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  1. Thanks for the swift and informative reply. Are you the same Awesomeshotdude from the Mongoose publishing forums from the Starship Troopers days?
  2. So, I got a Terquai allied helix and am about to wash, assemble and prime the models. With the two legged walkers there's flash between theiregs. Is it possible to remove or is it worth the effort? It seems very thick and I'm not sure how to go about it.
  3. Can't they be both?!?
  4. Delays happen. Sometimes it genuinely is out of a company's hands. I'm just glad I have a new game on the way, and I get it when I get it. When all's said and done, in a years time, when I have had a bunch of planetfall games under my belt and hopefully two nicely painted armies, will this delay really matter?
  5. This is what I was afraid of... yep... they're pretty awesome... goodbye credit rating.
  6. Yeah I splurged and ordered it. NO REGRETS!
  7. Basically, I want to buy this, and I'm slowly going out of my mind both trying to justify getting it (all the extras!... but the cost...), and to not buy it (the cost... but all the extras!). I'll make my mind up eventually. Lots of things to consider: Pros: ------ Comes with the shuttle (okay, not platinum edition exclusive, but solid all the same as part of ordering from the first month 'run') T-shirts Bunker Complex Tokens Good value Your buying two starters and getting all of the above for £40.00 More or less the same as cheaper online retailers (for me at least) as free shipping wont cover heavy items, for ordering two starters together Cons: ------- The cost (not that its bad value) A lot of models to paint (always fun but if you've been into miniatures as long as I have its just adding to the never ending mountain of models to paint) Limited edition Anything I'm missing? Anyone want to encourage or discourage me or debate the finer points of this? Or is there something I'm wrong about or omitted?
  8. Just a suggestion, the only thing I meant with the points values was the rough value of the helix. Just a note to possibly stop duplicate threads or repetitive questions. You know how forums can go sometimes.
  9. Probably gonna go with Firestorm games, or maybe a far LGS. Depends if they can stock it.
  10. I know I'm new here, but maybe a sticky thread at the top of this section with the info about the shuttle and points value in helixes might be a productive idea.
  11. @ Delboy Thanks for indulging my question, and pointing out your sig Some credentials you got there pal
  12. Theres a discussion in one of the threads about the points values somewehere, can't remember which one...
  13. Hi Delboy, I'm new to the forum and don't know the lay of the land, but you seem to be quite in the know with Spartan stuff, you work for Spartan or something?
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