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  1. If the ablative armour is still active at the moment the crit landed, that would be 24. Ablative +2 effectively raises the CR to 12 while it is active.
  2. Mostly their blog. That's been dominated by Halo though. (not surprising) Edit: There is a newsletter you can subscribe to. You can subscribe to it on the Spartan home page (bottom right of the page).
  3. 1: Yes 2: If you mean "Can a submarine on the surface board a flying model (not obscured and not stratospheric)": Yes
  4. AFAIK, it contains turrets to make 3 cruisers and 2 gunships. (ie. 3 eagles and 8 turrets for mediums overall).
  5. Actually, that would probably be answered best by this thread. Having a 6 result in only 1 success would change the average result to (7-h)/6*∑ 6-n for n=0 to n=infinity per die. With ∑ 6-n for n=0 to n=infinity converging to 6/5, and hitting on 4+ you would get: 3/6 * 6/5 = 3/5 = 0.6 hits per die average. Cheers,
  6. Some of you may recall James' Scenario Thread. Unfortunately due to some issues, the scenarios were removed and were no longer available. James has contacted me to say that he's posted some of his scenarios on his blog for everyone to use. He also asked me to post this to the forum, so without any further comment: James' Scenario Blog. Cheers,
  7. As far as I can see, you can't attach corvettes to the Chanura (or anything else).
  8. No it doesn't. DigiAdmiral pg 96 left column: "Unless otherwise stated a Generator will activate during the Consolidation Step of the Command Segment of a Model's Activation." The GNE Boost Generator (pg 97 right column) does not mention any other generator activation timing. It therefore activates during that model's activation. This means that the model using the GNE Boost Gen is not "ready to activate".
  9. Actually, yes they should. You can find the mathematical proof here. You can also use my DW probability programs which you can find in my signature. The odds of getting 6 or more hits with 9 dice (hitting on 4+) are 67%. Sooo... not that outrageous. Hitting on 5+ decreases the odds to 44%. Cheers,
  10. Correct on both counts. For the 2nd, check DigiAdmiral pg 72 left column.
  11. Here's a link: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/318880.page
  12. I found that keeping your Zuhafs back and spotting until the enemy gets closer works very well (at least in turn 1). Don't try to close in with the enemy too soon, since it is very likely that they will be the only thing that your opponent can see and fire at. If they are in RB3, they will be more likely to get destroyed by a lucky shot. In turn 2 (or 3 if your opponent is a close up brawler) you close in and drop your first set of mines which you then move with your generators. In turn 3 you drop those mines right in front of a squadron so they can't avoid them. I hammered a squadron of Sui heavy destroyers with this method, taking them out with follow up fire from frigates.
  13. The Seperatists are especially fond of Zuhaf minelayers since these guys are also spotters for your bombards. The fact that you can move linked mines means these things are a real threat to any vessel on the board.
  14. That kind of depends what the par is in your list. If you measure that in terms of game effect only, you're absolutely right. It can only do one thing: boarding, but does so very well. However, if you measure a unit's par by how it fits in your meta/play style the Requin might not measure up because it is a one trick pony (regardless of how well it performs that one trick).
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