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  1. myrm

    Pillager Assault Cruiser

    Ah thanks, not sure I ever picked up the specific errata document, though I have the latest pdfs Spartan put out. Eight crew it shall be, I hear two orcish players sulking already ......and errata doc now found...
  2. myrm

    Introduce Yourself

    Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Im an Uncharted Seas player How long have you been playing these games? Since about 4 weeks after release, off and on. Where do you play? My local games club n Cambridge plus a gaming group of friends on occasion Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? I own something from every faction except Sky Pirates. Ralgard is starter only, everything else I have some extra ships of some varying kind. Adding to the list is a matter of finding places with stock in the back room or second hand vendors...... What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? Whatever I am rolling dice for at the moment. At a push my DragonLord Carrier because I am a terrible painter and it turned out much better than I hoped.
  3. myrm

    Still playing

    I have recently dragged this back out, after a moderate dig of the internet for traders around the world carrying old stock that went rather well, and an ongoing painting session (thanks to German and Swedish shops here!). I went from starter fleets for Orcs, Elves and Dwarves with two heavy cruiser for the dwarves to Starters for all factions , a extra duff human starter box that had two orc cruiser hulls in plus an assortment of blisters for Orc, Dragonlord, Dwarf, Bone Griff and Elf. Sky Pirates elude me however. Still hunting more, especially since there was an auction here last year where huge amounts of Uncharted Seas got sold but never resurfaced in traders that I or friends are aware. However, I can get decent fleets down for most now and with a set of 7-8 players familiar with the rule can get 2-4 fleet games going at the games club whenever we want....
  4. So, just realised there is a mismatch between the Hardback Rules and the reference cards that I have. The rules (PDF and Hardback actually) say 8 crew for the beastie and the card from the model blister says Crew 9. Anyone know if this was ever errata'ed/clarified at all, since I cannot see the old forum data, despite it appearing in my profile and not being accessible.....not that I think it will make a huge difference, but it would nice to know which way to hop
  5. myrm

    Question on Shroud Mages models

    I always thought they were bucket chains supplying coal to the steam boilers.....
  6. Several ships have four sets of side guns (1 through 4) - while I assume that each of these is firing a broadside in the four main directions round the ship, I am a little confused how this interacts with Radial guns which says it can fire into any two arcs - for instance the orc tower ships. I cannot work out if that allows you four sets of guns fired split between any 2 arcs, or if each gun can fire in 2 arcs per turn, or if its a restriction allowing only two of those sets of side guns to fire in one turn. Im struggling because of the dwarf Floating Citadel whch also has the radial guns rule on its bulwark guns but only one stat line - so if that can fire into two arcs - how does that relate to the side guns... Essentially Im confused
  7. myrm

    Cards For Us

    OK, having got me a new rulebook and looking at the new set ups the cards are now separate, and the rulebook hints there are changes to the new cards to match limits on defensive fire/living models etc. How much have the cards changed? How easy would it be to mark up my old cards to meet the new restrictions/effects - or do I need new cards to get all the effects. I'm looking forward here as so far I only own older starter sets - so no divers or flyers in my fleets...so its if I buy more it becomes an issue.....
  8. Gah, I buy the rulebook a couple of weeks ago and now there's a fancy new deal up on it.....my timing is terrible..... PLus anyone out there able to explain how side guns work and more importantly how they interact with radial fire MAR?
  9. myrm

    What Is The Most Epic Game You've Played?

    I ran a special at my club that used a total of 6 starting fleets to make the side up - it appeared to be a variant on the blockade runnner type scenario, but everyone had different objectives so I think 1 player won the game, 2 achieved their objectives, one failed their objectives but did enough carnage to score a neutral result and two went home in disgrace....

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