicate alone. Read the example and you see. Thanks for reply.
  11. I have one question about Fleet Statistics: The rules says they are four core factions: OSO-STL-Oroshan and patogens. The rules says youtake the fleet tactical bonus of you core faction. The STL has 2 factions- Syndicate with tactical bonus 2 and Trading League with tactical bonus 1. The rules says the STL has tactical bonus 2, Why?. I take the high bonus of the two faction?. I dont see the tactical bonus of STL ... what is the rule fot that? Another questión OSO has tatical bonus 1 or 2?. Remember OSO-Omnydine has tactical bonus 1 and OSO- Corsairs has tactical bonus 2. Thanks for reply.
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